Mega Man Power Force

Right Back At It



Rock Hikari arose from unconsciousness.

Looking around, he found that he was lying on an operating table.

"What time is it?"

He started researching.

Today is Saturday, August 23 at 7:37 AM.

"Saturday?" I've been out for four days straight?"

The door to his room opened. It was Auto.

"Dr. Light, he's awake!"

Auto gave Rock a big hug, swinging him around. "Oh Rock. its so good to see you awake and well again!"

"Thanks A-AH-Auto, I appreciate your concern.

"It is refreshing to get some good news." Dr. Light said, stepping into the room.

"Dr. Light, thank you for saving me and Rush. Speaking of which," Rock looked around the room "where is Rush?"

Auto gave Dr. Light a nervous look.

Rock started to panic. "Oh my God. Tell me Rush is okay."

"He is. He is. He's waiting in a room nearby."

"Then what's the problem?" Rock got out off of the table. "What's going on?"

It was silent for a moment.

"Come with me Rock."

Rock followed Dr. Light into the hallway.

The doctor opened up the door, and Rush was there.

"WOOF WOOF WOOF!" Rush leaped up on Rock, giving him a huge hug and lick on the face. "Arf! Arf! Arf!"

"Yeah Rush, its good to be back! I'm so glad your okay."

"Arf Arf?" Rush pointed to the machines in the middle of the room.

They looked like 2 huge cocoons.

Rock turned to the doctor. "Dr. Light,what are those things?"

Dr. Light held his head down. There was no easy way to say what he was about to ask.

"Rock... those things would help you become Mega Man easier."

The whole room filled up with tension.

Dr. Light didn't want to speak any further,

but damn, he knew he had to.

"After going through this machine, you could become Mega Man on your own. Be able to do it anytime, any place. However-"

"However, after the events of Monday, I don't expect you to say yes. I don't even want you to say yes, somewhat. I mean, the US military might be able to handle it. And I can always work on an alternate solution."

"But, the choice is still yours."

Rock didn't know what to say.

He had barley escaped with his circuits intact last time.

And once he goes through with this, there was no turning back.

He would permanently have the responsibility to protect the world and fight the Robot Masters.

Even if that meant to a bitter end.

"Dr. Light, do you really have time to make an alternate solution?"

"I know that if I pushed myself-"

"No you don't." Rock snapped. "Wily could be back next week."

"And if you leave it to the military, a lot of people are gonna die. And they might all die in vain. I-I-I couldn't let that sit on my mind. I would rather die... myself"

"I'm the best thing we've got. I'll just have to get better."

Everything Rock said was true. There wasn't anything else in the that could suffice.

But the chance of Rock dying... that was so HIGH. Thomas cursed himself for not having anything else.

"ARF! ARF!" Rush nodded in agreement.

"Besides, I'll never be alone as long as I got Rush with me. With the two of us, I know we can beat Wily. We'll figure something out. I just know it."

Rock walked toward the machines, with Rush in tow.

He got comfortable in his his seat. "Ready doctor, fire this thing up.


"O-Okay then Rock." started the machines. Blue light illuminated the room, and a loud hum went through the air.

"Okay boys, you may feel a few tingles and pinches, but I want you to-" That was the last thing Rock heard as the machines swallowed him, covering him form head to toes.


IN 3




He stood in front of the hoop, catching the rebound.

DING! This time it deflected off the rim.

He tried again, one last shot...


It didn't even reach the hoop.

He sat down, just done.

He wasn't putting any heart or effort whatsoever into any of his shots.

He was like 7-30something all morning.

But he didn't care.

He had come out here to try to get away from his problems. Try to pick his spirits up.

But all he could think about...

was his brother, crawling and limping into the Labs, on the verge of death.

Collapsing into his arms...

A tear came down Lan's eye.

He hadn't seen his brother in days.

And ever since martial law had been lifted on DenTech City and his friends had gone to find their families, he had heard from them either.

And now he was alone...


Roll walked on the basketball court. She her brother a hug. He really needed some loving.

"Hey there, big brother. Your up early."

"I know. Good morning Roll. I just... got a lot on my mind, is all."

"Don't we wall?"

A silence followed.

"...Listen uh, how about we play a game of HORSE?"

"Roll, I really don't want to..."

"C'mon," Roll was tugging on his shirt "It'll be fun."

"but i don't wanna..."

"Can I take his spot then?"

They both turned.

Rock Hikari was leaning on the gate, a big grin on his face.


Lan reached Rock first, sprinting into him at full speed.


