Mega Man Power Force

Interruptions Part 1

Lan was lying on the ground, clutching his chest.

He couldn't breathe. Everything was

swirling in and

out around him, going


Just calm down Lan. Wait for-

He coughed vigorously. "GHAAHCK!"

your PET to kick in...


The PET,

that you left,

at home.






"Lan! Don't worry, I'm here." Geo sat Lan straight up.

Lan managed a weak smile. "haa-

EHH! HAGH! HAGH! Haaaay b-b-b-b


"Where's your watch? Your PET function should have started working by now."



"WHAT?" Geo dug his fingernails into Lan's arm.

"Ohw ohw ohw not helping NOT HELPIN-


"Oh sorry. Sorry. I'm such an idiot. Sorry.

Maylu is calling Rock, just hold on.

You're gonna be okay. Just stay away and stay calm. Look at me. You're gonna be alright. Just stay with me man.

See? Look. Rock's here now."

Both Maylu and Rock came over. Geo held Maylu back as Rock looked him over.

"What's wrong with him?!" Maylu asked. If he is messing with us again I swear to GOD.

"I'll explain later. I better call Dr. Light right now though..."

After checking his vitals, Rock unbuttoned Lan's shirt, exposing his chest. "Ready for this?"

"Don't r-r-really



Putting a finger on his chest, Rock's fingertip started to electrify.



Lan gasped, convulsing on the ground.

Rock turn him on his back again. "Calm down, calm down, that was only the first one. You're alright.

Just let me just finish this fast."

Placing his hand on Lan's chest, Rock began defibrillating him again, this time sending the pulses of electricity in a rhythm.


Lan's breathing started to return to normal.


"I'm good." He said groggily.

"Yeah. I ugghhhh. I'm feeling better."

"Are you sure?" Rock asked nervously.

"Y-Y-Yeah. Just let me...

lemme get up."

Lan tried to stand but,

his legs collapsed immediately, falling back unto the ground.

"They feel like jelly."

"You don't look so good." Rock picked him. "I'm taking you to Seaside."

"I'm fine." Lan weakly broke free of Rock's gasp.

Trying to prove he had recovered, Lan started walking.

Taking a few somewhat solid steps, Lan started to wobble. Leaning against the wall for support, Lan stumbled a few more steps.

Then fell back down to both knees.


just give me a few minutes. Let me go back inside."

Rock walked over to him, getting ready to pick him up again. "We're leaving now."

Lan slapped his hand away, panting heavily after the small walk.


I don't wanna go back.

Can't you just look at me right here?"

"Mom, Dad, and I would all feel better if you got checked out."

Rock picked him up, and turned on his Mega Jets.

"Rock." Lan tugged on his shoulder. "Don't take me back there.


"Listen, I know how much you must hate going here, but-"


no you don't."

"But it's for the best if we all go okay?

Just trust me on this."

"Can I at least go to sleep?

I feel really tired right now."

"The rides gonna be really short, and their probably gonna ask some questions."

"Of course. They will.

Let's just get this over with."

Hovering up in the air, Rock called out to Geo and Maylu.

"I'll call Mom and Dad to come get you! Just stay here!"

Rock zoomed into the air out of sight.

He's gonna be fine. Geo thought to himself, watching them take off. Rock will take him to the hospital, Lan will get treatment, and everything is gonna be just fine...



Maylu stood behind him, exasperated.

"I'm still waiting for the explanation of why my friend just got carried away on the world's fastest EMT truck!"

"Listen Maylu, don't freak out about this..."



I don't even know where to start...

Look. You know how old people have pacemakers for their hearts?"


"The body has a natural pacemaker called the sinoatrial node. It controls the body's heart rate.

Lan has a rare disease called HBD: it stands for Heart Beat Disease. The sinoatrial node in his body isn't as developed as it should be. Sometimes,

it falters. It doesn't work as fast, or it goes into a rush when it shouldn't. We call them an 'attack'."


horrifying." Maylu responded. She remembered Lan's watch.

"Wait. What about his watch? Is it an alarm for when he has an attack?"

"Well, sort of. In his watch is PET Technology. Personal Emergency Technician. It was actually designed by Lan's grandfather, Tadashi. Lan's PET can detect attacks as soon as they start, and send electronic pulses to his sinoatrial node to recalibrate it.

Lan has actually had several attacks in class over the years: he makes a little gasp, then goes quiet, his entire body goes rigid trying to hide it. Then he just sort of slumps over his desk and doesn't do anything. Then someone comes to pick him up early and take him to the hospital.

He use to make it a habit to always sit in the back of class."

"Why doesn't he want people to know about it? If I had a disease that affects my heart and can incapacitate me at any second of the day, I'd let everyone I know/meet on a daily basis in on the fact that, 'hey I can have a heart attack in an instant so watch out for that ok? Thanks."

"He doesn't want to think about it. He just wants to live life and be happy you know? His PET always saves him so he is alright right now."

Geo knew that he was holding back on how Lan really felt. But Lan told me not to tell that...

"I guess that makes sense. I...

I'm sorry Geo, but I cannot begin to understand and respond to that."

"I know. But that's why Lan always has to where the PET. Dr. Hikari managed to perfect Tadashi's work. It's amazing at how quick he got it to respond to, what he calls, 'abnormalities in the body'." Geo smiled. "That's why their millionaires."

"REALLY? Lan's a MILLIONAIRE? You're joking!"

"Kinda. Despite being expensive, PETs are becoming popular, especially with older people. Why do you think all those politicians live so long?

Granted, most of their money goes into Light Labs, but the Hikari has millions in the bank."

And he asks me to buy curry for him all the time that little son of a bi-

"Hold on, if Tadashi is so important, why am I only just hearing about him?"

"Well he,


Geo looked away for a second.

"The only reason Tadashi ever created the PET is that,


he had HBD too.

It's genetic.

Its actually...

what killed him."


If-If-If he designed the PET, and he still had an attack and died...



what does that say about Lan..."

Geo shook his head.

"Maylu, you're not thinking about something.

Lan's got Rock! Rock is watching his back 24/7! Rock just saved him right there! Look how in charge he was, how calm and collected he was."

Geo tried to keep his smile up. "I mean. Rock fights deadly killer robots! He can fly at hundreds of miles per hour! He's probably at the hospital right now! There's nothing he can't do!"

Geo recognized his mom's car as she pulled up into the school. He also recognized her worried face.

"Haruka called me! I came as fast as I could! Is Lan okay?"

"Yeah. Rock and Lan already left." Geo responded.

"How did they already pick Lan up but left you two here?"

They left us to explain to the staff. They were in a hurry, getting Lan away and all."

"Okay, that makes sense. Guess that's why they called me. Get in. We're going to the hospital and meeting them."

"Alright then. Let's go then Maylu."

Walking over to the car, Maylu became optimistic.

"With Rock on our side,

what could possibly go wrong?" She asked Geo.

"Exactly." He laughed it off, albeit nervously.

What could possibly go wrong...

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