Mega Man Power Force


Lan had never actually been inside Caskett Mansion, and when he thought about it, Roll never talked a lot about it.




Maylu stared opened-mouthed. "Roll, you never told me how beautiful your mansion is."

Roll shrugged, walking fast toward the other end of the house, clutching Data. "Yeah, I guess it looks nice."

The interior was Victorian style, all vanilla colored. A large main room that separated into the kitchen, the back rooms, and the upstairs bedrooms and baths.

Glyde was coming down the stairs.

"Geo is resting in my bedroom. In Roll's bedroom, we have a 60" flat screen and several gaming systems. The are plenty of snacks in the kitchen, so help yourselves. More than enough to keep you entertained. Your parents should be arriving soon with pajamas since you will be sleeping here tonight. Just relax and enjoy yourselves for now. Me and Roll will be back after we repair Data. Good day."

Rock was in the kitchen, while Lan, Maylu, Roll, and Rush got settled in. Glyde and Roll went to the back rooms.

"So Lan," Maylu said, turning on the Wii U. "Up for a game of Mario Kart 8?"

Lan stopped, looked at her, and gave her the most condescending look ever. "Are you serious? Ah... I-I-I can't even." He sighed.

"Maylu, how long have you been friends with Roll?"

"Since 2nd grade."

"And how many times how you've been to this mansion?"

"This is the first time."

"And your gonna waste that on Mario Kart? Come on!" Lan tiptoed down the stairs. "Hey Rock! Are they gone yet? Did you see where they went?"

The response was two claps.

Yes! Yes!

"Ugh... Wait up Lan!"

They met up with Rock as he was at the door. It had a security alarm.

Rock put in a code.


"All right! Let us move!"

Lan lead the way.

They came into an emporium.

There was a banner on the back wall that said


Maylu remembered what Roll said about her grandfather Barrel.

He started out as engineer, building planes and cars.

Deciding to to see the Earth and explore humanity's mysteries, he left home and became a world class traveler, exploring uncharted regions of the world. He became known as "Barrel the invincible."

He wrote about his adventures and became a renowned author.

Then he met Drakkon and Martha Bonne, two entrepreneurs, and they became business partners, forming Caskett Corporations; leading the world in exploration, and Bonne Industries; being the spark that makes the world go.

"Woah what's this?" Lan was looking at a few pictures on the wall.

Maylu recognized the picture.

"Those are the Nino Ruins. Somewhere in South America."

Lan moved to left. The next picture showed some kind of diamond shaped object. There was something in it, but Lan couldn't make it out.

Stepping to the left again, he was now in front of a door.



"Project Volnutt? This sounds interesting..."

Maylu pulled Lan back as he was about to open the door.

"Lan, we REALLY should not go in there. It gives me a creepy feeling."

"C'mon Maylu, were is your sense of adventure?"

Rock tugged on Lan's shoulder too, shaking his head. Maylu kept trying to talk him out of it.

"We are NOT going in their Lan. We have no idea what is on the other side of that door. Do you want your face to end up like Barrel's?"

Lan shuddered at the thought. The left side of Barrel's head was metallic, and he didn't try to hide it one bit. The gray metallic left side was quite a contrast to his human skinned right. The only human like feature were his eyebrows, and beard and mustache combo.

"Alright then, we can leave now."

Lan backed away from the door, and then ran back to the entrance.

He woke up on a bed. The first thing he felt was a splitting headache.

That's right, that girl, those robots... ow, and my nose.

He got out of the bed, holding his nose

"I gotta get to a mirror. Wait, where am I?"

Geo looked around.

"I recognized this room, but I gotta make sure...

He looked outside the window, and saw a river far away.

"Yeah, I'm back in Caskett Mansion."

He walked into the bathroom and examined his nose in the mirror. It had been flattened by that club.

"So I get beat up by Dorothy and the Lollipop Guild. That's not embarrassing at all." He sighed and walked out of the bathroom.

Maybe I really am useless...

"So, we have been upstairs all along, we never followed them." Lan was walking up the stairs.

He noticed Geo.

"Oh Geo, your up, cool. Wanna play some Mario Kart 8?"