"Yeah, I'm okay." No he wasn't. Damn, that kid just about speared him into the ground.

But that's because he loved him.

"Rock! Its so good to have you back!"

"Arf Arf!"

Rush bounded onto the court.

"And Rush too!"

Roll gave Rush a good scratching behind the ears.

"Yeah, and check out what we can do now!"

Rock got up. He outstretched his arm.


Rock's arm started to grow, another layer growing around his skin.

It was metallic and blue.

"I can become Mega Man on the fly now!"

Lan's jaw dropped. "Really? That's amazing Rock!"

Roll wasn't to happy about it "But Rock, being Mega Man is so dangerous! Are you sure you'll be okay?"

"Yeah. Next time, the Robot Masters are in for it! Dr. Light and I will work on our strategy and everything!"

"Arf Arf!" Rush retrieved a basketball.

"You guys still want to play HORSE?" Rock offered.

"I call first!" Lan said, picking it up.

Early Autumn was blooming it the air.

The trees were changing color. The winds were getting colder, and DenTech city was starting to bundle up.

And try to get this "Back to School" thing going again.

"So we've been going to school for a week." Lan Hikari said packing up his things as the bell rang. "And no sign of Wily. Think he's gone for good?"

Rock smiled. "He probably won't attack DenTech city again."

He didn't have the courage to tell Lan that an attack was imminent.

Sooner or later, he will be back to finish what he started.

But for now, Rock's biggest worries were about keeping grades up and making sure his friends all got A's.

But a lot more emphasis on Lan.

At least he had survived one more day of school.

"So," Maylu said, "you guys coming down to the park later to see our soccer team?"

"Now Maylu," Lan said, grabbing her hand getting a little close in her face.

"I could never miss something as important to you as your soccer match."

Maylu paused,

and blushed a little. She didn't know he cared that much about her..." Wow. Well, thanks Lan..."

Lan grinned. "Watching cute girls like you in shorts is always at the top of my to-do list."

While Maylu was trying to strangle Lan again, Geo and Roll were talking.

"So, Tron is away in Belgium with Teisel at the moment. So we are going to have a new striker on our team. She is supposed to be really good. I cant remember her name though. Lana? Lisa? Laura?"

"So, is the league's best goalie ready to get back on field?" Geo said with a smile.

"Totally." Roll was super excited. "I am going to get so many saves this season."

"C'mon Roll, lets get down to the field."

"MMMMMMMMMMMPHHHHHHHHH!" Lan was stuck head-first in the garbage can.

"Ugh." Rock struggled to pull him out. Maylu had put him in there pretty tight.


The forward was almost at the goal, no one around to stop her from taking aim...

all because Maylu had been tackled out of the ball.

Everything seemed to go slower,

the girl took a deep, powerful kick...

Maylu watch it sail through the air, getting closer to the net...

And right into Roll Caskett's diving hands.


Maylu looked at the time. 20 seconds left. 1-1.

"Where is she throwing that ball...?"

Maylu looked up. It was coming to HER.

Along with 2 opposing players.

Maylu managed to get the headbutt in midfield., knocking the ball to the sideline.

She manged to trap it, and started sprinting down the sideline, two opponents in red in hot pursuit.

She was getting closer and closer to the goal...

And closer to being trapped in the corner.


A flash of blue and yellow came into view.

Maylu kicked it out, and as her teammate ran up to it...

She bicycle kicked the ball, sending it at the net like a bullet.

The unsuspecting and completely taken by surprised goalie never had a chance.

The balled rocketed into the goal as the clock hit zero.


"The Jayhawks win, 2-1!"

Maylu walked over to her teammate, helping her up. "Are you alright Luna?"

"Yeah. Thanks for the assist. But admit I saved your bacon over there."

"Pfffff! Neva! Be glad that I can kick a penalty kick! Where were you all game? Now you come down in the final minute and upstage me? Oh girl, we gon have to talk after all that victory ice cream! " Maylu said with a giggle as she helped her up.

"Both of you be glad that that last kick didn't get by me!" Roll said, as the team rushed them.


"Okay team! Huddle up!" The coach said. "I think after that win, how about we go down and get us something to eat!"


"A toast to the Jayhawks and our repeat as season champions!" Team Captain Maylu Sakurai lifted her glass high.

"To the Jayhawks!" The team began milling around the Golden Corral.

Maylu and Roll went to take a few pictures.

Rock was off to go make sure Lan didn't take all the dessert.

And with Bud and Zack going to get her food...

Luna was left all alone to talk to that cute guy she saw on the sidelines.

