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"Would you shut up?" Maylu hissed? "Were all right here.


"Yeah, yeah, its Halloween, not 'Make Maylu go deaf day! One more person to yell and-"











"Now that I have both of your attentions, let's talk about Halloween like adults." Malyu sat back down.

They were all talking in class at Echo Ridge Elementary, waiting for the bell to ring

"Anyway, let's all talk about the most important thing: the costumes!"

"Ooooh, your right Maylu, I haven't decided on my costume yet…" She sat back thinking. "Hey! Maybe you and I could coordinate! We could go as Frozen! I could go as Elsa, and you could go as Anna…"

"No, I want something unique… what do you have Lan?"

"Well, Rock is going as Iron Man, Roll is doing a cat, and I'm going to do Green Lantern, I have no idea what Geo is going as…"

"Well, Geo can tell us what he's going to be."

"I'm picking for him."

"Wow, he let you do that?"

"More along the lines of 'listen bro I got an idea for you so you're going to do it.' "

"Wow Lan, I didn't think of you as so controlling, what's wrong with you?"

Lan peeked out the door. "Speak of the devil."

"Hey guys." Geo said, walking in.

"GEO! Good to see you! Sup man!" He gave him a hug, erasing the serious tone he just had completely.

Geo waved to Maylu and Roll. "Hi girls, what are we doing today?"

"We are going to pick out a scary movie for all of us to watch in class. Who knows-" He put is arm around Maylu."Maybe I'll have you cuddling up to me by lunch!"

She dug his shoulder into his side. "Well, that's one nightmare I'm going to have to get out of my head before it haunts my dreams and sends me to a pit of despair." She got up. "I'm going to the bathroom, you all talk about your costumes!" She grinned wickedly at Lan as she passed by, mocking him as Geo had her back to her. Now they're going to talk about why he can't, and Geo is going to have a chance to decide for himself. Don't worry; I got your back Geo.

Lan barley batted an eyelash. "By the way Geo, I got the perfect costume for you!"

Geo raised an eye. "You do?"

Roll gave a look of surprise. "You do?"

Malyu was also taken aback. "YOU DO?"

Lan smirked. "Yeah. Geo, you remember all those Kid Icarus games? You can go as Pit!"

Geo thought about it. "I guess…"

"Ah c'mon! Who else is going to be going as Pit? It'll be awesome! Besides, you can only pull off that look as a kid! Kid Icarus!"

Geo shrugged. "Okay, I guess, Pit is is!"

Maly stood with her mouth open. She had just been beaten out of nowhere. HOW THE HELL DID HE COME UP WITH THAT ON THE SPOT? HE JUST PULLED THAT IDEA OUT OF HIS ASS AND RAN WITH IT!

She was about to object, but Roll waved her hand no.

Lan looked at Maylu. He broke out laughing.

Malyu flipped him off as she walked down the hall.

"So, what did we miss?" Rock walked into the room.

"Rock! Great to see you!" Malyu welcomed him.

"Did you guys check the news?" Rock said. "They had the funeral in Russia today. That was the only thing they were talking about. The only other real thing was this pop star going missing."

He sat down. "Cossack's family will be in the States for Thanksgiving."

Maylu came back in as the bell rang. BRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!

"I have a student president supplication sheet by the door. Sign before you leave today. But now, let's talk about the history of Halloween!"

Maylu put down her lunch tray. "Roll, you already know what to do. Send me the flyers tonight after soccer practice."

"K Maylu." Roll grinned. "Speaking of soccer, guess whose now on the bench now?"

She started dancing. "Thanks to Luna, coach decided to have Tron and her servbots warm up the seats for us!"

Maylu looked past her. "Speaking of Luna, what is she doing?"

Luna, Bud, and Zack were going about the lunchroom, passing out flyers.

"Halloween party at Luna's house guys!" Zack said, giving out flyers to a few students.

"And don't forget to vote for me for student class president!" Luna said with a smile, passing out papers to everyone at Maylu's table.

Lan read it. "Dance floor, massive pool, costume contest..." He grinned. " Thanks Luna, I'll be there."

"Great! The more the merrier." She gave Geo a look as she walked away. "Hope you can make it. It'll be fun."

Maylu looked to see when Luna was out of sight, and then shredded the paper. "Oh, she thinks she's got the drop on ME, does she? Well just you wait Platz, I'll.."

"Maylu, I say this because I care." Lan leaned across the table. "Your screwed. You've lost. Its already over. Don't go on and look pathetic in the race, or pull some crazy stunt..."

Maylu yanked his shirt collar. "You know something Lan, I dont appreciate you so openly betraying me and going to her party."

Roll tried to save him. "Maylu, Maylu, public place, public place. As therapeutic as hitting Lan would probably be, that's not the answer. He's right. She's throwing a bash, at the very beginning! No bake sale or art contest is going to fix that. And I like you not being in jail. So please, let this go."

Completley seething, Maylu released Lan. "She's a real snake." She said, giving her a dirty look behind Luna's back.

Noticing some out of place writing, Rock looked at Geo's paper, and then at him. Geo gave a subtle shake of his head.

"What are you two talking about?" Lan asked.

"Oh, nothing." Geo responded. "Rock was just talking about bobbing for apples like I'm a pony."

"Geo, I'll have you know that I can mathematically calculate the best way to win if you do it. C'mon, it'll be fun."

Geo got up. "I'm going to go get another apple." Taking the flyer with him.

Rock watched him crumple it up and throw it away. Hope Luna isn't waiting for the phone call.

"But as I was saying, Maylu, when someone offers me a party, I'm not going to say no. The flyer says 5 pound bas of candy, GARUNTEED! It's gonna be great. Its the holiday season! Just sit back and enjoy ourself...''

"So, we meet up at Luna's house at 7 Lan?"

"Yeah, make sure your costumes are good. Text all of us what you look like before you leave the house."


"Well time to get back to class, this is going to be the best Halloween party ever!"

He sat back and smiled. "So, they're going to a party.

And in a house full of people, no one is going to notice two costumed boys disappear,

until its too late."

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