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Dancing With Devils

"So, I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! And now that you should have all got that sugar rush out of you and crashed, let's learn about the early European settlers, the Pilgrims!"

Roll Caskett waved that off. "Pff! Only amateurs eat their candy all at once. I'm saving mine until Thanksgiving."

"She's right people." Bud Bison added. " The way a ration my candy, I'm not seeing my toes until New Year's, and that only lasts a month and a half until I get my hands on marked down Valentine's Day candy."

Lan turned and whispered behind him. "By the way, thanks for all that extra candy, Geo. You the real MVP."

"No problem. I had the easy job." Geo smiled and winked.

"So, after Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas in 1492, the next hundred years was a European race for resources in the Americas. The English took up the coastal Eastern US. Can anyone tell me which states?"

Maylu raised her hand. "Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts Bay, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York,North Carolina, and Rhode Island."

Ms. Mari nodded. "Correct Maylu. Now, in 1621, colonizers of Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts, were on the brink of disaster as winter approached. What little food they scavenged was extremely inadequate, and it looked like they were going to die from cold and starvation.

Until finally, Native Americans, led by Squanto, helped the Pilgrims learn how to plant vegetables, like corn and squash. The Pilgrims gathered what they needed to sustain the winter. and to celebrate this new-founded friendship, the two groups had a 3 day feast we now called Thanksgiving."

Roll whispered across to Maylu. "And boy, would the Indians regret that in a few hundred years..."

"Now, what will you guys be having for Thanksgiving? Turkey with stuffing? Cranberry sauce? Sweet Potato Pie? Finger foods like sliced sandwiches and Deviled Eggs?"

"Stop. Your making my mouth water." Lan spoke up.

Mr. Mari laughed. "Well Lan, after you've had what I'm sure will be a huge Thanksgiving dinner, you can start working it off at the Thanksgiving Dance the next night at 8!"

"Do I gotta show up in a Pilgrim costume? Because I'd just rather avoid looking at the school altogether and enjoy my Thanksgiving break from my couch."

Ms. Mari waved it off. "No, we did that last year. It was..unsuccessful. No. This year, its modern formal clothing."

"Okay, got it. Not sure if I'm gonna come, buuuuuut I might."

Lan got up. "I'm going to the bathroom, be right back."

Stepping into the bathroom, Lan noticed he had a little maple syrup on his face.

"Geez, thanks Rock, really know how to help a guy clean up on his blindspots."

He looked down, getting some water from the sink.

He looked back up and-

Break Man?

Break Man was right behind him.

Lan whirled around terrified. "Stay back!"

Break Man took a step towards him.

Lan was thinking about running out the bathroom. But then, the others!

Break Man reached his hand out, slowly walking to Lan.

Lan couldn't move, he didn't know what to do.

All he could do was watch as Break Man came toward him and turned



"Lan, are you alright in there? We heard you screaming."

It took Lan a moment to


was aaaallll in my,


Lan took a deep breath.

"Yeah, I'm good." he said, as he stepped out of the bathroom. "Look, a tarantula came from outttaa toilet. And it was thiiiiiiiiis big!"

Lan thew down his bookbag as he walked into the underground Light Labs. "Grandpa, I'm home!"

He was surprised as he came across Mikhail Cossack sitting in front of a television, half-done drinking a 12 case of beer.

"Woah, ! When did you start drinking so heavy?"

"Since I started watching this."

It was the funeral for all the Russians killed by Guts Man's attack. Russian flags flew in the snowy breeze. Massive crowds came out in droves, waves of mourners came out dressed out in black, reaching miles.

In the front was Kalinka Cossack, holding a sign that said: I MISS YOU DADDY, with a little pink heart underneath.

"Yeah, your grandfather and I, are working on a new project. Its a robotic bird that delivers messages. He's somewhere around the labs working on it right now. "

"Oh, so mecha-Hedwig is gonna deliver your message. What's it gonna say?"

"That I'm still alive, and to come to the US."

