Mega Man Power Force

Death's Duet

Night of the Dance

Rock busted into his bedroom. "LAN!"

He found his brother on his bed lying on his side. "Whaaaaaaaaaat..." Lan groaned. "I'm tryyyying to sleeeep. Ugh, I think I slept wrong after eating all that food."

"Lan! The dance starts in an hour, c'mon, get up, get dressed, we have to move!"

"The dance? Really?" Lan sat up. "Do I really have to go to that? Between Thanksgiving yesterday, and leftover today, I might throw up at a dance."

"Oh, get up Lan! Geo and Roll are carpooling, and Maylu just called 5 minutes ago saying she's almost ready!"

"Well then!" Lan rolled up off the bed, with the mattress leveling out. "I can't be that guy that just sits at home and does nothing!"

"Your clothes are in the closet." Rock checked the time. "Tch! I'm gonna go see if I can stall the others."

Lan quickly changed into his clothes. Put on his jacket, button-down shirt, pants, shoes, watch, tie...

He checked the mirror. "Oh no!" He held his belly. "I'm gonna look like a penguin!" He tucked his shirt out of his pants. "I really hope they will allow it out..."

Rock came back into the room. "You ready to go Pillsbury Dough-boy?"

"Oh shut up Rock! Your a robot, you dont get tempted by all the food on the table.

All that delicious food..." Lan's mouth started to water.

"I don't know about that Lan." Rock responded, tapping Lan's gut. "That breadbasket of yours is kinda calling me."

"Let's just go, okay?!" Lan was moving past his brother when Rock noticed something wrong.

"Hey 2pac! Leave your bandanna here, its a formal dance!"

"Just let me leave it on Rock. My hair looks so much more messy without it!"

"Don't worry Lan. When it comes to cleanliness, none of us have high expectations for you, so its perfectly fine."

"C'mon Rock. Its my signature! My logo! That's what gets people to think of me!"

"And now no one's going to think about you tonight! I'm the hero that Echo Ridge deserves. Now let's go let's go let's go! Were carpooling with Maylu."

Getting down the stairs, Lan took one last look at the kitchen. "I know there's so leftovers in there, can I bring one snack-"

"MOVE!" Rock pushed him out the door.

"Geeze Rock? Why are you so serious about this, all were doing is just going out to some stupid dance with Geo, Roll, and






Lan's jaw dropped.

She was wearing a white hat with a pink lace and flower. She had on a yellow blouse, and white sandals.

"Hey guys!" She said, walking over with a wave. "Are you ready to go?" Grabbing the hand of a still-stunned Lan, Maylu went into the Hikari's SUV, and climbed in.

"So, how did you guys eat yesterday? I kinda held back, so i could fit into this? But, I got plenty of leftovers so I could pig out this weekend."

"Yeah, we watched the games more than anything. We actually went out and got our suits yesterday." Rock replied.

"Ooooooo, they look nice." She turned to Lan. "How do you like my dress Lan?"

"... I like your hat." Lan said, looking into the window and blushing.

As the car pulled up to the school, Lan saw a familiar face.

"OhlookitsGeoIbettergosayhitohim." Lan scrambled out of the car as it barley came to a stop.

"Now. wait a second Lan." Dr. Hikari look at the crowd filing into the gymnasium. "Its thick as pea soup out there, hold hands as you guys walk in there, and be safe!"

He started the ignition. "I'll be back, just call me if you need me to come get you!"

Lan look briefly shocked. "Wait, did you say hol-"

"C'mon Lan!" Maylu said, grabbing his hand. "Let's go meet up with Geo."

Rocked looked up at the overcast. "No wonder everyone is jamming ot get into the gym at once, its about to pour down."

Inside the gym, they found Geo waiting over in a corner. "Oh hey, guys, can you believe how many showed up to this?"

"YeahitsjustmindbogglinhheyGeocanItalktoyouforasec?" Lan tore himself from Maylu's grip and ushered Geo away.

"Whoa whoa whoa, what's the matter Lan?" Geo said, Lan pushing all the wall along.

"Its-its-its-its Maylu, she looks... she looks..."


"Y-y-y-yeah. But you said it not me..."

Geo gave him a look. "I thought you liked Maylu. You're always hitting on her..."

