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He surrender, but he wakes the dark inside him

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Capitulo 01

This history belong to me, if you see it in another part, please tell me.And don't read.

"Look at me with contempt, you will see an idiot. Look at me with admiration, you will see your lord. Contemplate me carefully, you will see yourself. "

–Charles Manson

The daily jokes were daily bread for food, he was used to it. Those filthy beasts that were called humans, those cows to sacrifice, were just those cows around him. He carried his backpack on his left shoulder walking trying not to be noticed, because that's what it was about, right? To be invisible; Well you could say he was good at it. As he walked his mind planned each thing, each step, blame him.

"There you are," he stopped abruptly passing saliva. "Where do you think you're going?"

"To fuck your sister," the other opened his eyes angrily.

"You're dead idiot." He run, being chased, they caught up with him. "Repeat it, repeat it inept, nerd," he hissed as they hit him.

-L-let me- I yell at him

–No, get ready for tomorrow– one last blow.

He came home limping, beaten, frustrated and determined. He was going to go his way.

-Boy, go change and prepare lunch - Harry nodded going to his cupboard, sitting in the armchair. He didn't sleep all night, he left at midnight and went up to his uncles' room.

The next day the primary school was working perfectly well.

"What was that?" Dudley and the others got up when they heard strange clashes.

-She's dead, he kill her, he kill her, he's inside- they heard the screams, Dudley got up scared, the teacher locked the door, then there were more screams, heartbreaking, the teachers locked themselves away calming the children.

He walked with the rifle reloading when he finished, he had a smile painted on his face, sinister, satisfied, he shot the door knocker knowing that this was his classroom, when he entered, he pointed to the teacher.

"Goodbye damn," shot between his eyebrows, the screams increased precisely in that room, walking towards the students seeing them as scum.

"Look at me that way, you will see yourselves," he hissed, going where his beloved cousin - Filthy Pig - stuck the tip of the rifle into his mouth.

- Mmm! No, but

Another shot

-Look at me with contempt now cousin- he whispered going to kill the rest of the group "hunting Harry"

The police had been notified, Harry rushed to the other rooms, shooting all the morons who annoyed him, enjoying their pale faces, their pleas, the blood that bathed when shooting the floor, his power, he commanded that he imposed.

Look at me with admiration and you will see your lord

He felt a huge satisfaction, with only eight years of age he had murdered more than fifteen children and three teachers, a massacre in Little Surrey at the hands of a child who suffered from school bullying, family bullying, and no one ever shook his hand. ¿Why did he have to give it?

He was making his way to a path of no return, it was the path that they took him to take, Harry run home bathed in blood, if he could tell him so. Upon arrival he went to the kitchen to find his aunt petunia.

–Hi Auntie - I greet pointing at her without trembling in her hand, the woman shouted in fright –Shhhh! Calm down will be quick, you don't deserve even time to kill yourself bitch- hiss

"H-Harry, you don't want to do this, you condemn yourself," he said looking for some way out. He laughed so singly

-They already condemned me, they used me as they wanted, now it's my turn to use them- he shot without hesitation, the neighbors would surely alert the police. He left the gun on the floor and pulled his aunt to the couch, returned for a knife and He buried it in his heart, opening as much skin as he could. "Disgusting bitch," he hissed coldly without regret or disgust.

He opened the skin, and took out the heart, Harry got the best tray from his aunt and left the heart there and placed it on the table with decorum. He returned to the woman.

"You don't need that, you never had it," I speak to the corpse. Petunia was placed on the right of the table as if waiting for food, Harry took the rifle and waited in front of the door for his aunt to enter. He had little time, but he had calculated well, or so he hoped.

Not much happened when the door opened, Harry did not hope he could not compete with the strength of his uncle's pig, shot his leg with precision, and then the chest, he was bleeding, Harry closed the door locking with safety, no He had time, used his magic what he knew about her, and moved the bleeding whale towards the table at the headboard.

"Son of a bitch," he gurgled, choking on his blood.

"You don't say that when you take me," the boy said, amused. -Come on man, that Aunt Petunia did not stop you that small cock you have - he smiled when he saw the angry face.Harry took the same knife from before, he pulled down his pants -Quiet, that you always tell me, no, calm - he snapped cutting his cock, the screams were heartbreaking, harry didn't care at all.

-You used me, they tied me up, they silenced my screams, you sold me, you took the innocence from my body and my soul, today I take away your son, your wife, and your life- hissed Harry left his member on the same tray as the heart of his aunt –Look at my face, admire me, because you took my life, today I made them all pay, all those little kids– she continued, stabbing him in the chest with fervor and hatred fifteen times and then his head ten times.

Harry put down the knife and sat on the stairs to wait.

You have heard that bullying affects too much, generates hatred, low self-esteem, generates changes.

That day, Monday, June 20, the Surrey Academy Massacre left families in mourning, the event of the eight-year-old boy named Harry James Evans, the cause of such a catastrophe, was taken to the psychiatric boarding school for minors.No mental illness is found in His action was intentional, he killed his classmates, his cousin among them, then he went home and killed his uncles.

They found him sitting on the edge of the stairs with his clothes stained with blood, and a face of an angel, dressed as a devil.

That was the little black angel as he was nicknamed among the streets.

¿How the firts chapter? I hope you like I'm new, i will be traducing all my storys for you.

Att;Samia S🐰

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