Mega Man Power Force

Read Some Russian!

After fighting several more small skirmishes with Mets, Rock found himself on the verge of exiting the first building. There's a door on the other side of the next room.

Walking in, Rock found out that he was in the cafeteria.


Instantly, he was duck for cover as about a million bullets were coming right at him. Getting behind a table, Rock flipped it on its side as he counted the Mets he had only seen for a split second on his replay.

A dozen of them were in the room.

And that BOOM!

table was BOOM!

Dis BOOM! appearing!


Pretty Fast.

Gotta move!

Ducking from under the table, Rock sprang out from behind it, destroying the immediate Met in front of him, and jumped over the lunch line counter.

A Met was hardly 5 feet away standing on the counter.


Rock side-stepped and fired at it, turning it into a millions pieces.

2 down, 10 to go.

The Mets were still relentless. One fired a blast aiming right for the part of the lunch line where Rock was hiding...


The blast knocked Rock backward to the wall.

Stunned, Rock tried to regain his senses. Gotta-Gotta...

I gotta get outta here.

He noticed that some of the Mets were closing in. It was too many to fight with and they were placed around the room mathematically perfect. He would get maimed in crossfire. And with the newly-created hole, the bullets were getting a little too close to home...

Rock looked around. There had to be SOME way to escape!


Turning for the door on his left, Rock griped the handle and swung it out.

PEW! The Met awaiting him fired...

at no one there.


Rock shot out from the side and blasted the Met.


Ducking from the Met bullets behind him, Rock ran past the door and closed it shut. I hope they don't have a pursuit function! He breathed a sigh of relief as the blasts came to a end. He slowed down to take a breather and find out where he was.

He was in a thin white hall. He checked his time again. 1:47:23 I got time. He thought, coming to a walk.

Rush, how's things coming on your end.

Woof! Woof!

THAT many already? Great. I'm about to leave the first building, meet up with me in the second building once your done.


Rock came to another door, this door led across the buildings. Well, lucky me.

As Rock went outside, he could hear the icy howl of the Siberia all around him. A strange calm passed over Rock. I guess I'll take anything over fighting Mets. But...why weren't none here? Isn't the goal to lure me, wear me down and then hunt me down and finish me?

Oh well, take what your enemy gives you. He thought as he entered the second building.

There was no one there.

Broken assembly lines shot out sparks and leaked oil. Overturned scraps of burned tables and boxes littered the floors. As Rock walked across he room, he detected small traces of blood. Burned holes decorated the walls.

Humans were here...but I don't see any bod-


Rock found himself stepping in remains...

of a Met.

Wait, they actually destroyed Mets?

Rock looked around. Quite a few Mets had been wasted.

He just stood there for a moment, not only just to scan the whole room, but to take it all in. Imagining the battles that might have happens here. What trick or what equipment the humans must have used.

The humans... that were still in the area and could be potentially fighting a Robot Master.

Tracing footsteps led Rock through a corridor. As he tracked and tracked, the distant sound of a firefight got closer and closer...

And he came into a hall, he found himself instantly looking down the barrel of guns. On pure instinct alone, Rock raised his buster to meet them.

A squad of soldiers clad in black were holding him at gunpoint, while explosion still rang out in the next room. Rock recognized the uniform. Alpha Group, Russia's elite special forces.

After a minute of tense standoff, the soldiers lowered their guns, and he lowered his buster.

He noticed that the guns were...different. The shape and form of them are totally different from anything I have ever seen. He couldn't identify them in any firearm database around the world. Before he could internally scan them, one of the soldiers spoke.

"Приветствия, Mega ручн. Как представляется, мы общий враг!" (Salutations, Mega Man. It seems we have a common enemy!)

Rock was still curious about the guns. "На прошлой неделе эти пушки у вас существуют? Я посмотрел, что вы сделали для других Метс" обратно, я впечатлен тем! (What the hell are those guns you have there? I saw what you did to the other Mets back there, I'm impressed!)

"Это прототип лазерного оружия. Они fire пучков интенсивных лазерных лучей непосредственно на ваших указывает на. Они требуют времени, чтобы быть охлажден, или они являются причиной огромных взрывов. Мы прошли обучение по пожарной их в кривых, которые постоянно огонь. Ее опасных, как ада для использования этих вещей, но его как в прошлом месяце звездные войны!" ("These are prototype laser rifles. They fire beams of intense laser light directly at what your pointing at. They require time to be cooled down, or they cause huge explosions. We have been trained to fire them in waves to have constant fire. Its dangerous as hell to use these things, but its like being in fucking Star Wars!")

The solder grinned, he was really loving his life or death struggle. "Мы были в выход из тупика, но мало shits у нас на канаты." "Right now were in a deadlock, but the little shits got us on the ropes."

Rock couldn't believe it So they're using lasers now? What that guy from the US military said was true, they ARE making bigger weapons! Rock felt a renewed sense of urgency. As another wave of several soldiers re-entered the hallway, one holding his shoulder, the team already there began to prepare to go out again and fight.

They saw Mega Man rush forward without them.

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