Mega Man Power Force


"How you hanging there Ace?" Drew wasn't looking at him though, he was still looking at a house from his car.


"Ace?" Drew finally turned around. He hadn't left Ace at the Starbucks did he?

In the back seat, he saw a mountain of coffee cups.

Pushing them out of the way, Drew found his comrade, buried beneath them, a light snore.


With that, he went back to stalking...OBSERVING the house.

He checked his watch, it was 11:27 AM in the Emerald City of Seattle. To blend in, Drew decorated his F-150 with Seahawks logos and memorabilia, and was even wearing a Seahawks jacket. There were fresh flowers on the dashboard. Any second now, he was going to go lay them on her porch, the same way he did 20 years ago. And if she just happened to call him, a shower in the local Holiday Inn and a few sets of good clothes would ensure that he looked.

goooooooood and ready to GO-AH! Drew snickered. He was feeling good today. With Robot Master gone, it will just geat easier from here. And before he would know it, he would be out of Repliforce and married to that beautiful blonde.

The house itself looked alright. Rectangular in design, its left side sat on a hill, featuring small a 90 degree-ish angle stairway. It was painted a nice shade of yellow, and a grey Toyota Camry was sitting out front. Small bushes underneath the windows, and large trees behind it, completed that nice, suburban middle-class look.

For a second, Drew found that ridiculous. They paid us 6, 7 figures a year for our jobs. Alia should be a millionaire. why live here?

Is she trying to hide? Get away from it all like me?

She had reached the house, security and intel confirmed usage of a laptop at about 2 A.M.

But no one emerged from the house now, and the mailman had already run by at 9...

I guess she stay indoors after coming home from Repilforce. It is quite a way back and forth and everything.

Since one of the Robot Masters had been destroyed, it was assumed that Wily would not be back for a while, and Sigma dismissed the primary teams. Drew and Ace would have to go back soon for training with the mechs. But right now he had free time...

Well, now or never.

"Ace," Drew lightly tapped him on the head, waking him up. "Ace!"

"zaaa, wha?"

"Wake up man!" Drew snapped." That's the second time you've gone out!"

"Okay, okay, I'm up, Okay!" Ace looked delirious Whaddya need me to do mate?"

"I want you to watch the house as i go up there and run around back, to tell me who comes out.

As he said that, a thought struck Drew's mind. When i left, Alia was going out with Gate... maybe they settled down...

He shook it off, not wanting to believe that. Time to find out.

"I'm out Ace."

Getting out of his car with the flowers, Drew walked briskly to the up the driveway and to the doorsteps. Turning around to the car to make sure Ace was still conscious, he could see Ace giving him the thumbs-up.

Laying the flowers gently down, Drew rang the doorbell, and sprinted down the corner sidewalk.

He waited,



okay, time to see the results.

He started walking back when he thought of something. Alia might be waiting for me to walk by.

Drew decided to do the only logical thing.


Drew climbed back into his truck, with a grin that could not be surgically removed. He had not been detected by anyone at all.

He looked back to his partner, eager to find out Alia's reaction...


Ace was trembling.

So its either he's on a sugar rush,


"ACE!" Drew yelled. "REPORT!"

"W-W-W-W-W-Well... I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but,




"Spit it out!" Drew was on pins and needles out.

"When you set out those flowers," *gulp

"a dude came out."


Colonel was in stunned silence.

Alia was in a relationship.

And he had just delivered flowers,

which her partner had picked up.

It also contained a very heartfelt and...


love note he had personally drafted himself.

And now, HE was going to read it...

oh God.

I have made,

a huge mistake.

To make sure he didn't destroy Alia's personal life, there was only one thing he could do.


"DREW! What are you going to do?"


He got out of his car.

He could hear a buzzing in his ears, then a tugging on his arm. Ace was probably trying to get him back in and reason with him.

But he couldn't turn back now.


Drew sat in wait, dreading the horrid moment that were about to come.

Yes, I am afraid that there has been series of terrible mistakes. We mixed up the name, and therefore the address of this present. Please accept our dearest of apologies.

Footsteps were approaching the door.

Here it comes...

The door opened,


a very confused teenager was holding the flowers in one hand,

and the already opened note in the other.

Drew stepped back, surprised. Is this who Ace was talking about? This is only a kid!

But he's to old to be her son, right?

Maybe this is just the wrong house...

And if he's already read the letter...

yep, time to bail.

"Hello, I'm from A Beautiful Day Florist, I think there had been a terrible mishap in name. Is the the home of Amy Mendes?"

The youth shook his head no.

"Well then, my dearest of apologies. I'll just write down this address and send a new bouquet free of charge to show how sorrowful we are."

He reached out his hands. "Now, if I could just take that, and be on my way..."

"DREW? What are you doing here?"

Drew looked past the boy. Alia had appeared, half shocked, half furious.

"Drew?" The kid swung around to face Alia, and the flowers and card that were at Drew fingertips went with him. "Mom! You know this guy?"

"Yeah, he's from work-"

"So this is kind of work you've been doing the past few weeks?" The boy was furious now.

"Axl! We will talk about this later. As for right now..." She charged toward Drew.

Shooing him off of the stairway and down the driveway, she left him off at the curb of the driveway. "And I never want to see you here ever again!"

She turned back toward the house, and SLAMMED the door shut.

Drew had had been literally thrown to the curb.

Without a word, he walked for the car.


He got in, strapped in his seatbelt, and slooooouched back in his seat, giving that far away look in his eyes.

A silence dominated the car.

"So, how did it go?" Ace said, still very nervous about what Drew might do next.

"She has a kid Ace,

she has a kid."

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