Mega Man Power Force

Until We Meet Again

"I'm detecting 4 Robot Masters surrounding Mega Man and the dog!" Colonel said.

"Roger." Ace said in his mech. "Wait, 4? I thought there were 5 Robot Masters?"

"Maybe he took one out?"

"In that case, the others are going to be pissed, and probably already kicking his ass. And if he weak," Ace said, getting nervous. "Um, how the hell are we gonna win this fight? Its probably gonna be 4 against 2."

"Maybe we can scare them off? Or get in a lucky hit?"

"This is gonna be suicide if we go in there hot. We need to think of a plan."

"Mega Man doesn't have time for us to think of a plan."

"True." Ace thought about it. "How about you grab those two, I lay down some cover fire, and we get out of there?"

"How do you expect to outrun them? You think they're just gonna sit there and wait?"

"No, but you got a better idea?"

The scanners showed the the Robot Masters were motioning towards them. One of them shot out something at them.

Ace dodged a bolt of electricity. "I think they know were here!"

"Looks like were gonna have to fight." Colonel guided his machine down for landing.

The Robot Masters jumped back, landing on the roof of the stairwell, waiting for the two mechs to touch down.

"These guys again!" Fire Man said. "I'm of intrusions! It really burns me up!"

"Chill Fire Man, no way these two alone can beat off of us! Just more fun in my book." Ice Man was still confident.

As they came to a landing, Colonel checked up Mega Man. "You okay there buddy?"

Mega Man was wheezing and rasping in pain.

"Here, lemme give you a hand." Colonel picked up both Mega Man and Rush.

Meanwhile, Ace was facing off with the Masters. "Ey, what the hell are yall doing over dere? Ya came here looking for a fite rite? GET OVER HERE!"

Well somone's eager to die. Elec Man thought. "Let's see just how good that little suit of your is human!"

Elec Man started to fire bolts of electricity at them. Ace dodged them easily from the distance.

"Time to turn up the heat!" Fire Man started fire blasts of flames.

Okay! Its getting a bit harder! Ace thought. Not only was he dodged two sets of attack, but was also trying to inch his way closer...

WOAH! Ace slid and fell under a blade of ice that cut across his chest diagonally.

"Heheheehe." Ice Man giggled. "Fast, but to too fast."

OKAY THAT'S ENOUGH! Ace said, getting back to a vertical basis. "WING VERNIER ABILITY ACTIVATE!"

Ace's jets lit up like a rocket, and Ace tore through the air.

Elec Man was shocked. NO WAY HE CAN MOVE-

Ace ran his fist straight through Elec Man's face. THAT WAS FOR MY RIBS BITCH!

Elec Man went flying went for a kick right to Fire Man's head.

THWACK! Fire Man just managed to get his arm up to block it. "How DARE you attack that like that! Face the power of the Robot Masters!"

Fire Man bent over backwards, and Cut Man jumped forward, hitting ace with a drop kick than sent him crashing the the ground below.

Ow, okay, probably should have saw that coming. Ace thought.


what's that.

Ice Man was plummeting down to Earth, directly above him, Ice Blade in hand.


Ace rolled out of the way as Ice Man hit the ground, the blade just missing his neck.

As ace got back to his feet, he looked over at Colonel. "UM, I NEED SOME HELP HERE! ARE WE GETTING OUT OF HERE OR NAW?"

"YOU CANT ESCAPE US!" Fire Man said, firing at Ace again.

Ace juked it, and got back over to Colonel. "Ace, Mega's in serious trouble. I'm gonna HAVE to carry him back out of here.

"What about these guys!?"

"I don't know, we need more help!"

The Robot Masters re-organized and prepared for round 2. Elec Man came back, holding his jaw. "Caught me by surprise!" He said. "Just don't expect for that to happen twice!"


"Ugh, right behind you." Colonel set Mega Man down. Facing the Robot Masters, He drew his sword.

"Nice knowing you Colonel..."

The door to the helipad opened, and soldiers began to pour outside.


