Mega Man Power Force

Men in Mechs

"Mega Man, come back to the Labs so I can repair you. You've been through a lot today."

Mega Man started walking. "Yeah, I'm ready to call it a day and- wait." His scanner was going crazy. "Something's up."


Dr. Light was terrified. THE ROBOT MASTERS! "ROCK! GET OUT OF THERE!"

Rock wasn't moving. He stood there, braving the danger. "Its not the Robot Masters, my scanner doesn't identify them."

"And Dr. Light? The energy readings are different. Its definitely not the Robot Masters." They got closer and closer, to where Mega Man could finally identify them.

"What the hell..."

They landed 50 feet from Mega Man, not making a word.

One was a huge knight-looking humanoid robot. He had a hat with its bill pointing downwards.

His shoulders bear spherical blue jewels in the center and a sharp spike on the top. He could see the hilt to some kind of blade on his back. Inviting.

The other one was a lot smaller, not even 8 feet. It looked like a fighter jet in human form. It got Mega thinking of Starscream x Gundam.

Mega was already having second thoughts about staying. He wasn't exactly in shape for a fight, especially 2v1...

But they wanted something. And he was gonna find out what.

He waited and

waited and


nothing. They just stared at him.

Considering how he had be ambushed by a bomb, Mega was feeling pretty edgy.

"Who are you?" If they weren't gonna speak, he was.



Mega Man whipped out his buster. "WHO ARE YOU? ANSWER ME!"

Not one never seemed to move from either of them.

Why aren't they reacting in the slightest? Are they that fast and powerful? You know what? This is too much! I gotta get outta here!

"Touch base now."

Sigma's voice came into Colonel's headset.

"Remember, this is a diplomatic mission. Don't start a fight Drew."

"Yeah, I got it." Drew looked toward his partner in the other machine next to him. "You ready kid?"

"I was born ready Colonel." Ace practically shouted. He was having the time of his life in there. "Lets go make some Murican democracy."

As Colonel took a step forward, Ace noticed how Mega Man shrunk back. He's scared, ready to bail. Oh God, Colonel is gonna mess this up.

Colonel had a speech all worked up. "Mega Man, do not be afraid."

Mega Man almost dropped his Buster in surprise. It could talk. But what did it want? And how could he trust them..

"Mega Man, we come in peace-"

Ace pushed Colonel behind him.


Colonel just glared at him. Did you just.

"The g-government?" Mega said, just lowering his buster. "What do mean your here to help?" He had been waiting for this conversation for a while. The first one acted exactly as he expected: cold and official. The second: not so much. Good Cop-Bad Cop act?

"Well," Ace continued. "We kind of want to make an alliance with you, Mega Man!"

An alliance? "How can I trust you?"

Ace turned it around on him, raising his eyebrows. "How can we trust you? When this conflict threatens the world, how can you expect for us to just twiddle our thumbs and do nothing? How can we trust you with all that responsibility by yourself? Don't we have a say in how this war will be fought, especially when its on our land?"

Mega Man was taken aback. That was a really good question. They DO have a right to defend themselves...

"And speaking of conflict, did you know that countries are starting to stockpile mechs like us in an arms race? We are on on the precipice of another Cold War, even worse, WW3!"

"WHAT?" Mega hadn't really thought about it like that. He had been too busy thinking about the Robot Masters...

Colonel stepped in front of Ace. "Which is why we need your help. A few days ago, A Russian scientist by the name of Mikhail Sergeyevich Cossack went off the radar. We need your help finding him. We think he is still somewhere in Russia. Can you go find him and bring him to the US? We would send people to find him, but we don't want another international incident."

Mega Man thought about it. He didn't really want to do it- he didn't trust the US with this Cossack guy... nor did he want to mix it up with Russians..

But if he refused, they could declare Mega Man a hostile...

and end up knocking down the Hikari home.

"Alright then, I'll go get Cossack."

"GREAT!" Ace pipped up. "And anything you need in your fight against Wily, we will be happy to give it to you!" Ace took out a piece of paper for one of his containers."Here is the number to reach us! Well, see you later!"

With that, Ace gave a salute, turned on his jets and flew into the distance, Colonel close behind.

Rock stood there for a moment, wondering what the hell he just agreed to. Well, if nothing else wants to come out of the shadows, guess its time to leave.

Turning on Stealth Mode, Mega was on his way back to Light Labs when he turned his attention back to Dr. Light.

