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Alia turned around, completely surprised at what she just heard. Didn't Drew leave...

It was Ace, she kind of forgot about him when Drew came.

Still, he said she was in the wrong?

She could feel her blood pressure rising again "Oh, I was? How can you tell ME? You've know Drew for like what, a month? I've known him for YEARS?"

Ace admitted that. "True, true. But is seems to me,

that a man that tries to hard to go back in the past,

doesn't have a future worth looking at.

And with the way you described it,

I can see why his life was in a bum state."

Alia tried that counter that. "He could still...

I know that...

Even though...


She fell on the bed. "Your right, I went too far."

Ace sat on the bed. "Tell me how right I am. I could stand to know a little bit more about Drew."

"Well, the thing is, Drew grew up in the military. His father was a general in the Vietnam War, and Drew idolized him for that. All Drew ever wanted to do was be a heroic soldier, and make his father proud. When his father became active in Repliforce, Drew was determined to make it here." Alia chuckled. "You should have been here during the 90s, he tore the world up."

"But what about you and him? What happened to end your relationship?"

Alia's face dropped. "Well, after one of his best friends had a tragedy, his sister and his brother died, and Colonel was just so lost and dead inside. His sister was my best friend, and I needed someone to...comfort me. Drew became so distant..."


"And... one of my longtime friends was there for me when Drew wasn't. And then he asked me thing led to another...then Drew and I had a fight. We called off our engagement, and we went our separate ways."

Alia stood up, rushing for the door. "I got to go talk to Drew."

She found him outside, looking down at the floor. "Listen Drew, I'm sorry for what I said, I went overboard."

"Its not like what you said was wrong..." Drew replied.

Alia sat down next to him. "You asked about my son earlier."

"Yeah, he-he isn't Gate's, right?"

"No. Gate and I broke up years ago.

My son's name is Axl. He's adopted."

"I noticed that scar on his head, what was that all about?" Drew asked.

Alia...choked up. "Axl came from... an abusive home. His father left that scar there. I adopted him 6 years ago when he was 8, and I've nurtured him by myself ever since. He plays football now in high school. I have pictures."

While she was digging through her purse, Drew's mind was still on that scar. How fitting,

that that scar came from child abuse, and was shaped like an X...

But his mind got back to what Alia was saying. "He is a WR on his JV team. He's really good."

"Oh, that's great for him. Listen, Alia...

even if were aren't getting back together, can we at least,

be friends?"

Alia look at Drew. "Well with Axl and this morning, its going to be pretty hard. But... maybe we can make it work."


Alia sat back in her chair. "But for right now, let's just take care of the task at hand,

and we'll see where our relationship goes...


I made a new friend: IcebatofvalikinRRBZ8 and he has a Mega Man story of his own he is working on. You can find them in the community that I made!

Its called Library of Mega Man / Rockman

if you want to add to the library or have any questions, just shoot me a PM!

So now, back to Rock in Russia...

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