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Lost in the dark


after falling in a dark place in life Riley reaches a stage of depression and meets a single woman who helps him come out of the dark, they strike an unlikely friendship and he slowly starts falling for her.

Romance / Other
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Demons in the night

Riley's POV

I had been celebrating the success of what I knew would always be a great thing and slowly made my way back to my apartment when an big truck crashed and sent me flying into a nearby building causing me to black out immediately, I didn't know much but remember the faint beeping sound after I woke up. I quickly panicked which alerted the nurses as they rushed into the room to calm me down which didn't work well being that I fought them until one stuck a needle in my i.v. while another explained why I was here to begin with, I slowly calmed down enough for them to let me go.

Several days had passed since I was sent here and I thought I would be able to go back home but was sent to a nearby rehabilitation center where I was forced to stay for months, that's when I met her... a therapist that I thought would be uptight and rude but as time progressed I overheard someone mentioning that she would start working here sometime in the next day or two. I slowly went into a depressed state after I had figured out that I wouldn't be leaving anytime soon.

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