Mega Man Power Force

Teeing Off

"EEEK! EEEK! EEEK!" Data was scared. He and Roll were taken by surprise and were surrounded by Tron Bonne and two of her henchbots! He leaped onto Roll's shoulder to protect his master.

"Shut that monkey up!" Tron snapped.


Immediately, two golf balls came flying in Roll's direction. One hit her right in the cheekbone, taking her off her feet and knocking her hat off. Tron caught her hat in midair, slammed it to the ground, and stomped on it.

"C'mon Caskett! Your being pathetic!"

Roll struggled to stand on her knees, still dizzy from the blow. Two golf balls, but only one hit me. Did the other miss or...NO. NO!

She turned and saw Data. "DATA!"

The robot had been hit by the other golf ball, and was lying on the ground motionless.

Roll crawled to her best friend, tears already running down her face. "DATA! SPEAK TO ME!"

Data's monkey face screen had been cracked, and was starting to glitch out.


Data's face simply became a cracked screen of blank peach, leaving only his shape and design.

"DAATAAAAAA!" Roll Casket cried for a few seconds, then seemed to pick herself up.

"It-Its okay Data." Roll got on one foot. "We'll get back to the mansion. And I'll fix you aaalll up... I promise."

She started to walk away.

"Oh, your not going anywhere Caskett! I'm just getting started with you."

Tron yelled at her Servbots. "Pelt her again!"

Roll saw two more golf balls coming to her face. She hugged Data close to her chest.

"I promise Data... I'll protect you..."


A golf club came in and swatted the round missiles away just as they were about to hit Roll.

Rock Hikari stepped out in front of Roll.

"That's enough of that."

He turned around to Roll. "Roll, stay down, I'm pretty sure you have a concussion."

"But Rock.. I have to get Data out of here, and back to the mansion..."

"Isn't there someone you can call to come here?"

"That's right. There is Glyde. I think I'll call him."

"That's right Roll. Call Glyde, and lay down."

Rock gently took Roll, who was having trouble balancing herself, and laid her down.

He turned to Tron, brandishing his club. "If you don't leave right now, i swear to you, you'll regret it."

Tron let out a peal of laughter.

"So your her bodyguard! Its a shame that I'll have to mess up that pretty face of yours. Oh well. Servbots!"

3 more servbots leapt out of the shadows, standing in front of Tron Bonne, clubs and balls at the ready.

"Swarm him !"

They instantly began pelting golf balls at Rock. He juked to the side, and the servbots began to spread out.

He still had the 2 behind him to watch out for. He deflected one as the other whizzed past his ear. He turned to the sound of rushing air and just blocked a golf club form coming down on his back.

"En garde!" Tron Bonne said with a menacing smile.

Rock thrusted, and Tron dodged it with a lovely flourished that left her back nice and open...

This time he put his leg into it, and lunged for Tron. But suddenly, a golf ball hit his ankle, knocking him off balance.

He stumbled, and then took a full-momentum backswing right to the jaw. He flew a few feet and landed on a plastic log.

Tron laughed in triumph" Too easy. That should teach you to keep out of Bonne business."

She turned to Roll "And as for you, Caskett-"

"Miss Tron! Ms. Tron!" "Help us! Help us!' "AAAAIIIIIIIEEE!"

"What's wrong guys?" Tron Bonne turned around in alarm.

"YOU!" What do you think your doing?" She charged with her golf club.


He hadn't a clue what to do.

It had been a pretty normal day, then in a flash, a mini-golf course became a war zone. Then that crazy girl that Geo recognized as Tron Bonne had shown up looking for fight, and she had brought these living Lego Men with her.

Wait, shouldn't they be friends. They ARE on-

He saw Roll and Data go down, and worry became outright horror.

Okay, this is too much! What is wrong with this girl? We need to get out of here.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and flinched. Rock was steel-eyed, teeth clenched.

"Get out of here. go get help."

Rock walked down a green, club in hand, while Geo sprinted away into the next room.

I've got to find Maylu. This is insane! It's a golf course, not an underground fight club!

"Really? Is this how I taught you to solve your problems? By running away and letting a friend take care of you?

Geo stopped, gripped by this new voice.

Why did you just set there and let that girl get beat up? Why are you running away while the other guy stays and fights? Damnit Geo, when are you gonna stop being so useless?!"

Geo turned around and walked back into the room, completely emotionless.