"Dr. Light?"

"Rock! Thank goodness your okay! Hurry back, I need to repair you."

"What do you know about Mikhail Cossack?"

He stood in front of the screen, motionless, emotionless.

There was a buzzing in his ears briefly, which was probably Break Man shouting.

But for the longest of times, he was in silence. Trying to digest it.

Bomb Man was destroyed, killed off in a 1v1 showdown with Mega Man in front of the whole world.

That left a sour taste in his mouth and a poor feeling in his gut.

The Robot Masters came in, still carrying Elec Man, each giving him their own look of shock,

of terror,

of agony,

of disgust,

of hope.

Hope that Dr. Wily could do something, could SAY something.

He had no words, nothing that he could say to make them feel better.

He never expected, never even though that, the Robot Masters could EVER be defeated.

And now one was already dead.


Elec Man was blowing sparks and writhing around.

Wily looked up in alarm.

He already lost one creation today, he wouldn't lose another.

"Get him to the operating table."

As the Robot Masters wen one way, he went the other.

Not because he needed something in the other direction,

but because he simply couldn't face the Robot Masters.

Maria, things don't look too good tonight...


Dr. Wily stepped back to confront this new entity.

"Break Man?"

"Dr. Wily. A word."

Dr. Wily nodded his head,

and gulped.

As much as he knew he had Break Man's loyalty...

the robot could be quite unsettling to talk with.

"The Robot Masters have had enough. Let me deal with Mega Man on my own."

Wily raised an eyebrow. No doubt that Break Man could probably beat Mega Man all by himself...


Break Man almost jumped back in surprise. "No?"


"Let me get this straight. You beg me to go to DenTech City and destroy Mega Man about a month ago. And now, after you lose a Master, you refuse my service. Why?"

"Because- you were right before."

"Right about what?"

"That the Robot Masters deserve a chance at vengeance. What I saw in their eyes..."

Dr. Wily paused, a tear coming to his own.

"I saw pain and dread. But I also saw past that-

I saw rage." "The rage that would consume them. That rage would drive their every waking thoughts and actions."

"Do you understand now, Break Man? I cannot simply snuff out their vengeful spirits now that they're about to peak. Now if you excuse me-" Wily walked past Break Man. " I have a patient that needs surgery."

As he walked out of sight, Break Man stared at the floor.

"That won't stop me," he said, clenching a fist.

"from being more active in this campaign."

He turned on his wrist com-link. "Tango! Meet me outside."

He started walking towards an exit. "We are going to start hanging around DenTech City a little more."

"That was amazing Rock!" Lan Hikari was slipping into his blue pajamas.

"Thanks Lan! That's 1 down, 5 to go!" Rock was in his white and blue plaid pajamas.

"So, when are you gonna use those new bombs ya got?"

"When I need to."

"C'mon, I wanna watch you blow stuff up!" Lan tugged on Rock's arm.

"That reminds me, Lan-"

Lan's eyes glimmered. "Yeah Rock?" Could Rock be about to ask for Lan's help? That would be so cool!

"Since Monday and Tuesday are gonna be off days, me and Rush are gonna leave Friday morning-"

"AND I GET TO COME WITH YOU?" Lan's grinned from ear to ear. An adventure, with the super powered robot Mega Man!

"No. I need you to cover for me while I'm gone. Make sure no ones asks any questions."

Lan's face sunk like a stone. B-B-But, I wanted to kick Robot Master butt and save the day with your Rock...

"Is that it?"


Lan's mood picked up again. "What else?"

"Do some chores around here while I'm gone. And your homework."

"WHAT?" Lan was in disbelief, surely he could be of some use other than that.

"C'Mon, lemme come with you!"

"Your not serious. Lan, I'm a mechanical fighting machine, your a little boy. We are extremely different. Its my job to fight so you don't have to."

"B-But, i still want to help..." Lan said as he crawled onto his bed.

Rock rubbed his brother's head. "I know you want to Lan, and I appreciate you being so brave. But this isn't a video game, this is real life! And if you ever got hurt,





He looked down on the mattress, going silent.

Lan gave his brother a hug. "its okay, I understand. Its just that, well, when I see you hurt sometimes, it hurts me too. I'm your brother, and I want to be there for you always. I hate it when they beat up on you. I want to be able to be side-by side with you, and defend you when your in trouble, is all."

"I know." Rock said with a small smile."Me too."