There he was at a booth on the far empty side. All alone. Eating a pizza and soda.

Perfect. She patted her long blonde ponytails, put on a little perfume from her pocket. and walked over.

"So hi, I'm Luna." She introduced herself. "What's your name?"

"My name is Geo. Geo Stelar."

"Geo, did you see the game today?"

"Yeah, nice kick."

"Thanks." She blushed.

It was time for her to make her move.

She leaned in, giving Geo a flirty look.

"So, what do like to do in your spare time?"

"Well, I like to-"

"Oh Luna, were back!"

NO PLEASE! Luna turned, expecting the worst.

Bud Bison slammed her food down on the table.

"Carrots, Cauliflower, and a slice of Rotisserie Chicken, just like you asked."

"Well thanks Bud, maybe you should get something for yourself, I mean it." Luna responded with twinges of aggravation.

"And who is this?" He pushed his glasses up against his face, inspecting Geo closely.

"No, Zack..." Luna moaned, face-palming. She just had to figure out these idiots perfect timing to mess something up.

"Wait no!"

"Alright you, scooch to the edge." Bud picked up Geo, and replanted him on the outside."WOOOMP!"

"Hey what they big idea?" Geo was irritated, but he knew not to pick a fight.

Especially against such a colossal guy.

I mean, DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYUM. What they feeding him at home?

"So, 'Geo Stelar' eh?"

Geo turned.

That little guy, Zack, was going through his wallet.

How the hell...

"Stelar. Isn't that the name of the guy who was the captain who dies on that exploding spaceship like, a few years back?"

He didn't even had time to think about anything else.

Geo lurched in and swung full force, ramming his fist right into his jaw.

Zack's head slammed into the side of the booth.

"Zack!" Bud pick Geo up, slamming him back first on the table.

Bud had his hand around Geo's throat, starting to squeeze the life out of him. Geo tried kicking out, but he couldn't reached Bud, who was just about perpendicular to him. Bud was just to strong to muscle him off, slamming Geo back into he table over and over, and over again every time Geo even got a centimeter up.

"You'll pay for that punk!"

Bud's football of a fist was shooting down, aiming right at Geo's face.

"BUD! That is ENOUGH! Let him go this INSTANT!"

As on command, Bud's fist stopped.

An inch from Geo's eyes.


Bud threw Geo off the table, who found himself on the floor gasping for air.

While Bud was checking on Zack, Luna was tending to Geo. "Oh my God, I am so sorry."

"Thanks for stopping him from giving me black eyes." Geo picked up his wallet. he started to walk away.

"I got to get back to my friends anyway. See you around Luna."

Geo walked back to the party.

"Good news Luna! Zack is gonna be okay. I heard him mumbling about how Sonia Sky is the most beautiful girl ever.."

"Why the hell did you pick on him for?" Luna snapped. "I was perfectly fine by myself, then you just barge in and start a fight! We could have all been kicked out of here! What the hell were you two thinking?"

Bud stepped back for a moment, shocked. "I-I-I'm sorry Luna." He face became deflated. Luna swore she saw tears.

Luna sat back in her chair and sighed, face-palming.

"Just get me cake. Make it strawberry."

"Lan Hikari, you must have the metabolism with the speed of a jackrabbit."

Lan smiled, and downed another huge glob of chocolate ice cream.

"You said after I got something to eat, I could have as much dessert as I wanted."

"Mac & Cheese is not what I had in mind!"

"But you didn't saaaaaaaaay iiiiiiit." Lan said in a sing-song voice.

"Besides Rock, I'm a big boy now. I can even count to ten!" He held up his hands. "1,7,3,9,5,2,15,10!"

Rock Hikari was not amused. "Why don't you count those 10 pounds you'll see on the scale tomorrow, Chub McFat?"

Maylu came over. "Yeah Lan, its not healthy to be eating all of that junk food. How can you expect to be a soccer superstar like moi?"

Lan stood up, wiped a smudge off Maylu's chin, and popped it in his mouth. "I assume that that comes from the victory slice of Cherry Pie that you ate."

Maylu stood back and blushed.

"But it was good! And-And, I wanted seconds..."

"So you took MORE?" Lan made a big "O" with his mouth, "Maylu, at this rate, your gonna be the real life Ms. Piggy! They're gonna have to put you as goalie because no one is gonna be able to get the ball past your gut!

Maylu was infuriated. "Lan Hikari, I am going to smack you SO HARD!"

Rock held her back. "Public place. Public Place!"

"Are those two flirting again?" Roll came over, patting her gut. "Man. I'm stuffed."

