Mega Man Power Force

Fresh Faces


An alarm clock crashed to the floor. And a girl was turning over in bed, snug in her pajamas.

"Ah, so much better."

"Roll, its time to get up, its 12:50!" A high-pitched voice urged Roll to get up.

Roll felt something jumping on here back.

"Alright fine! You win Data, I'll get up!

"You sleep too much Roll Caskett. Your only 10 years old! Don't sleep your life away! Hurry up and get dressed!"

Roll Caskett got out of bed, instantly reach for her comb. Battling her hair took 5 minutes alone, but she managed to get to maximum spikiness, at the cost of blonde clumps littering the floor. She put on her black bodysuit, her red cap, a red shirt with 2 white buttons, red shorts with white cuffs, brown glove with white cuffs and red boots.

With Data on her shoulder, Roll ran through Caskett Mansion, all the way to the door...

A firm hand grabbed her before should could leave.

Roll looked back with surprise at the man before her.

"As much as I love you being conscious finally, I must ask ,just where are you going so suddenly?"

"Glyde! You scared me! Why must you be so quiet?!"

Glyde was the family butler, I.E Roll's babysiter when her Grandfather Barrel was away. He was a tall man, and was in his signature black jacket, brown shirt, black pants, and brown shoes.

"You didn't answer my question Ms. Caskett. Where are you going?" He had a stern look in his brown eyes.

"I'm going to Dentown park to meet my friends. I'll be back before 6."

Releasing her, Glyde added " Take care, Mrs. Caskett, see you later."

And with that, Roll dashed out of the mansion.

Dentown was a beautiful area, with a combination of luscious nature, and small and large business alike. The late summer air was giving hints to autumn's chills. One popular area was the park. It had a children's playground that was next a small skate area. This was overlooked by Dentown Pond, a wide circular body of water which was home to a few ducks and nature lovers. It always seemed to have a few painters or people taking a picture on it, especially as it looked in beautiful summer sky.

As Roll approached, she noticed people already there.

First there was Lan, the goofy kid that always seemed to be getting in something. Bright, outgoing, Lan had even helped roll out on a few of her mechanical projects.

Then Maylu, her BFF. Maylu was always the most mature of the group. Sometimes when they were messing into trouble that could have went south fast, Maylu was already there to get them out of it. She and Roll would sometimes talk around about guys, music, jewelry. She studied harder, got better grades, and constantly got on honor roll more than anyone else Roll knew.

And then there was...?

Some guy that Roll had never seen before. But MAN, he...was...cute. And he had a dog too! Roll loved animals!

"Data, how do I look?" Roll checked herself.

" C'mon Roll? Are you really gonna go after this guy? You don't even know him!"

"A. He knows Lan and Maylu. B. He's super cute. C. Mess this up and no petting or scratching for a week!" Data became silent as Roll approached them.

"Maylu! Lan! How's it going?" She gave each one of the hugs. "Who is this?" She looked at this new stranger, a pretty boy with dark hair and cute blue eyes.

"Roll, this is my brother Rock. Rock, this is Roll, the genius mechanic I was talking about.

"Good afternoon Roll. You look lovely."

THIS IS LAN'S BROTHER? Roll's mind shattered. She knew that Lan had a brother coming from Florida soon, but she never imagined that THIS child model could ever be related to that THAT ugly troll.

Roll was interrupted from here trauma when she noticed someone was pulling her shorts.

"Big Roll, down here! Hi!"

"Mini-me! Its great to see you! Looking cute as always!"

Roll bent down and picked here up, giving her a snugly hug.

"Ruff! Ruff!" Roll notices that the dog had its front paws on her shoulders.

And started to lick her. Tremendously.

"This is Rush. I guess he likes you." Lan chuckled.

Something caught Maylu's eye.

"Well then, look who actually got out of the house."

Roll Caskett turned around. " Emo coming in at 12 o'clock."

Lan was happy. "Great. He actually made it."

Rock was puzzled at the figure walking toward them. "Who is that Lan?"

"That Rock, is my last best friend, Geo Stelar."