"So, lemme ged di straith." Rock Hikari was talking with a broken jaw over soup.

"Waywu, Roll, and Dwan all pway ah a dame soccer tame?"

After Lan translated, Maylu nodded her head.

"Yeah, we all play on the same team, and I'm captain. I'm pretty much the only person those two will listen to to break up a fight."

"She. Started It." Roll said, in between bites of pizza.

"Yeah. This time."

"So Roll, I was wondering..." Lan was struggling to get his words out

"Yeah Lan?"

"Do you know what Project Volnutt is?"

Roll dropped her pizza, mouth wide open. "What did you say?"

"I asked what Project V-v-v-volnutt was."

Roll leaned toward, shock, slowly giving to anger. "How do u know that Project Volnutt exists?"

"We uh, followed you Glyde past the back room."

"You WHAT?"

Roll hunched over Lan, teeth clenched.

"Why were you spying on me? You weren't supposed to be down there. Grandpa's work is top secret!"

Maylu rushed for the save. "Roll. Were your best friends, not strangers. Don't be so mad at him."

"Oh, I'm sorry Maylu, I just don't like people running around my house. Grandpa has so many dangerous thing in some of the hallways."

"W-What do you mean?" Lan seemed spooked.

"Well, there's-"

"Guys, this is the first time we have all been in Caskett Mansion at the same time, lets not ruin it." Geo pick up a Wii remote

"You guys wanna do tennis or something?"

Lan phone rang. "Its my parents, i gotta take this." He ran to the bathroom.

"Yeah Mom,

You'll be here in 5 minutes? Great! Thanks for letting me sleep over.

Listen, I need a favor..."

"Time for bed children, say your goodnight now and sweet dreams."

Roll yawned. " Wow. Doing life or death combat with your mortal enemy sure takes its toll. I'm exhausted." Roll fell back on her bed.

"Maylu got under her sleeping bag. "Yeah, I'm ready for bed. Good night guys."

Roll gave Lan and Rock kisses on the cheek "Good night brothers!"

"Good night girls."

Rock, Geo, and Lan went into the guest room.

Rock threw his sleeping bag down. Today was insane, but I actually kinda liked it.

He smiled as he settled into his sleeping bag. I cant wait more adventures!

As he systems shut down, his last thought was

I wonder what's gonna happen next...


Pacific Ocean

Waves splashed across a small island that wasn't even there.

On this island was a fortress, a secret kept hidden form the entire world.

A man sat in a dark room, for many years he had called this island his home.

Building power.




At last, the time had come

His revenge would be complete.

He was finally set to wage war

against the WORLD.


There were coming.

His grand designs.

And grand instruments of his vengeance and conquest.

"Gentlemen, I am so glad you are are finally here."

He stood up from his chair and looked at each of his 6 masterpieces.

"Do you know what one of the most chaotic days of the year are?"

He paused, and put a small smile under his gray bat mustache.

"Back to School. The kids are rushing back to school. the parents have to change their schedules. Everyone has to worry about how they'll fit in. Meeting people. Its just one whole day of disarray."

"That makes it the PERFECT day to begin our conquest."

He turned behind him to a large computer screen.

"Your first target is DenTech City, California. That is where Dr. Light currently resides."

Behind him, he could hear fists clenching and growling.

"Destroy the city, cause mayhem, and warn the world of its impending doom."

"Now be off! Gather the army! and prepare for battle!"

"I will be leading you form here, while Break Man leads you at the front."

Wily looked up.

"You can come down now Break Man. Please grace us with your presence."

Not one hint of life came from the dark, shadowy ceiling.

Wily chuckled. "I guess not then."

He turned back to his creations.

"Robot Masters. Travel to the Mexican shores, and travel north to reach DenTech City. Back to school begins in a few weeks, so you have ample time to plan."

He waved his hand in a dismissive manner.

"Now be off!"

He laughed manically, his loud voice echoing throughout the walls of his castle.

He could feel it.

He was on the verge of victory.

All these years of pain would ultimately end in triumph.

The world would be HIS.

Thomas Light would gravel at his FEET!



End of Part 2

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