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Halloween Night

"Have a great night boys! I'll be back around 11!" Ms. Hikari said, as Rock and Lan got out of the van.

"Aw, Mom, can I come with them? I can take care of myself, I'm a ROBOT like Rock, remember?"

"Yes but, I don't want to risk anything happening to you. Besides-" She whispered in Roll's ear. "I'm going to make sure you get three times the amount of candy they do."

Roll grinned from ear to ear. "That's awesome!" She waved to her brothers. "Later guys!"

As they drove off, Lan started looking around. "Okay, Maylu is Starfire from Teen Titans, and Roll is Dee Dee from Dexter. Geo is still Pit, now we just gotta find them..."

Rock started to walk down the black iron fence. "They're already here. At the top, near the front door."

"Ah, bonus of having a metallic brother: walking GPS. Well then, lets not keep the waiting."

As the two walked up the sidewalk, they noticed that Luna's villa was actually quite big, especially comparing the area sizes of the homes in their neighborhood.

Geo saw them coming up. "Finally here, huh? What kept you so long?"

Lan grinned. "Just wanted to get in the party mood. Thanks for waiting. WOOOOO! Let's go!"

Walking in the door, they could already hear the music and saw several people dancing nearby.

Luna was there to greet them. "Welcome to the party guys!"

She grabbed Geo's arm. "I'm so glad you could make it. C'mon, let's go dance, angel."

As she dragged him away, Geo mouthed to his friends. Help me.

Maylu was about to go after him, but Roll grabbed her arm. "Oh he'll be fine. Enjoy yourself, its a party!"

They started walked away. "Now, it said there was a killer haunted house section somewhere around here..."

That left Rock alone with Lan. "Okay, then, guess its just us. What do you want to do?"

"Well, since everyone ELSE is splitting up, I think we should go our separate ways, amigo. I see some guys getting a water basketball game started, and you, ball is life. Sooooooooo, seeyah."

Rock sighed. It has been less than 5 minutes, and he was already alone. "Great, NOW what do I do...

oh well, better go stuff myself with sugar." He said, walking over to a huge desert buffet.

"Dr. Wily, Rock and Lan Hikari have arrived at the party."

"Good, isolate them, and or lure them away from the house, and sweep them away."

"I can just gas the entire area, it would save us a lot of time."

"That is the LAST option. I don't want any immediate outcries or detection. This is not only a kidnapping plot, this is a stealth operation. I've been thinking about what we can do with the children as ransom, and a few of my ideas will require a silent kidnapping..."

"I understand. Break Man out."

As he kept watching them, Break Man noticed that the party that the Hikaris had come with, had broken up just as fast as it had been created.

"Oh, I guess I won't have to wait night long. Time to move in."

He emerged from behind some trees, and slowly made his way uphill.

And the best part?

I get to wear my costume.

So if one of the Hikari boys are Mega Man like I suspect,

He's really gonna gonna be in for a treat,

and a trick.

In retrospect, Geo probably should have seen this coming.

And now, he had to figure out a way to get from dancing with Luna, and probably get the hell out of that party..

Gotta get through this crowd! He started dancing away, but

"Why do you want to leave, were just getting started!" Luna said, pulling him back to her.

Great, guess I'm stuck with Wonder Woman for a while.

Then, tango music started playing.

Oh, you have got to be kidding mEEE!

Geo found himself being swung around by Luna.

"You know," she started. "The best way to do tango is to look into your partners eyes."

In-between looking at hers eyes, Geo was looking at the door.

Okay, there's only one door here, gonna tango to get close to it, then break for it.

Geo started taking the lead, slowly taking him and Luna across the room.

She giggled. "Your finally starting to get into it! Isn't this fun?"

He smiled back. "Yeah, it is. Your a great dancer."

She blushed, then leaned her head against him as the music changed. It became slow, long, rich ballroom dance music.

"Let's waltz Geo." She whispered, with a twinkle in her eye.

Geo found himself dancing toward the walls. NOOO! C'mon, just got to turn toward the door...

As Geo was trying to turn his feet, he tripped over, and bumped another couple.

"Oh, sorry about that, I-"

"WATCH IT, JERKS!" Luna snapped.

The scared couple shrunk away.

"Sorry about that." Luna said back to Geo. " I guess not everyone's not as good a dancer as you."

Geo looked around. "What smells like a Slim-Jim?"

"Luna, what happened?" Bud Bison rumbled through the crowd of dancers,

"Those brain-dead idiots over there got in our way." Luna said, pointing at the couple. "Get them outta here!"

Bud grabbed the couple and dragged them to the door, throwing them right out. He stood at the door, guarding it quite stoically.

"Geeeeee," Geo said, "Don't you think that was kinda harsh?"

"No, not really. It's not like I threw them out of the house. And besides, don't worry about them."

She hugged him close. "Tonight is about us. This was all set up just for you."

Just for you

Just for you...

With Bud Bison as the bouncer to the one entry/exit , and Zack Temple as the DJ, Geo wasn't sold on us,

but he felt pretty sure he had been set up.