He had a red jacket with black lines, and white star shapes on the shoulders. His wrists were surrounded in disk-like structures. They were also laced in yellow, as were his finger-less gloves. He had a blue belt, navy blue shorts, and tall red boots.

When he finally reached the group, everyone went silent, looking at Lan to do the talking. Lan was Geo's best friend, Geo didn't smile, and didn't exactly carry an air of friendliness.

At least, not anymore. Lan thought.

"Geo, its great to see you!" Lan gave Geo a bro-hug.

"Hey Lan." Geo's voice had a dark, dry, saddening tone in it. He looked at Rock.

"This your brother from Florida?"

"Yeah, this is Rock."

Geo looked down at Rush, who was just standing at Rock's side.

"Never mentioned a dog."

Lan thought quick. "Well surprise. Go on, introduce yourself."

Geo extended his hand "Geo. Geo Stelar."

"Rock Hikari. Pleasure to meet you."

"Welcome to DenTech City, California. When are you going back to Florida?"

"I'll be living here with Lan from now on."

"What kept you and Lan apart for so long?"

Lan tensed in his mind. I never thought to make up a cover story! Ohhh snap!

"I don't take winters very well. In Florida, its warm year around. Now that I'm older, my parents hope that I will be able to stay."

Lan breathed a sigh of relief.

Maylu chimed in. "I think its cool you have a fraternal twin, Lan. So, where are we going? The usual MaHa Ichiban?"

Lan's eyes sparkled. "Sure! #1 Curry it is! Let's go everyone!"

Roll just remembered that she never ate before rushing with Data out of the mansion. She was starving!

"Say Lan, that walk wont be too far right?"

"Nope. C'mon, I'll lead that way!"

The smell of herbs and spices drifted through the air as the group sat and ate in #1 Curry restaurant.

It wasn't long after the group walked in that he table was already stacked with curry bowls, requiring someone from staff to get them before the towers collapsed.

"Okay, I'm stuffed." Lan put his last curry bowl to the side."

Rock was amazed. Lan was like a bottomless pit. Rock himself had only eaten 5 bowls, Geo ate 3, Roll and Rush shared 3, and Roll Casket had 4. Meanwhile, Lan had 12, Maylu 10.

"Lan Hikari, you are such a pig. You ate literally a dozen bowls. Your round as a basketball now! We are gonna have to roll you out the door."

"Me, you had 10 yourself! You cant walk anymore, you have to waddle.!"

"SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, does anyone have anything they want to talk about." Roll Caskett stopped the argument. "I know grandad is coming home in a few days."

Maylu stopped yelling at Lan for a second "That's great Roll! He's coming back from Australia right?"

"Right. I hope he brings me a present."

"I can't wait to go to my first year of school here in California!" Rock's eyes beamed with excitement.

'NONONONONO! Its still July... I think. I don't want to talk about school and going back to ACDC Elementary!" Lan covered his ears.

"But I have news in school!" Roll Caskett grinned. "I'll be attending ACDC with with Lan and Maylu!"

"Roll, you're getting out of private school? Great!" This came as a pleasant shock to Maylu. She was gonna go to school with her BFF.

Lan was not as thrilled. "Great. Now I get to have TWO screwballs bother me around."

Maylu struck first, delivering a sharp elbow to Lan's inflated gut. Lan double over, leaving Maylu slam his chin on the table.

"Ow Maylu! That really hurt-"


Roll slammed her arm right into Lan's face, slamming him onto the floor.

"And a wicked clothesline!" Rock grinned "Now Lan, behave now. I don't want you leaving on a ambulance."

"Rock, I thought you were on my side!"

"On this side, I'm still in a seat."

" I'll keep that... in mind." Lan struggles to get back up, slouching on the table.

" Uh guys-" Geo started.

"Yeah Geo?"

"I'm going back... to public school, in- in August."

The whole table just seemed to stop. Geo going back to public school?

"G-G-Geo." Lan started. He was shocked. " You haven't been in public school since , since the... Peace. You dropped out 3 months later."

Geo closed his eyes and sighed. "I-I-I know Lan. But Mom wanted me out of the house more and back in school-"

"This isn't about your mother Geo, this is about you." Maylu interrupted.