Maylu gave Roll a look of pure no. "We are not flirting! I have no romantic interest in Lan whatsoever."

Rock isn't sure, but he could have sworn Lan's face fell for just a split second after that remark.

"Oh please Maylu." Roll teased. "We all know you and Lan-"




A few more patrons came bursting into the restaurant.

Outside, police were telling people to head indoors.

Rock turned to the rest of them. They were all in shock.

"Stay here!"

He headed for the back exit.

There back!

Its happening again!

There it was.

DenTech City.

And taken completely by surprised, just as planned.

Like ants the people swarmed, desperate to stay alive. Desperate to run away.

But Wily had been prepared.

As if they has risen from the Gate of Hell itself, the ity bitty Mets came POURING out of the ground.

Dozens turned to hundreds.

Hundreds turned to THOUSANDS.

They crept,crawled, and clanked their way around the city.

On cars,

on billboards,

on rooftops.

And then the fire.


Each and every single bot let loose a hellacious barrage of bullets simultaneously.

The air and sky became yellow-orange there were so many.

The whizzes and buzzes of the air made it seem like an infinite swarm of wasps.

It was utter chaos. Cars overturned and exploded. The streets themselves where shredded, becoming chunks.



"RUSH WHERE ARE YOU?" Rock was trying to find cover, but everything was getting destroyed.

"IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIAAAAA!" "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Rock could here the screams of civilians as they were struck down.

"NOOOOOO!" He paused, wanting to go take them all to safety.

But the Met's firepower was just too great.

And he was one of the swiftly-falling number of people outside still standing.


Dashing down the street,he turned into an alleyway. Several Mets were tailing him, taking potshots at him. PEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEW!

He dove down, the bullets flying past him, colliding with a wall. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

Rock hid behind a corner.

"Need a place to take cover!"

Then he noticed a set of cellar doors leading underground.

"Ill take it!"

Rock picked the lock and went down.


He hurried down the hallway into Repliforce's Main Area.

Everyone was scrambling!

"The Robot Masters are attacking!"

"DenTech City is ambushed!"

"The jets can't make it in time!"

This is a disaster! Drew thought. He was already thinking of the casualties...

Sigma came in, cool, calm and collected.

"Engineers and Tech, ready up those Mechs!

Mechs? So they really do still have them...Wait, why is Alia-


Colonel felt surprised. He remembered what Zero had told him, and Zero was just Colonel's subconscious. And Colonel knew that he had major responsibilities. But he still felt shock and unprepared at the fact that his best friend was going to ship him off against killer robots.

"Drew! We need to get to the Tech stations. There is something I need to show you..."

"The DenTech City streets have been cleared, sir." Fire Man was reporting in.

"Good. Proceed as planned to the Town Square." Wily said. He was licking his licks in anticipation. So far Mega Man had not show himself. All the more time to prepare.

This time no goddamn robotic smurf was going to stop him from clenching absolute victory.

Yes Mega Man... come to your doom...

"Roof! Roof! Roof!"

"Rush! Thank God your here! Are you ready boy?"

"Alright then...time to become Mega Man!"

Now concentrate!


Rock felt his skin tingle, and his body began to glow blue.


His bodysuit armor began to wash over him.

And in a flash, he was Mega Man! The super robot!

He turned to his companion. It was Rush, the Great Dane sidekick!

"Ready to go save the day boy?"

"Roof Roof!"

"Well, there are too many of them for a frontal assault, so lets use the new gear Dr. Light gave us..."

They stood at DenTech Square. Waiting. Standing in a circle, shoulder to shoulder.

The Mets were in position around them,ready to blast anything to hell.

The air became more intense with every second, as the rematch of all time was about to begin.

The occasional SHHWING!, or VVVVVPPP! and CRINKKKLKLKLK! could be heard.

And the waiting continued, on and on and on...

"OKAY WHAT THE HELL?!" Cut Man snapped. "WHERE IS HE?"

"Keep is cool, Cut Man." Ice Man responded harshly. "This could be a trap. Don't let him ice you out."

"Maybe he didn't survive..." Elec Man thought. He was injured pretty badly...


Silence. Not a single response from the empty, broken streets.

Well, only one thing left to do. Elec Man thought.







In his lair miles away, Dr. Wily was trembling with excitement and anticipation. Either Mega Man would fight and be eviscerated, or the people that he protected would suffer in the thousands.








"Looking for someone?"

The Robot Masters all turned around.

Wily's expression took to one of pure shock.




Mega Man and his robotic dog were in the middle of their circle. A big, goofy grin on his face.


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