Rock tucked Lan in, giving him one last hug. "Good night Lan. I love you"

"Good night Rock. I love you too."

As he turned off the lights, got into his own bed, and started powering down his systems, Rock gave Lan one last look.

Dont worry Lan. Soon this is will all be over, and I'll take you out on so many explorations and adventures.

I promise...

A silent as a church mouse, he opened the front door.

It was a cold night, and he took a moment to take off his hat and his sweater.

She should be asleep by now, hope I didn't wake her.

He tiptoed up the stairs, up to a bedroom door...

and there she was, soundly asleep.

She was beautiful as an angel.

Just like her mother.

Barrel Caskett walked over to his granddaughter. He hadn't been with Roll since he left for Europe for business several months ago.

It's certainly been a minute Roll.

He stroked her hair, and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

She slept soundly, barely reacting. "mmmmmmm..."

See you in the morning Roll.

As he walked away, his mind slowly began to turn back to the task that would keep him up.

And as he closed her door shut and turned around...

a figure was standing in wait.

"Nothing like close to home terrorism to really bring a family together, ain't that right old man?"

"Glyde. Its so great to hear you and your great sense of humor again."

"So big guy," Glyde said with a sly smile. "what brings you back?"

Barrel looked offended. "Visiting my granddaughter to see if she is alright isn't enough?"

"Oh no." Glyde said with rather dismissive tones and facial expressions. "Its just that I know that a good businessman might have a few underlying goals and objectives when he makes decisions."

There was a pause for a moment, as the two men stared each other down.


"Damn, I taught you well Glyde." Barrel began walking down the stairs.

Glyde laughed, clapping his hands together as he followed his employer.

"So, why are you really back Barrel?"

"Glyde." Barrel paused,

and gulped at the idea of what he was about to say.

"We need to make some modifications to Project Volnutt."

The merry expression on Glyde's face disappeared.

"What kind of modifications?" He asked, a mixture of shock and confusion.

"We need to restore all of his old equipment, and look to create new gear."

"But we haven't touched Volnutt in a year! He was going to be a birthday present for Roll this February! After what we went through to de-weaponize him, you want to make him a soldier again? But why-"

The gears in Glyde's head start turning...




"Barrel Caskett you son of a bitch." Glyde clenched his fists, absolutely furious.

"We need defenders Glyde."

"After all that time making sure he would be peaceful robot and great brother, you want to send him back out to battle?"

Barrel turned to face him. "You know Volnutt could be a crucial asset to this war."

"He's not even needed! Mega Man killed off one of those Robot Masters TODAY!"

"First of all," Barrel said, raising a finger. "those little turtles things randomly exploded. SECOND, do you really expect for the Robot Master to keep fighting him one at a time?"

"What about those other machines? They could help out!"

"And if they fail? Who is there to pick up the slack?"

"But what if those Robot Masters destroy Volnutt find out about us? Your putting us all in danger, including your granddaughter!"

"DON'T USE THAT CARD WITH ME!" Barrel snapped. "If you haven't noticed, I have a metal plate on the left side of my head, so I know about danger butler! I just-"



He fell on the couch.

"I just want to protect my granddaughter, and everyone else." Tears were coming out of his human eye.

Glyde felt uncomfortable. The Legendary "Barrell the Invincible" was weeping before him.

"As I sat on the jet watching the blasts, i could think if is 'what if'. Glyde, she is the only family I have left, I would do ANYTHING to make sure she's alright. That is why-"

He stood up again, heading for the back door, and giving Glyde a strong look.

"That is why I'm going to work on that Robot all night long. The only question is if your going to help me."

There was another silence. Glyde gazed at the man who he had first met about 25 years ago at an Egyptian dig. Despite all the years and hardships, Barrel seemed to magically turn back the hands of time in those quiet moments, looking as strong and determined now as he did back then.

No way was he going to let him work on Volnutt alone.

It wouldn't feel right, him sleeping while that old man worked desperately on highly-dangerous equipment. Seeing as to how unstable he was, Glyde doubted he would get any sleep at all, he could already imagine himself twisting and turning in the covers.

And knowing Barrel Caskett, it would probably come back to be a good thing that this happened.

Still, it was gonna be some long nights ahead.

He gave a long sigh. "Alright, lets go work on Volnutt." He said, following Barrel past the doors...

They came to the door which hid Volnutt away from the world.

"You ready to do this old man?"

"I have to be."

And with that, they walked past.

"Long time no see Volnutt..."


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