Mega Man Power Force

Don't Bring A Ring To a Buster Fight

Lan was considering his situation. Okay, he doen't know Rock's Mega Man, and thinks that I'm the real threat. Okay, all I have to do is get Rock, and get back inside where he can't just take whisk us away to Wilyland.

"Oh, I get it." Break Man said.

"You do?" Lan said, panicking a little. He knows I'm not really Mega Man, and is calling my bluff? NO! HOW DID HE-

"You want to take this fight to where no one else can possibly see, where no little humans could ever be hurt? Fine then." He picked Rock up. "There's a meadow a little ways from here. If you want to see your brother again, catch up quick. I'll be waiting."

He floated away, leaving Lan wondering what do next. Okay, I need backup.

He got out his phone...

He broke away from the kiss.

"What's wrong Geo?" Luna asked.

"Listen, this, this isn't me."

"What do you mean? You don't like this?"

"I'm just not into girls ri-"

"Oh, I get it." Luna said with a nod.

"You do? Thanks Luna, its kind of hard to talk about."

"Don't worry, your secret is safe with me!" She said with a wink and a thumbs-up.

As Geo got out of the closet, he felt a little nervous. I don't think Luna and I were on the same page. And I have feel that's going to come back and bite me, but for now,

I just gotta get outta here-.

Geo turned, and out the window in the grass,

Lan Hikari was laid out, a whiff of smoke next to him.

Oh no.

With his entire body shaking, Lan couldn't help but grin as Geo raced toward him.

"Lan! Are you okay? Where's your watch, are you having an attack?"

"No, worse. Rock's been kidnapped."

"Kidnapped?! By who?"

"I have no idea, he looks like a Red Ranger." Lan tried to get up, but he fell back to the ground trembling."When I tried to call Rush, he blew up my phone. Geo, give me your phone so I can call Rush."

Dialing on Geo's phone, he got Rush and Roll.

"Hey Lan! Scooby-Doo and I have been up aaaaalll night, getting more treats that youuuuuuuuuu!"

"Roll, give Rush the phone, this is serious."

Hello, yes this is dog.

"Rush, Rock's been kidnapped, follow me, and suit up. You better get as much sugar as you can this is gonna be a long night."

Geo helped Lan up. "Okay, so Rush meets with us here, and then what?"

"Well first, there is no us, and its not here." Lan started walking off into the woods.

"Lan where are you going? Are you going after that thing, that's insanse!"

"He thinks I'm Mega Man! If I can stall him, Rush can take him down and we can all live!"

"Lan, listen to yourself!" Geo grabbed him. "YOU CAN BARELEY FRICKEN STAND! THAT THING IS GOING TO KILL YOU!"

"It wants me alive. Besides, I have to go, or he's going to take Rock back to Wily's base. I don't have any other choice!"

"This is my chance to help! Rock is in trouble, and for once, I can do something about it!" He pushed Geo off.

"There has to be some other option, some other way! Don't you think he's going to notice when you don't show up in blue armor? Don't you think the other Masters are crawling around somewhere? DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU STAND A CHANCE?"

"The first: I do. The second, I do." Lan's face fell. " And the third: I don't.

Maybe, Rush will get there in time. Maybe Ill be able to come back alive But he'll definitely know something is up for sure if you show up too. And your no use to him, so you' probably die first. That's why I'm going alone. I might have a chance to survive. But if I don't and there's a good chance that I wont. Well,"

A tear came down his face. "At least your still gonna be here man."

Geo saw the determined look on Lan's face, and he knew Lan was right. "So, I guess this is this is it." He replied, staring to cry as well. "Well, if I lose someone else, someone else that I care about,

at least,

at least I get to say goodbye this time!" He said, hugging Lan. "You've been a brother to me for all these years. Thank you, thanks man."

"Right back at you man. But if I do come back, steal me a few candy bags."

"Consider it done, Lan. Bye."

Lan wiped away a tear as he walked into the wood. That meadow isn't too far away, let's just hope he's patient...

My patience is running thin, Mega Man. Break Man thought. He looked over at that boy Rock. I already have one, maybe I'll just take him and go back to base, I know he going to follow me.

"Doctor!" Break Man turned on his intercom. "Want me to just grab to boy and go?"

"Well Break Man, what do you want to do?"

Break Man thought about it. He didn't know if he should have it, but he always knew what he wanted.

"I want...

to destroy Mega Man,

and leave his corpse on the porch of Light Labs!"

"Well then, tell me when your finished. Oh, and take pictures. I'll leave you to it. Wily, out."

Turning his attention back through the trees, he noticed Mega Man approaching.

This is gonna be fun, just me and you,


Lan put his hand in the dirt, and slid down the ever-so-soft slope into the meadows.

A soft breeze covered the plains, and white dandelions blanketed the lowlands for miles.

"Beautiful night. I'll be honest, not a bad place to die there sure are worse." He said to himself as he touched down. He approached Break Man with an air of confidence. Showtime, just got to hang in there long enough for Rush to arrive.

"Your not wearing your armor." Break Man said. "Why are you not wearing your armor?!"

"You seem that's just the thing. You've seen me with my armor on, you've seen with my armor off,

but yet,

I don't even know your name. So before we get started, I want answers. Who are you?"

The robot was slow to respond. Lan was wondering if it could see past his lies.

"Alright then. I'll grant you this last request." He said. "My, name, is Break Man, servant of Lord Doctor Wily."

"So, the old man made a copy of me specifically to destroy me? He is so pathetic."

"Do not insult me by calling me a copy of you. I have-"

"I mean, look at you. What's with the one eye, cyclops? Everyone else has two eye for a reason. And get rid of that stupid hockey mask, you look like Darth Vader Jr. And your not 2Pac, ditch the bandana."

"Do NOT underestimate me. I've been around longer than you, for your information."

"So, why is this your first night on the job? You could have been there during the invasion of DenTech City, the second DenTech City invasion, you weren't even with the other Robot Masters at the end of the attack on the Russian facility! Where have you been the entire time, in a coma?"

"I am a direct bodyguard and assistant to Lord Wily."

"Oh, so your his bitch."

Break Man took offense to that. "I am going to be the one that annihilates you off the face of the Earth and for all, and I'm going to do it, all by myself!"

Lan smirked. "Didn't Guts Man say the exact same thing. And look what happened to him. Bomb Man tried too, but, you just can't beat me by yourself. If I took down both of your heavies, what chance do you have?"

"Why don't you finally armor up and we can see?"

"Hold on, its Halloween man, I'm in a Green Lantern costume. Do I look ready for a fight? Do you think I can just change into Mega Man anytime I want?"

"I can morph into Break Man anytime I wish, so I know you can to."

Lan gasped, starting to sweat. Okay, running out of chatter, Rush, get here fast... "So, why don't you show me what you really look like? I've given you the courtesy of me."

"It won't matter what I look like, all that matters is what I do."

"That's just code for 'I look like a Japanese Techno-punk with a red Mohawk.'"

Break Man was livid. "I have had enough of your mouth! I'll shut you up whether you fight back or not!"

Break Man's buster arm cannon started to glow.

Lan was frozen with fear. WhatdoidoWhatdoidoWhatdoidoWHATDOIDO?

Break Man pointed his buster at Lan, Lan could see the shot charging with energy.

Lan started looking around. I can't fight this guy, and I can outrun him!

Rock! Please, get up!

Break Man was getting ready to fire. "This is it!"

Lan covered his eyes and looked away. Me and my big mouth...


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