Rock looked up. It was the Russian soldiers from before. "Mega Man, что случилось здесь?" (Mega Man, what happened here?)

Rock could talk at this point, but that was about it. "Мастеров робота у меня очень хорошая, они правы выше вас на путь." (Robot Masters got me pretty good, they're right above you by the way.)

After he said that, all the soldiers jumped backwards, and aimed up at the Masters.

Cut Man laughed. "FOOT SOLDIERS? THEY'RE SENDING FOOT SOLDIERS WITH PEA SHOOTERS AT US? I feel insulted AND humored at the same time!"

He smirked, and flicked his blade. "They'll only be a minor inconvenience before we get done with those guys over there."

"Yeah," Ice Man said. "Now we don't have to share!"

The commander look at the Robot Masters, not backing down an inch. "Да, это значительно больше, чем гороха стрелялок.Ya, я пришел сюда, чтобы получить мои ass пинали ногами." (Oh, These are a lot more than pea see, I came here to get my ass kicked.)

"Да, это значительно больше, чем гороха стрелялок.Ya, я пришел сюда, чтобы получить мои ass пинали ногами." (But I also came here to kick some ass! So let's see just how well these 'pea shooters' hold up against what they were REALLY MADE FOR! GET READY BOYS! YOUR ABOUT TO GET THE FIGHT OF YOU LIVES!)

His men rallied behind him. "WOOOOOOOOO!" They cheered, and just waited from the Masters to make the first move.

Fire Man smirked. "Time to feed the flames!"

The Masters were waiting for Elec Man's call.

"...Stand down Masters." Elec Man said.

They all turned to him. "What?"

"I said, get back to the ship. Were retreating."

"But WHY?" Cut Man said. "All we have are a bunch of G.I Joe rejects, and a few Gundam throwaways, and we finally kill Mega Man! He is on his last batteries! C'mon, are you really going to let him get away NOW? After what he did to Bomb Man,

and after what he did to GUTS MAN? Are you serious?"


Elec Man turned around,

and started walking away.

Cut Man looked at him stunned. He turned to his brothers. They had the same disappointed look on them. But slowly, they followed him.


He flew off to catch up with the other Masters.

"Aye? Where ya going? It was just starting to get interesting in here! Come back!" Ace yelled.

While the Russian soldiers were cheering the fact that they had scared of the Masters, Colonel turn to Mega. "Where's Cossack?"

"Guts Man killed him." Rock responded.

"Damnit. Well, at least you took care of Guts Man. How about I take you back to my groups place, get you fixed up?"

Rock didn't trust him enough to say yes. STRANGER DANGER! "No thanks, I've got my own ride coming." Rock turned around. "Oh, there is it now."

A small ship came flying in. Rush managed to take Rock, and slowly hover up to it. Before Rock opened the door, he gave one last look at Colonel and the soldiers, and waved goodbye to them all.

"Hey Roll," Rock said. "Do you think next time you can come sooner?"

"Sorry about that Rock." Roll said from the cockpit. "But I had to get something first."



Rock looked behind him. "Cossack! Your alive! But how?"

"I got away from the blast just enough to not get knocked out too much. I managed to crawl to the communications room and contacted Miss Roll here."

"That's great! Thanks Cossack you've saved my life twice today!"

Cossack laughed. "You've saved mine too. They think I'm dead right?"


"Good." Cossack sat back in his chair and relaxed. "Have my family sell the house and move to America."

"Where are you gonna stay? The military sent to to Russia to get YOU!"

"Yeah I know, Guts Man told me that. Buut I thought-"

Roll laughed nervously from the cockpit. "Oh you guys worry too much. relax! Your alive! That's a miracle in itself! Laugh a little..."

Rock was suspicious. "Roll, what did you do..."

"Heh, heh, i kind of told Cossack he and his family could live with us..."


"His daughter is adorable, i just have to meet her!"

"Roll they cant live with us, where would they stay? In the house?"

"Actually... has some living quarters in the Labs. They could stay there for a while..."

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