"Yeah, but I'm just teasing her. Were friends. But now...

I think I actually have a crush on her.

Listen man, just get me through the night, so a I can leave, and I don't do something stupid-"

Classical music started to flow into the gym. "EEP!" Lan bear hugged Geo, digging his fingernails in Geo's suit.

"Hey! That hurts! I'm not a pin cushion Lan!"

"Are you guys dancing together?" Luna Platz came over in a long, sparkly, dark blue dress.

"Y-y-eah! Were dancing together." Lan took Geo by the hands, and took him down to the floor with a forced smile

Can she NOT see im having a good time? Geo wondered. All Luna is doing is just standing there smiling...

Something yellow and blue flashed in Geo's eyes. Wait, that small thing...

Lan spun Geo around again, and now he was sure of it.


Lan's grip loosened. "What did you say?"

Geo pushed him out of the way. Ooooooh, this ain't gonna be fun.

The servbot was crawling underneath the tables, holding a glass of punch.

Geo looked in the direction it was going. Roll Caskett was talking with Rock and Maylu. Back turned, completely oblivious to the trap set for her.



Just when the servbot was about to emerge from the table behind Roll, Geo stomped on it, and pulled it from under the table with his heel?

"Thirsty?" He asked, picking up the servbot.

"Oh hey Geo-" Roll said, her expression immediately changing at the sight of the servbot. "What the,

what are YOU doing here? Where's Tron?" She started looking around.

"OVER HERE CASKETT!" In a back doorway was Tron, with a wicked sneer on her face.

Rock had to hold Roll back to stop her from charging at Tron. "Rooolll, time and place time and place time and place!"

"Rock, she almost spoiled my favorite dress! You can't even get stains out of it."

"Ooooooh, you cant?" Tron said. "Well, wouldn't it be just a darn shame if I-" She snapped here fingers. "NOW!"

A servbot sprung from behind a potted plant. "BONNEZAIII!"

Spilling the bucket all over Roll, her emerald dress was streaked with a muddy gray.

"IIIIIIIEEEE!" Roll screamed. "This is.. this oil paint isn't it?

"Oh, is the whittle Caskett gonna qii nooow? You jus gonna sit in da whittle corner a qui lika baby on niight?

"BONNE!" Roll yelled, taking a step towards her, I am sending you home in a box, or ten!"

"You have to catch me first Caskett!" Tron ran after the door, servbots close behind.

"GET BACK HERE!" Roll tore after her.

"Oh, I don't like this guys... somethings not right.." Rock said, motioning towards the door.

"Oh, Rock, I would say that." Maylu responded. "Quite a few things are wrong here. For example, how does Tron know about the dance when she doesn't even go to Echo Ridge? How does she know we were coming?"


"And why would she go out in a storm?"

"You know what?" Rock clenched his hand, and his blue metallic armor started to form. "I think I'm going to go Mega, unless you guys want to come out there with me..."

"Um, hello? Do I look like im ready to go out there and break up a fight? Especially between Roll and Tron?" Maylu asked.

Geo stepped forward. "I'll go out there with you Rock-"


Geo stepped back. "You know what? Its just 2 pre-teen girls. You got this."

"Fair enough I guess. I'll be back soon." Rock said, walking out the door.

"Ugh." Maylu went. "I come out just to have a good time, and this happens."

"Yeah." Geo responded. " First Lan gets all weird, and now once again Roll and Tron are at each others throats."


"Speaking of Lan," Maylu looked around. "Did you see where he went?"


"No, I don't. This gym is actually pretty big, But still, I'm sure he'll turn up again. He does kinda need a ride home."

"Yeah, I guess he does." Maylu looked away for a minute. "Um Geo, when Lan was talking with you,

he didn't say anything about me, did he?"



about you? No, he didn't say anything. All he said was that... he felt he looked fat in his suit."

Maylu gave him a look. "Geo, are you lying to me?"

"What? No! I would never..."

"Geo, what did Lan say?" Maylu asked sternly.

"He, uh, um, he said, he said...

Maylu, the best person to talk about this with is Lan. I, I really don't know what to say."

"You know what Geo, if I have to kill Lan,




Maylu walked past the frozen Geo

He groaned as he watched her walk into the crowd.

"I have no idea how this night can get any worse."


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