Mega Man Power Force

Requiem For A

Smoke poured out of Break Man's Buster.

Too bad that didn't work, Mega Man. He though as he stared into the crater he had made.

Lan opened his eyes. Realizing he wasn't dead, he started checking his entire body, making sure he was really in the clear.

Okay, okay I'm good.

Then Lan realized,

Break Man had his back to him.

Wait, what we he aiming at?

Lan look past Break Man to a fresh, smoking hole in the ground.

As he peered into the hole as the smoke cleared, Lan recognized a figure in the ground.

Oh my God,


Lan ran past Break Man, and dashed down into the hole.

Rush's entire left side has been blown open, exposing his inner gears and wires.

Lan, already breaking down in tears, held Rush's head in his lap.

"Oh my God Rush, I am so sorry."

"I told you to not underestimate me!" Break Man yelled. "Your disappearing act was a problem in the beginning. But that is what brilliant people like Albert Wily do. They solve problems."

He took a step forward. "And now, I'm going to solve the Mega Man problem."

Lan couldn't help it.

He as Break Man walked down, Lan charged, punching Break Man right in the jaw.



Lan dropped to one knee, holding his hand.

"You know, you really shouldn't punch metal as hard as you can with your bare hand."

He picked Lan up by the throat, Lan's arms and legs swinging freely, trying desperately to get away.

"Time to put the kids to bed."

Electricity surged out of Break Man's hand.


Lan felt as if his entire body was exploding.


The entire


was spl

itting up,





In one la

st effo


he reached up,

and poked

Break Man in the eye.


Break Man felt his own electricity go right back into his brain.


As he fell over, he heard a voice call to him.

"Break Man! MY scanners indicate that you have taken serious neural damage! Come in Break Man!" Dr. Wily was screaming on the microphone.

He could afford to lose Bomb Man.

He could afford to lose Guts Man.

He could afford to lose any other Master.

But Break Man,

that was the secret weapon,

the ace in the hole,

the enforcer.

"Break Man! RESPOND!




He found himself sitting in a sandbox in a playground.

Children where frolicking about in the warm breeze of a nice spring day while parents sat and mingled on benches. The clouds being dabbed along the blue sky.

"Look et this!"

A toddler, wearing an orange vest and a bandana, was scrambling across the sand toward him. "A ladybug!"

Break Man recognized the boy. "Looks like you've made a new friend, Lan."As the tiny insect was crawling across his arm, Lan giggled. "It tickles!" As the boy picked at it, it spread its wings and flew into the great spring sky.

The boy waved to it. "Bye-bye!"Turning his attention back to Break Man, the kid pointed to the slide. "Hey, let's go down the slide agan!"

"What? But Lan, we've already went down there 3 times!"

"Yeah yeah yeah, but this time-" Lan ran over to his red pail. Getting out a bubble wand and bottle, he started blowing bubbles in the air.

"I wanna make a long one go aaaalllll the way down the slide!"

Break Man's eyes glimmered with the thought! "It would be so huge. Maybe we can even RIDE IT! Let's do it!"

The two boys dashed up the ladder to the slide. Lan sat in Break Man lap, holding the wand up. "3,2,1 GOOOOO!"

Sliding down, Break Man could see the bubble opening up. "Its really working!"

As the came to the ground, the two boys looked at their bubble, amazed.

"That's the biggest bubble I've ever seen Lan!"

"It look like a big hot dog!" Lan started padding it around. "Es like a beach ball!"

Lan and Break Man started to bounce the huge bubble up, making sure it never hit the ground, keeping it up over and over and over and-


Break Man wiped the bubble water on his red shirt and jeans. "That was great! Let's make anotha one Lan?"

Break Man turned to his brother, who should have already responded. "Lan?


Lan was on one knee, hands covering my eyes, yelling. "OOWWWW IT'S IN MY EYES! IT HUUUUURRRRTS!"

Break Man calmed him down. "Ssshhhh its going to be okay. Just follow me."

Guiding Lan over to a water fountain, Break Man splashed water in the boys eyes.

"It doesn hurt anymore." Lan said, hugging his brother. "Thanks Blues."




Break Man awoke from his dream with a start. What,



Getting back to his feet, Break Man heard a voice.





"Relax Dr Wily, I'm still ticking."

Break Man heard a loud sigh com from over his intercom. Then a clap, then another loud sigh.

"Oh my God Break Man, I was terrified for a second. What was that? What happened to you?"

"Mega Man and his dog came in, ambushed me, and left with the Hikaris."

"So Mega Man isn't a Hikari brother?"

Break Man thought it over. He was pretty sure that Lan called the dog in save him, not to attack him 2 on 1. "No. He's a separate little scrap of tin foil altogether. They got away. Mission failed. Returning to base. Break Man, over and out."

As he turned on his jets and got ready to leave, something caught Break Man's eyes. He stopped in his tracks.

That boy, Lan Hikari.

Lan was unconscious, just like the dog and the other one.

Break Man just stared at him. I-I know you.

Every second Break Man just stared at him, Lan felt more and more familiar.

I remember you. Break Man thought to his memory in the park. Yes, yes he was sure he had met Lan Hikari before.



Break Man thought about it.

Lan is only 10 years old.

I was with the other Masters when Dr. Wily saved us from Thomas Light and Yuichiro Hikari, in 1990.

There is no way I should have ever met this boy.

Break Man began to doubt his memory. "Maybe it was all just a dumb dream..."

A terrible thought came to his mind. He ran security checks to his entire system. "Maybe that was a virus, maybe Lan is Mega Man!"

But after finding nothing to support his virus theory, Break Man was caught between two ideas, neither of them making sense.

Was that a memory, or a dream? It-It has to be a dream, it just HAS to be. Its fake.

He turned his attention back to Lan. right?

It took him a minute to realize how stupid that question was, as if to expect an answer.

Shaking his head, Break Man turned off his jets and flew into the distance night sky.

But not without giving Lan Hikari,




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