Mega Man Power Force

Got the Guts

Rock walked past the gate, fully expecting to be ambushed with each and every step he took. He knew he was being watched the whole time.

Here it comes….. He thought the whole way do the door. But not a thing happened as he got from the entrance area to the first door.

He stood in front of it for a second, taking a deep breath, the fight begins inside the door.

The door opened without Mega Man even touching it. I guess the Masters have hospitality.

There it was, the first Met. It was standing behind another door. Between them both laid about 20 people, bound and gagged. Cossack was not among them.

See Mega Man and Rush, it immediately fired 3 bullets. Rock leapt of the way, and fired his Buster.


BWOOSH! The Met exploded into a ball of sparks and fire.

Rush went for the people, gnawing at the ropes until they were free. They immediately stood up, cheering for their hero Mega Man.

"Thank you, your all too kind." He said in Russian. "Stay here, its safe. People should be coming shortly. " Mega Man and Rush proceeded to the next door in front of them...

Wait a second…

The door was on their right…

Rock turned. Four walls,

Four doors….

With hostages and Mets behind every single one.

Rock sighed. This is gonna take awhile…


Rock checked his scanner.

Four signals were coming up to Russia from the South Pacific.

Four Robot Masters.

Which means,

Guts Man had isolated himself far away from his comrades.

If he could take out Guts Man here….

Rock calculated how long it would take the Robot Masters to get here.

About 2 hours and 15 minutes.

He wanted to be long gone before the Robot Masters showed up.

Who knows how long the fight with Guts Man would last, or how good of shape he would be coming out of it.

I can't go around and destroy all these Mets, and defeat Guts Man, AND get out before the Masters arrive!



Rock looked at Rush in disbelief. Free everyone all by yourself Rush? That's insane…

And the only thing that would allow Mega Man the time he needed.

Rock nodded. Okay Rush, I'll make a beeline for Guts Man. You rescue everyone here.

Woof! Rush licked Rock's face as the boy gave him a hug. Good luck boy. Take care of yourself.

Woof! Rush dashed across the hall into the next room.

Rock calculated the most linear route to Guts Man. He would have to cross 3 buildings full of Mets.

Okay then, here I go. Rock proceeded into the next room.

He had walked in on what appeared to be a meeting room.

There were 3 Mets this time.

2 on two tables, one on the ground. The hostages were in the far back corners.

Let's do this.

The Mets unleashed a barrage of bullets, but Rock ran along the wall, jumped and spun across the room, and started firing back

POW! PEW! BOOM! Taking them all out, Rock almost forgot to free the scientists before he went into the next room.

Now he was in a lab, albeit destroyed one. Beaker glass littered the floor, as did the chemicals they contained. Tables in which the hostages were placed on made the room shaped like a giant B. Rock was at the top of the vertical line. There was a Met on the end of the room. As it fired at him, Rock's first instinct was to cut inside…

and the Met that was right in front of him caught him by surprise. Rock turned his body inward, and the two bullets just skimmed by him. Blasting the one right in front of him, Rock jumped on top of the table and leapt across the room, firing at the second Met from above. Rotating upward, the Met didn't have react to the bullets coming at it…. BOOM! Rock landed on the ground daintily.

As he faced the hostages, he noticed they were acting differently than the last. They jerked their heads to the side.

As Rock followed….



Rock bounced off the impact of the explosion, colliding with the wall hard.


One last Met, that Rock forgot about.

Ow, that stung.

The Met fired at him again. Rock ducked, and fired a long distance bullet.

Of course the Met blocked with his helmet, which gave Rock time to get to his feet. Running on the wall again, he waited for the Met to pop up and fire…


Rock sprung off the wall, firing at the Met as he went horizontal across the room. Sliding off the table, Rock sprung his head up…

and watched the Met burned up.

Freeing the hostages, Rock checked his time. 2:05:56.

Good Mega Man, let's keep pace.

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