"I'm not useless." He whispered as he hit the nearest servbot. He watched it crash into a wall.

He took the fallen golf club and threw it at a servbot position in a plastic palm tree. It hit with a thud, and the servbot came crashing down, knocked out.

A third servbot took a ball and swung it at Geo. Turning his golf club into a baseball, he managed to knock it right back at the minion, hitting it right in the temple.

"AAAAIIIIIIIEEE" It cried out as it flew backward.

The remaining two henchbots were calling out for their master.

"Miss Tron! Ms. Tron!" "Help us! Help us!"

Geo ran forward and kicked one right in the back of back of the head, launching it into a plastic alligator's mouth.

"YOU!" What do you think your doing?" Tron Bonne was enraged "GET AWAY FROM THEM RIGHT NOW!"

Tron ran on a bridge and jumped off, ready to smash Geo's head in with an overhead cleave attack.

Geo chose to dive under, and behind him he heard a nasty THWACK!

That's when he noticed Rock lying on a log.

"Rock!" He turned around to Tron Bonne, teeth clenched. "You hurt him."

"Yeah, and now I'm really gonna hurt you!"

Tron kept aiming wildly at Geo's face, swinging and lunging. Geo had to duck, parry, dodge, and block over and over again, never going on the offensive because he was too busy blocking and glancing behind him.

As they neared a water hazard of a tiny river, Geo saw his chance. Tron missed, and he caught her with a knee to the gut. She double over, and Geo grabbed her by the side and threw her into the water. There was splash, and Geo took here club.

"Stay down, I've had enough of you."

Geo felt something at his foot and looked down. The last servbot was kicking him in the shoe.

"Stay away from Miss Tron!"

As Geo picked it up, it started to wail out. Geo examined it "Where is this things off switch. Huh? What are you-"

The servbot had a menacing smile on its face. It gripped Geo's wrists with its metallic hands

"Stun hands, go!"

Geo felt a surge of electricity go through his body. "ZZZZIPPP ZAAAAAP!"

He dropped the servbot and fell to one knee.

Oh god, that hurts.

Geo's whole body was shaking. As he tried to control himself, Tron took opportunity with her club. Swinging with all of her might, she connected right to Geo's face. He corkscrewed through the air, and came headfirst on a plastic volcano, unconscious.

"Never touch my servbots again!" Tron added.

"Yay! Go Miss Tron!" The servbot was jumping in glee.

Tron bent down and rubbed the little bot's head. "You did great too #32, your getting a special reward when we get back home okay?"



A golf ball hit #32 in the back of the head. He fell face first into the ground, out like a light.

Tron was shocked

"Are you okay?"

She looked over, shock turning to anger.


"Forget about me Tron?"




"How does it feel Tron?" Roll said angrily. club in hand.

"How does it feel to have something you love get hurt right in front of you?" A red welt under her eye was still growing.

She pointed her club at her rival.

"Answer me Tron! HOW DOES IT FEEL?!"

Tron Bonne looked at the ground, face empty.

"It feels," She was fighting back tears. "LIKE I'M GOING TO SMASH YOUR FACE IN!"

She took her golf club and charged.


Roll met her halfway, their club heads interlocking.

Both retreating back, both charged again and both started swinging.


The animosity could be felt with each swing.

And yet, as hard as each swung, no matter how much they swung, they were no closer to putting away their enemy.

Then, something caught Roll's eye. She ran toward it, with Tron chasing her every step of the way.

Roll picked up a golf ball and chucked it at Tron.

Tron swung it back at Roll, and while Roll was able to duck under it, Tron slammed her golf club into Roll, pinning her to the ground. She dug her knees into Roll, pinning her even more.

"Got you now, Caskett!" Tron was laughing maniacally.

Tron swung at Roll's face with an overhead cleave, Roll blocked it with her own, and Tron pushed down, closer, and closer to Roll's face. It was getting harder to breathe...

Roll pushed her club out to the side, sending both flying. She reached up and punched the distracted Tron in the jaw.

As Tron fell off her, Roll took some sand from a bunker and threw it into her eyes.

Tron fell back in pain, and she dashed to the nearest bit of water.

Roll picked up a club.

She stealthily walked over to Tron Bonne, who was washing her eyes out.

"Never bother me again!" Roll swung with all of her might, connecting the club right at Tron's forehead.