She took his hand. "Hey, let's go in the closet for a minute." She added a wink as she pulled Geo aside.

Luna shoved him against the wall in the dark space."See? Isn't this better than being out there with the rest of them? Here, we can be,


Geo tried to push her off. "Listen, maybe this is going a little too fast..."

"Oh, what's wrong with you?" She said. "You don't talk to me, you don't call me, you ignore me. Why? Can't you tell that I like you?"

"B-B-But you we don't even know each other!"

"We can get to know each other. All relationships have to start somewhere. At least I'm trying."

She pressed her in front of his. "What's so wrong with someone trying to get to close to you? With having someone care about you?

All I want to be,

is your friend."

She kissed him against the wall.

Geo was paralyzed. He didn't think he wanted Luna,

wanted a relationship,

barely anyone to him.





He kissed her back...

The first step, was to lose the costume. Make sure not to be recognized.

In the private bathroom, there were several bags.

Putting on the morph suit, voices could be heard from the other side of the door.

"You in there? Get back out here, fast! We gotta-

Woah there! Don't you look good, Bride of Frankenstein! Hope your husband doesn't object to me!"

The voice wavered out among the others.

He'll be distracted, time to go.

The windows propped up, and the large bag tried to go through the window...

"C'mon, I don't have time for you to be jammed."

After a good minute of punching it, the bag fell over.


The note in the old costume.

After leaving it on top of the toilet,

check everything...

okay I think were good.

Hopping out the window, it was time to leave the grounds.

Walking over to a black Acura, the bag was in the passenger seat as the engine started.

"Hope you don't object to me taking your keys, jerk."

Pulling out of the driveway, a familiar face came running down the lane.

"Time to see if all that Mario Kart paid off."

Hitting the gas, the Acura sped down the road, past the scrambling guards and party-goers.

After going as fast a possible for a few minutes, the Acura pulled over to the side of the road.

Let's leave the bait.

The passenger side window swung open, and the bag was carried back around the road.

They'll think I ran south toward the border,

when I actually ran north.

Smiling, running across the road.

Already hearing the sirens in the distance.

See you guys never...

There you are Hikari.

Break Man spotted him sitting on a table laughing, flashing a lightsaber around.

He got back up to get in a duel with some fellas.

Then something caught, his attention.

"Wait, is a that a pinball machine? Luna has a pinball machine? This house is amazing!"

With a twinkle in his eye, he bounced over to the machine. Taking out a quarter, he realized something was missing.

Stepping away from the machine, he went over to the dance floor, up to the DJ area, and started scrolling on the music player.

"Hey, you can't be here!" Zack Temple tried to get rid of him, but all the scrawny boy could do was wave his hands around. "Bud, help, quick!"

"Get down from there!" Bud rumbled to the DJ set, but could only watch as the boy jumped off and escaped.

"Nice try Bison, but-"



With music blasting throughout the house, the boy had a self satisfied smile and a flamboyant trot as he walked back to the pinball machine.

But then he took one last look at the dance zone and remembered something else.

"Eh, I wonder where Geo and Luna went."

With a shrug, he went back over to the machine, quarter in hand and ready to pop in-

to find someone else already light it up.


"Ah damn!" A guy turned away from the machine in disgust.

"Eh, 35,600, not a bad score for the first time around. Let me try it..."











"Wow, your really good at this!" The other boy said, giving him a pat.

Smiling, the boy kept concentration, feeling an adrenaline rush as his score kept going up.






He blinked. "Wait, what? III coould'vee sworn I past 57,00 already."

He shook his head. "Just, forget he score, I just gotta, gotta keep going.










He dropped to one knee. "I-I-I Idon, don, aaeeh...

the room started to spin around, going faster and faster,shapesbecameswirlsofcolor

he collapsed at the feet of the pinball machine, as the ball rolled into the slot.


The other boy picked him up, and drrrrraaaaaaaagggggeeeedd him across the house, through waves of people.

"Excuse me,

coming through,

he just had a little too much of a party,

don't worry he's fine, just a lightweight,

party on.

ignore me please."

He took the boy outside, and dumped him into some potted plants.

"Dr. Wily, I have one of the Hikaris in my possession, completely subdued. Going after the other one, right now."

"Excellent work Break Man, now once you have the other boy-"

"The other boy,

is right here." A new voice said, with his fists clenched

"I'll call you back doctor." Break Man turned his attention to the new figure.

"So you call yourself a hero, but can't protect your own? It was too easy, how I put him down and dragged his carcass out here. And now,

I'm going to do the same to you, take you to Wily, and hell, since I got plenty of time, come back for some goodie bags!"

"What did you do to my brother? I saw you put your arm on him, and seconds later he was down! WHAT DID YOU DO?"

Beak Man laughed. "Easy, I want you both alive for now. A little bit of watered-down neurotoxin, and he's out like a broken light. He won't come to for another 12 hours. And that will leave plenty of time for me to finish you, and blow this dump. But if you want to stop me,

why don't you just go Mega Man and I can see just how good you are for myself, Mega Man.

Or should I say,

Lan Hikari?"

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