Mega Man Power Force

Off to meet Saint Peter

St. Petersburg, Russia.

A lively, bustling city crowded with thousands of people.

And it just happened to be the city where Mikhail Cossack resided.

Finding his address using Russian computers, Rock smiled as entered the city.

While he knew Cossack wasn't there, his wife, and child Calinka were seen there yesterday.

That meant the house hadn't been deserted, and there might still be a clue there.

"No time for sightseeing Rush, lets go find Dr. Cossack's home."

Perfect. Rock thought. No one's here.

"Well, only one way in: the chimney. Let's go stealth mode boy."

Going invisible, Rock and Rush flew up to the chimney,

and fell down in the house perfectly.

Were in Rush, Rock said on the internal communicator. Let's go in Cossack's room. Maybe he left a note or a clue or something.

Entering the master bedroom, Rock and Rush started going through drawers.

Nothing. Rock said, lying down in defeat. Great.


Rock turned around in surprise.


Just because Rock and Rush were invisible,

doesn't mean they couldn't be detected.

One little touch, one little bump,

and their cover would be blown.

HIDE UNDER THE BED RUSH! Rock slid under it as people walked in through the door.

"Now Calinka," Rock heard Mrs. Cossack say. "Let's go pick you out a proper outfit for the Frozen concert."

Rock heard the small, quick taps of a little girl run across the house, followed by the heavier footsteps of a larger person.

Thank God, they aren't coming towards us.

K Rush, we couldn't find anything here. I'm thinking we go hit up some government buildings .Gonna be tricky not getting caught…

Woof Woof?

Yeah, we could follow those two, but they probably won't be talking about Cossack much on the way to the concert.

"There is my beautiful little ice princess!" Mrs. Cossack exclaimed. "Now, who wants to build a snowman?"

"I DO! I DO!" Calinka bounced up and down.

"Well then, lets go!"

"Okay!" The footsteps sped up again as the girl dashed back to the front door.

Mrs. Cossack, car keys in hand, followed suit, and Rock hear the CLICK! as she locked the door.

Rock breathed a sigh of relief. Better go make sure they leave.

He walked to the front door, and peered through the eye hole.

Oh no.

Something was wrong.

The two had been stopped by three men as they were at their car. They were all in civilian clothing.

Calinka hid behind her mother, as if she knew these people.

Rock clenched his fist. If they were being kidnapped, the criminals would have to deal with him.

He cranked up his audio reception range. Something was happening.

"What is the meaning of this?" Mrs. Cossack tried to say boldly but the fear in her voice was obvious.

"Mrs. Cossack," the one in the middle responded. "We must escort you to a safe place. Please come with us willingly, and fast."

"Why now? What is going on? Can't you see I'm taking my daughter out to have fun? Why are you here?" Mrs. Cossack hugged Calinka tightly at her side, fear replaced by anger.

The one in the middle glanced to the two around him. Both of them were surveying the streets. They didn't look like they would chip in. He turned back to Mrs. Cossack. "Check your news feed, you don't seem like you trust whatever I would say next." He said quickly.

Mrs. Cossack whipped out her phone to do exactly just that. "Smart man." She grumbled under her breath.

Her face of anger gave way to horror as she saw the breaking news.

"It-it-it can't be…."

"We need to get you to safety, you may be in danger as well."

"Will you take us to Mikhal?" Mrs. Cossack said, shaking.

"We will take you to a facility where you can meet up with him after this is all over."

"Mommy, what going on?" Calinka tugged on her mom's jacket, very frightened."

"Can we continue this conversation in the car?" One of the other men interjected.

The one in the middle nodded. "Agreed. We have to move."

They started walking away. "Mommy…." Calinka whimpered. "What's wrong?"

"Your father…" Mrs Cossack choked on her words. "Your father…. And his friends… are in danger."

"WHAT?" Calinka screamed.

"Pipe down!" The third men said, giving Calinka a harsh look.

But she ignored him "Mommy! How is daddy in danger?!"

"I'll tell you in the car sweetie. Please hold your words until then. We need to go!"

Rock hear a flurry of car doors open and shut, then as one drove off, the other followed suit.

Rush! Rock said. Check the Russian news!

Arf! Arf!

Rock began pulling up the Russian news as well.

The headline….





RUSH! WE HAVE TO GO RIGHT NOW! Rock scrambled for the chimney.

Mikhal Cossack and the lives of a thousand people were in grave danger.

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