Lan leaned over the table. "What school are going to?" If it was ACDC Elementary, Lan could be there for Geo. Geo was going to need help is he was going to stay in school.

"I'm going to Echo Ridge Elementary."

Lan's heart sank. "But, it would so much better if you were with us. You were in school with us before! What happened?"

"Echo Ridge Elementary wasn't built then, and we live in different counties. It'll-It'll give me a fresh start."

"Geo, are you ready for this?" Maylu looked across the table nervously.

"I don't really wanna do it, but I know it has to be done. Its for the better." Geo slouched in his table, looking at the floor.

Lan tried his best to pick up the mood. "I guess we don't have much time then. Let's go out somewhere else."

He stood up "There is a mini-golf course somewhere around here. Let's go check it out!"

Rock was puzzled "Don't we have to pay for all of this?"

Lan turned around and noticed the chefs were giving him the evil eye.

"So..." He laughed nervously. "How much did this all cost?"

"$85.73. So either pay up or get to the dishes." Was the response that came from the kitchen.

"ROLL! Thanks for paying for us. We love you so much." He tried to hug her, but she managed to push him off.

"Why do I have to pay? YOU at the most."

"You have the most money, you live in a mansion for crying out loud! Dont be so stingy."

"Uhhhh fine. But I go first when we golf!"

Roll left 5 twenties on the table from her purse and headed for the door

"Let's go guys, before Lan sucks me dry!"


Lan Hikari swung with all his might as an orange golf ball. It ricocheted off plastic rocks, trees, and finally coming to a stop 3 feet from the hole.

As he cheered and patted himself on the back, Maylu was incensed. "Jesus Christ Lan! Its a golf ball, not a missile!"

Lan had a smile on his face. "Its my personal strategy, its brilliant! Just look at the course now!"

Maylu looked. Lan put a few dents in the plastic, but he did get close.

"So, you got close. Next time do it without the cannon fire."

"Now look at where your ball is Maylu."

Maylu was confused. "I could have sworn my ball was on the hill, how did it get to the base?"

Wait a second...

She stared at Lan. "You didn't..."

Lan shrugged. "What can I say? I'm brilliant right? That's why it takes me so long to play. I gotta time everything juuuuuuuuuuuust right..."

He managed to dodge the club that was within an inch of his head.

"WOAH THERE. Maylu, its just a game! Remember?"

"Your right Lan, it is! Let me congratulate you all over your face!"

As she was chasing Lan around, Geo made another birdie.

"Nice Geo" Rock smiled "-3 out of 4 holes." He turned to Roll Casket "This here is your par shot Roll. Don't mess up!"

"Yeah, Yeah. Step aside." Roll wasn't too good at golfing. Only -1 when everone else had -2 or better. And that was a long par shot...

"You can do it Roll!" Data cheered her from the sidelines.

Okay, here we go. Roll aimed at the hole and fired. It was getting closer, closer...

WHAM! A pink golf club slammed into the ball, knocking it off target.

Roll turned around, fists clenched. "WHO DID THAT?"

"Tsk Tsk Tsk. It seemed that Roll Caskett failed again."

She had a pink heeled shoes, black pantyhose, a blue mini jacket, peircing green eyes, and hair that seemed to be horned going backward. But what caught Rock's eye was her shirt. More specifically, the skull logo on here shirt. It was a circle, big black eyes, and buck teeth.

"That's the logo for Bonne Industries, and I identify her as Tron Bonne. What's she doing here?"

"Ooooooh" Tron Bonne cooed. "Who are the two cuties Caskett? How did you get two guys looking like that to drool over you? Is she paying you guys?

"Get her Ms. Tron!" "Go! Go! Go! Ms. Tron!" Rock turned, and saw two strange machine creatures behind him. They were small, no taller than a yard. They were blue from the neck down with little yellow buttons, as if they were wearing overalls. But their heads were yellow with black, dilated pupils inside white for eyes.

"Thanks Servbots." she looked at them with pride. Then looked back at Roll.

"So you want to play Caskett? Alright then. FORE!"

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