Mega Man Power Force

Up and Over

A white SUV came rolling in over the meadows. Thomas Light was at the wheel.

"You see them yet Yuichiro?"

"No, but were close. Keep going." Dr. Hikari was following Rush's signal.

"There, I see them!" Huruka Hikari had spotted 3 figures with her binoculars.

Pulling up to the bodies on the ground, the 3 dashed out of the car to them.

"LAN!"Huruka said, holding her child. "LAN! SPEAK TO ME!" When Lan's limp body didn't respond, she broke down even more. "MY BABY!"

"Oh my God," Dr. Hikari said, looking at Rush. "Rush was hit bad, whatever attacked him, that thing packs a punch Rush in in trouble. This is worse than I though we need to get back to the Labs."

"Couldn't agree more." Thomas Light said, carrying Rock. "What ever it was, its more dangerous than any of the Masters." Dr. Light's cell phone rang. "Its Geo.


"Did you find them yet?"

"Yes, we have them. Geo, thank you so much for calling us earlier. Again, you didn't see what it was that took Rock?"

"All Lan said was that it looked like a Red Power Ranger."

"Alright then, Goodbye."

Dr. Light turned back to he son-in-law. "A Red Power Ranger. Albert's been busy working on new projects."

"Let's just hope there's not more..."

Geo checked his watch. Its getting late. He didn't feel like sitting around waiting for his mom to pick him up, all he would be thinking about is what happened to Lan.


Just as Geo was about to leave the party, he remembered something.

Walking over to the goodie bag section, he stuffed as many bags as he could into his brown side-pouches. A promise is a promise.

Leaving Luna's villa, with the music blasting in the distance, Geo was left to think to himself.

Lan, I don't know how you did it, but you got out of there alive. Better than what I could have done. Your the bravest person I've ever met.

You gotta convince your grandpa to put you in the fight somehow I know it sounds crazy but,

Rock could use another hand,

and I know you could do it.

Walking across the bridge, Geo thought he heard someone.


He looked around, and saw no on in sight. Just a bunch of dying trees in pale moon light and a cold wind greeted him.

He took another step.


Geo looked around again, with more conviction than before. He knew how kids ended up missing, and what happened to him.

He started running across the long bridge. He heard the trickle of the creek water underneath.

Getting across the bridge, Geo looked back again to see if someone was following it.

Maybe it was just my imagin-

There was a figure lying on some rocks, underneath the bridge.

Geo lost his breath. Not looking, he slipped over a rock and fell to the ground.

Snapping back to reality, Geo got up and starting running the other way.

Geo, REALLY? A voice came into his head.

There's somebody back there, in obvious PAIN, and your just going to leave them there?

"I'm not trying to get kidnapped!"

If they wanted you, they would have chased you, and probably already have gotten your scrawny ass by now. Stop thinking about yourself! C'mon!"

Geo turned around, and started heading back for the creek.

Sorry, dad.

Stepping under the creek, Geo was careful to watch his step. Falling this time meant using a rock as a cushion.

As Geo made his way to the figure, he came across an extra-large black duffle bag.

The figure reached out to it. It was a small person wearing a full body morph suit.

Geo began to notice red specks and wet splotches in the costume. Then he saw

"Oh no, your ankle's broken isn't it?" A nod was his response. "Here, let me call for help."

The figure put their hand on the phone and lowered it.

"What? you don't want me to call for help?"

A head shake confirmed this.

Geo shrunk back. "Why not? Who are you anyway?"

He opined the duffel bag. The first thing he saw was clothes, and then,

The person tried to get the bag with the one good leg, but to no avail.

"Okay that's it." Geo put everything back in the bag and strapped it around him.

He immediately regretted his decision. "OOOFFF!" "Man, that thing is heavy!"

Taking the strap off him, Geo looked back to the person in the morph suit. They,

had their arms outstretched?

"Ugh, what are you doing? Do you want me to pick you up or something"

Another nod.

Geo really wasn't sure he trusted this person,



With Geo, picking them up, the person reached for the duffel bag.

"Are you crazy? I can't carry that thing and you at the same time. I'll come back for it tomorrow.

Geo felt the person struggle even more for the bag. He was starting to lose hit footing, something very dangerous with all of these rocks.

"I promise that I'll come back for it tomorrow."

The person stopped struggling and stared right at Geo.

Geo was feeling creeped out by the faceless head staring at him. Behind that mask could be anything. For all he knew, he could be being used, that the person was just waiting to strike and dump him in a ditch. He didn't know this person, he dind't trust this person, but all he knew was that they needed help.

Beside, with the bad ankle and Geo being bigger, he was sure he could win a fight if the had to.

"Okay, let's go." Carrying the person back up, Geo walked toward Echo Ridge back home.

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