It hit with a nasty CRRRACKKKK! and Tron's head went into the water, unconscious.

"Mmmmmmm. Strawberry. Delicious."

She rested her head on the shoulder of her bestest friend in the whole wide world.

"I'm sooooo glad we worked out our problems Lan."

"Yeah Maylu." Lan said nervously while eating his banana split. "Me too."

"Oooooh. Are you two on a date?" Roll strolled in to the ice cream shop.

"You got it Roll." Lan said, putting his arm around Maylu. "I finally got Maylu to fall for my incredible charm."

Maylu had an amused look on her face, and ducked under Lan's arm.

"No Roll, this isn't a date. Were just taking a break from golfing and getting ice cream. Want some?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Roll pressed her face against the glass.

"Lemme see... I want bubble gum!"

"Okay then sweetie, what toppings?"

"This one... and this one... and this one. How many can i pick."

"As wanna as you want kiddo. Lan is treating us, right Lan?"

Lan laughed...nervously. "Of course! have what ever you want..."

After she picked out 6 toppings, she then asked for it "x-tra large".

Total amount spent on everyone : $27.

Lan sighed, and swiped he credit card.

This card was for emergencies only. Not ice cream!

He felt Roll giving him a hug.

"Thanks Lan, I had to walk Rush around the city, and I was tired from all that walking. Ice cream will be just be the thing I need to cool down!"

"Yeah Lan. Your a great brother." Maylu was finishing off her ice cream. "Wait, Is that Rush clawing at the door? What's he got in his mouth?"

Roll opened the door. The dog bounded to Maylu's feet, and dropped a golf club out of his jaws.

Maylu picked it up, avoiding the drool.

"Oh would you look at that, a golf club." Maylu began swinging it around aimlessly... but it was enough to make Lan jump from his seat.

"Geez, Lan relax. Let's say we both go back to the golf course now?"

As they strolled up to the front entrance, Maylu noticed two things in the parking lot.

A Das Auto with a familiar shaped skull logo on the side.

And a familiar Acura in a nearby slot.

She put two and two together.


She started dashing for the door, tightening her grip on the club.


They've probably already started killing each other. I leave for 10 minutes...

She found what she expected.

"Ms. Caskett, are you sure that your going to be alright? I think your cheekbone may be cracked."

"Forget about me Glyde! What about Data? Will he be alright?"

Glyde examined Data, running his fingers through the monkey robot's exterior. He gave the crack a nasty look, but didn't seem too worried. "He took a decent beating all right, but with the Biometal in him and some time in the repair shop, he'll be bouncing before tea time."

Roll's eyes lit up, and she hugged her butler."That's the best news I've heard all day!"

"I am more concerned about your friends though-"

"ROLL! What happened here?" Maylu burst into the room, golf club in hand.

"Ah, I see Ms. Sakurai is all right. And Mr. Hikari! That's two! Were on fire!"

Maylu looked around. "Where's Tron-"

She saw her sitting on the ground, leaning next to a windmill, still out cold.

Lan was shocked.

"I know that those two hated each other, but this is too much!"

He and Maylu had to step over a few down servbots to reach Glyde and Roll.

"Wait," Lan became alarmed. " Where is Geo and Rock?"

"Ah ooa herya." Rock Hikari was stirring and sitting on a log.

Lan walked up to him, concern all over his face. "Your jaw is broken, don't talk."

"And Mr. Stelar is still unconscious. Judging from all that blood, he's got a busted nose."

Glyde picked Geo up, and Lan noticed how much a a tiny ragdoll that Geo, the tallest of their circle, looked on him.

"So, what do we do with Tron?" Maylu was use Tron's phone. "Here, let me call Teisel..."

"Teisel? This is Maylu, Tron's friend."

"Yes, soccer season has not started yet."

"Yes, Tron got in a fight with Roll."

"Were at Dentowns Mini-Golf park."

"Yes, I'll keep Tron as a starter with me and Roll."

"Okay, bye."

"So," Maylu put Tron's phone back in her pocket. "He'll be here in an hour."

"And we will be in Caskett mansion tending the wounded and wondering what to say to your parents." He gave Lan his car keys. "Unlock the doors, we'll be outside shortly. Lan headed for the door.

"I'll get Roll and Rush. Maylu, take care of Rock."

Before he exited the door, Lan said one last thing.

"This means I won right? I mean, I was -4."

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