Mega Man Power Force

Arms Races

"Wow, thanks Rush!" Roll gave her dog a good scratching behind the ears as the group found themselves in Lan's neighborhood.

"I can see the house from here guys, I bet Mom and Dad and Gramps are waiting for us!" As Rush ran towards the house, Lan did his best to keep up. He rounded the side wall, bounced up the steps...

only to find that Rush was not there.

"Wait, what? Rush, where did you go?"

"WOOF WOOF!"Rush was standing across the street, turning to another direction.

"You can come in Rush, you were supposed to bring us home, right?"

"I don't think so Lan." Maylu and the rest caught up. "Look, no lights are on."

"If your not taking us home Rush, where are you taking us?"

"We'll know when we get there." Rock walked up to Rush. "Lead the way boy!"

Headlights started to shine in the distance, getting closer.

"C'mon!" Rock was already running down the street. "We can't get caught in the crowd!"

"So this is where you were taking us boy."

Rush nodded, and sat down as Rock was looking behind him to see where the others were.

They weren't too far behind, but boy, he could tell that THEY WERE EXHAUSTED.

Well, its been a rough day for everyone.

As they approached, Lan recognized the grey gates.

"Light...huff...Labs." He took a moment to catch his breath.

"Is this where everyone's at boy?"

"Yip Yip!"

"So this is entrance to Light Labs." Roll Casket had heard of the place that Lan's grandfather established, but she had never seen it.

Geo was slightly irritated. "Why on Earth did they bring us here? We should be leaving the city!"

Maylu elbowed Geo in his side. "Hold your horses. I'm sure we'll know everything once we get inside."

Getting inside wasn't too hard with Lan's security key.

As they entered the building, they were greeted by Lan's mother.

"OH MY GOD LAN! ROCK! Your're both okay!" Tears pouring out of here eyes , she almost squeezed and kissed the life out of them.

"Mooooom!... Not in front of my friends!" He wrenched here away, blushing! He tried to regain his composure.

"A-A-Anyways, why did you bring us here?"


Dr. Hikari busted into the main room, grabbed his wife by the hand, and took her into a side lab, and slammed the door.

Lan stood there for a moment, shocked.

He had never, NEEEEEEEEEEEEVEEERR, seen his father act that way, especially in front of him.

Something just had to be, very, very, VERY WRONG, for his father to snap like that.

He just HAD to know what.

He put his ear against the door, wondering what was going on.

"Do you know what the hell he wants to do to Rock..."

Melborne, FL


He sat at home, looking at the clock slowly die down to 0.


Not too long ago, he would have been on the front lines, readying himself against this new enemy.

But now,

now he was an old geezer.

Watching on the outside looking in with the rest of the world as the first battle in a new war was about to begin.

Only being able to analyze the situation.

3 hours.

This Wily guy, he must've had balls the size the dumpsters.

Crippling a city.

(Supposedly) Showing his face for the world to see.

Giving 3 hours to evacuate a city and have the US military assemble its might.

A gamble that huge, was either incredibly great or incredibly stupid.

Depending on if it worked.

The phone sat at his side. He didn't expect a call, but he knew he shouldn't expect to not get one.

He was last generation, not as good as he used to be.

But desperate times, do call for desperate measures...

Just how powerful was this Wily? With those Robot Masters, what else could Wily possibly have? What other tricks? What did the US military not see on the screen that would would see on the battlefield.

If Wily pulled it off, if his band of monsters defeated the US MILITARY on the battlefield, in an American city...

the shock waves throughout the world would be catastrophic.

He could already imagine groups and individuals examining the video, drawing up blueprints for their own freaks...


He tensed, putting all thought back to the phone that was ringing beside him.


Slowly, he picked up it off the phone stand.

He could feel his stomach churn, his breathing becoming uneven. But he answered the call of duty.


A familiar voice.

"Its been a while Drew."

"It sure has Sigma."

"It sure has."

"So I guess your scraping the bottom of the barrel, especially if you call me."

"Don't sell yourself old friend. The work you did in Repliforce was truly amazing. Listen..."

"No you listen." Drew growled. "The last words that I told you were 'I'm leaving and I ain't ever coming back.' Now, after all this time, you just expect me to pop tall and get a gun and start shooting?"

"No, that's not it at all Drew. We just want to talk to you. Get your opinion. Fighting against the unknown was your specialty. OUR specialty."

"I'm retired. This isn't 1994 anymore. This is 2014."

"At least let me fly you out to Montana to talk."

"We can talk on the phone."

"Dammnit Drew, okay then. What do you think of Wily and his 'Robot Masters?'"

Drew took a moment to think about every angle of the situation. This was quite an unusual situation, but it could be taken care of...

"I think that..."

A chill went down Drew's spine.


Drew, actually felt shock.

The last time felt this.

These new suits can turn one man into an entire army. It can protect from bullets, fire, chemical gas, explosions. These suits are almost invincible with the right user.

"I think I need to get to Montana as soon as possible."

Part of him wanted to believe that there was nothing to worry about.

That Wily was too arrogant for his own good.

That whatever Wily threw at them, the US military could throw 10 times back.

The rest of him knew the truth.

That Wily was more powerful than anything in the world.

That a lot of soldiers tonight were going to lose their lives fighting for this country.

"Great, I'll get a plane-"

"I'll take one myself Sigma. See you soon."

He hung up the phone.

He didn't have anything that he really wanted to pack, just getting clothes.

He checked the mirror.

Dear lord, he needed a shave.

"Ah shit, I look like a huge version of Daniel Bryan."

A few minutes later, the rat's nest on his face was gone.

He took a step back to examine himself.

The years had not been good to Drew Hendrickson.

But to be fair, neither has Drew Hendrickson.

His eyes were yellow, his teeth stained.

His skin was starting to wrinkle.

His once-muscular build had given away to a pot belly.

The first gray hairs had started to appear.

"Well this is going to be embarrassing."

"Wait, how much time is..."


He headed for the for door.

"Screw it. I gotta get out of here..."

"Please Big Brother, don't go..."

Drew froze.

That voice.

Her voice.

He turned around, looking for her.


Is-Is-Is that you?"

He came to see a picture on the kitchen table.

She was smiling, sitting on a bench in a warm summer's eve.

Drew hesitated, and then dropped his suitcase.

That picture reminded him of better days. He was happy, preparing to ask the woman he loved to marry him. Making plans for retirement. Getting the wars past him, the lives lost, the pain.

And now he was just an old man.

An old man in a small house.

Alone. Forgotten to the world that hardly ever knew he existed.

He had lost everything. Everything he had ever worked for had come crashing down in one day.

How much more?

How much more did he have to give to the fight? Before he could finally, truly rest?

It wasn't his fight. It was the next generations turn to fight for their country. Let the old people sit back and rest.

But he was special. He wasn't like the rest of the old people. His country needed him, just one last time...

"I'm sorry Iris, but I have to go. The world needs me. And if I die, i die. Goodbye sister. I promise I'll come home."

He picked up his bags, and walked out the door.

It wasn't until he started the engine of his car that he realized just how much he sounded like the man he hated more than anybody else.

The one that destroyed everything he loved.

How much he sounded...




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