Mega Man Power Force


Mid August


Back to School for all Students in Echo Ridge and DenTech City

She walked into his room, he still calmly asleep.

As she put her hand on his cheek, she felt a twinge of guilt.

He looks so peaceful... my sleeping beautiful little angel.

I don't want to wake him up, just look how good he's sleeping.

Ever since Kelvin disappeared, Geo's been so depressed.

And now he's just sleeping like a lamb.

Maybe's he finally moving on?

I know he wont be going to school with Lan, but maybe he could make some friends?

Maybe i could give him a few more minutes? He many need that rest...

She weighed it in her head.

No, he needs to get up. Let's get him up Hope.

Hope Stelar gently awoke her son from sleep.

He opened one eye.


"Good morning sleepyhead." She gave her son a kiss on the forehead.

"Its time to get up Geo. Come downstairs, I made pancakes."

He walked up to the school steps of his new school.

"Echo Ridge Elementary."

Walking through the hallway he looked at his schedule.

"Mrs. Mari."

He looked up, and saw a looked at lot of unfamiliar faces, meeting and greeting each other, but no one talking to him.

Good. He didn't come to talk to them anyway.

He was only here because he had to.

Eventually, he found Mrs Mari's class. She wasn't there, but the door was open. So he just walked in, dropped his bag and sat down.

Everything was going to be new, his didn't want the change, and he still didn't feel completely ready for it.

He didn't really want to be here. But it was for the better, he knew that in his heart of hearts.

"Lan Hikari? What are YOU doing here?"

Geo Stelar was in the door. Completely shocked and confused, mouth open.

Lan turned around in his seat and gave Geo a sly smile.

"Geo! Its great to see you. I didn't expect for you to be here! Welcome to Echo Ridge Elementary. I guess we will be graduating together!"

Geo felt someone hug him from behind.

"Hey there Geo."

Then he felt someone else put their arms around him.

"Fancy meeting you here Geo."

Now Geo REALLY couldn't believe his eyes.

"Maylu, and Roll?"

"Don't forget about me." Rock Hikari stepped into the room as the group sat on the desks.

Geo needed a moment to gather his words.

"What are all of you guys doing here?"

Lan stood up.

"You said you were coming here right? We all decided to come join you. Just like old times."

"But I told you guys in like, late July!"

"I called in a favor or two. We all decided to come and help."

Maylu stepped in. "Geo, were your friends. Friends support each other. This war you fight... you wont fight it alone."

Lan gave Geo a hug."I'll always be there for you man."

Tears start running down Geo's face.

They did all of this, on a DIME... just for me.

"Thanks, I love you guys."

"Oh come on now, hugs for everyone." Rock joined in the group hug, so did Roll and Maylu.

The bell rang as more people poured into the classroom.

"Well, lets get this over with." Lan sat down.

And after 15 seconds...

"Aaaaaaaah. I don wanna be in schoooooooool!"

She would never see it coming.

She was going to get her sooooooo good.

After spending 6 hours looking at the city map, and camera footage from ser she had devised the perfect trap to catch that wretch Roll Caskett.

She'll be walking past here any second now, and Tron Bonne was in the bushes, with about a gazillion water balloons at the ready.

Roll Caskett was going to show up to her new school on the very first day soaking wet! How EMBARRASSING!

"While I show up to the first day looking FABULOUS!" She smirked and giggled.

She could see it now.

That stupid Caskett would walk by, totally oblivious to the trap set for her.

And then a million tons of water would come crashing down on her, soaking her down to her undies.

And to top it off, that scream.

That ever-so-satisfying scream of agony and terror



She could wait all day, and it would be totally worth it.

She anticipated her prey coming. And with servebots put in place, no way would she miss this.

And she waited.

And waited.


"OH MY GOD WHAT IS TAKING HER SO LONG?" Tron was irked. She was started to sweat from the humidity.

She checked her watch, it was 11:30.

"Servebots!" She hissed on her communicator, "You said Caskett left the mansion on foot right?"

"Yes Ms. Tron She was seen walking southwest toward Echo Ridge."

"WHAT? WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?" Tron was absolutely incensed. She had waited for Caskett for 5 hours!

"Were-were-were sorry Ms. Tron!" But Tron's mind was already lost thinking.

"Why on Earth would she go to Echo Ridge?"

Ever since Tron found out Roll had switched to ACDC Elementary in early August, Tron was determined to give Roll the "welcome party" she deserved.

Why on Earth would she leave her mansion, but no go to school?

Maybe she was just skipping school...

Another thought creeped into Tron's mind.

Did she know that I had a trap set for her? But there is no way? How would she know? I only told the servbots. TEISEL doesn't even know...

Tron thought about here servbots. She had built 40 of them, yet there were 41. Did Roll build the 41st one to spy on Tron?

"Ms. Tron! Ms. Tron! Roll Caskett is registered to Echo Ridge Elemetary. Not ACDC Elementary!"

"Ms. Tron! Ms. Tron!... Ms. Tron?"

There was no response from Tron Bonne.

Her mind stopped, lost in shock.

"But... But... I.. I-planned, and-and I waited..."

Dejected, Tron fell back, hitting a pulley that held the water balloons up.


Tron turned around.

"Wait, what was thaaAAAAAAAAHH!"

Tron had no way of blobking or dodging the endless water balloons that were falling right on top of her.


She stood there, soaking wet, not saying a word, completely in shock.

"M-M-Miss Tron,

can I get you a towel?"

"The only thing I need to get,






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