He took another swig. "Boy, I just saw my own grave, my own... tombstone. Let me tell you something, there isn't anything more sick, nothing that makes you more sick to the damn pit of your stomach, than watching yourself die."

"Well, at least its an empty casket. Besides, they should be in here JUST in time for Thanksgiving."

"I sure hope so boy. I suuuuuureee hope so." He said, as he finished off another bottle.

"Maaaybe you shouldn't watch that anymore. Isn't there anything else in the news today?"

"Just something about some celebrity brat going missing on the run."

"K." Lan was looking around, really hoping or Auto or someone would save him from this uncomfortable conversation.

"You know, I just remembered, my friends' soccer game!" Lan rushed out of the Lab.

"Love talking to you too boy. Catchya later." raised his new bottle as Lan dashed for the elevator."

Rock raised his glass of root beer float. "So, congrats on another game won, Captain Maylu!"

"Thanks. Were looking in great shape for the playoffs, they start in 3 weeks!" she said, sitting down a platter of fries.

"Great. I'll catch every minute of it."

"Okay, that's one of our fans." Roll Caskett sat by them, munching on hamburger sliders. "Grandpa spends all day and night in the basement working on a project. And that's when he's home. He Skyped me last night from Denmark. I didn't even know he was gone! He might as well be a ghost! And when I do see him, he look so tired and stressed."

She sighed. "I've been trying to hack into Grandpa's computers to see if I can find a clue as to what he's working on, but he's tightened security on all of his systems since he found out someone's got into his system in July."

"Wow. I wonder how that happened." Rock got back to sipping his Coke.

"Well gee. I'm sorry Roll. Will he at least be able to spend time with you for Thanksgiving?"

"I hope so. But if not, I hope you save me a seat at your table."

"Speaking of Thanksgiving-" Lan started, finishing his ice cream cone. "Hey Maylu, you wanna go to the dance with me?"

Maylu almost choked on a fry.

Roll slid over next to Rock. "Ssssshhhh. Just watch. Its happening."

Maylu was regaining her breath. "Diid-di-did you just ask me on a date Lan?"

"Well, actually I was thinking that I no one shows up, at least I won't have to dance with a teacher."

"Well, if your gonna lowball me like that, you're answer is no way, Lan."

He stood up. "Hey, I tried. Getting another cone."

While he was in line, Luna walked up to him. "Soo, heard you got rejected by Maylu."

"Meh. I'll be fine."

"You know, you can still go to the dance with someone."

"Really?" Lan thought about it. Luna? Meh, I could do worse.

"Yeah. Hey Lan. I was just wondering. How, open, are you as a person?"

"Um, I'd consider myself a rather open person. I'm like the Bud Lite commercials, up for whatever."

"So, you would consider going to the dance with someone unusual?

"Yeah. Uh, where is this going? Are you asking me out, or asking me to take out one of your friends...?"

"You could say its someone we both know. A friend. Just, keep an open mind, will you Lan?"

"Sure." Lan said, walking away with his ice cream.

"Great! Talk to you later!" She waved goodbye.

Rock was finishing his drink. "So, Dr. Light called me, apparently they had that mass funeral today for the Robot Master attack at the Russian research facility."

Maylu leaned in. "Oh my God, I forgot all about that."

"Yeah, Dr. Cossack is really messed up about it. is building a robotic bird, Beat, I think, to help him message his family. they think he's been dead all this team."

Roll put down her burger. "Wow. And I thought I had family problems." She got out her phone. "Maybe Granddad messaged me..."

"Whoa, what's with all the long faces? I was the one that got shot down. What did I miss?"

"Nothing." Maylu looked down at her platter. "Hey Lan, about that dance...

I really don't have anything planned for Friday night. I'll go to the dance with you."

Her phone started ringing. A car horn honked outside. "Those are my parents." She got up. "Well talk later tonight, okay? See ya."

As she walked away, Lan looked at Rock. "What did you say to her Rock?"

"I didn't say anything to her about you." He reached over to her platter. "I will get her half eaten fries though."

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