Mega Man Power Force

Tick Tock

He wasn't ready.

25 years to prepare, and he still wasn't ready.

Ever since Albert Wily left Thomas Light for dead on the losing end of a fight in 1990, Dr. Light had been thinking of how to stop Wily if he had ever risen again.

Now Wily was on the verge on unleashing 25 years worth of pure hell, and Thomas couldn't do a thing about it.

Dear God help us all.

"OH MY GOD LAN! ROCK! Your're both okay!"

Thomas looked up to the cameras.

Rock was here.


Maybe there was still time.

He rushed to the elevator.

Meanwhile, Lan could here his parents fighting.


He was trembling; his parents never really fought, especially like this.

And what exactly was grandpa hiding?

"Children, you're here!" Thomas Light came rushing down the hall.

"Grandpa, what's going o-"

Thomas grabbed Lan and Rock.

"I'll explain everything downstairs. Let's go, double time!"

Roll Caskett was annoyed.

"And what about the rest of us? What are we, chopped liver?"

"Not to worry Ms. Caskett! I'll contact all of your guardians later. Now then, off!"

Roll watched as Lan, Rock, and Thomas disappeared behind the elevator... secret side door?

Okay, now Roll just had to get in there. She wasn't going to sit back and be simply brushed aside.

And something was up with Thomas Light.

Roll went toward the door, but it had moved back to the normal side wall.

That works, only if you didn't know where to look.

3 knocks later, and the elevator was right in front to of her.


Well shit.

"Damn it! There's a password! No way to know what it is!"

She pounded on the door. "Someone tell me something! Don't leave me hanging here!"

"Delta-Titan 2204 Triple Giga 3"


The door opened.

Roll turned in surprise.

Roll Hikari was holding Rush's head. Rush was moaning in worry.

"I wanna go down too. I don't trust Granddad right now."

They had reached inside the lab, walking in briskly without a word.

Then they reached door.


Mega Man? Lan thought.

More secrets.

More surprises.

Enough is enough.

Lan stopped in his tracks. "Grandpa, just what is going on?"

"Not now Lan! I promise you, I'll explain everything later. We have to-"

Thomas stopped, and turned around


Rock was holding Lan's wrist, a scowl on his face.

"Dr. Light, we are not moving a single step more forward until you tell us what is going on NOW!"

A long silence followed.


He calmed down. He knew he was wrong, hiding this from his family and demanding so much.

"Alright then. That man who you is saw is Albert W. Wily. A former colleague and of mine. We were both among the top scientist in the 20th century, pushing the field of robotics by light-years together. However,"

He paused, looking at the the ground. His voice started to have a twinge of sadness. "However, life wasn't as good to him as it was to me. I had more accomplishments, more awards. My family... he couldn't take it. We started to grow apart."

"Everything came to a head in 1990. I had build 6 machines, called Robot Master, designed to perform specific everyday duties. These machines would anchor humankind as the went into the next millennium."

"Or so I thought."

"Shortly after the unveiling of my robots, Wily attacked me one night in my lab. He almost beat me to death with his ninjutsu skills. He took my Robot Master and disappeared into the night. He hasn't been heard of since."

"Now Wily returns in a bid to conquer the world. The armies and governments of the world will be unable to stop him. Only one thing can."

Thomas paused, and looked at the door.

"The Mega Man Initiative was design to turn a Biometallic organism and create a warrior of unimaginable potential. "Mega Man" would be the only thing that would save the world from destruction."

He turned back to Rock.

"Rock, I know what I ask of you is of great danger and risk, but.."

"Will you become Mega Man?"

Rock paused for a moment.

Did Dr. Light just seriously ask that question?


that was beyond insane.

That's suicide.

Aw heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell naw.

Dr. Light wanted him to become a little super soldier to fight an entire army? Without any kind of preparation whatsoever? That's ridiculous.

He was trying to find a way to say no.

Dr. Light, with all do respect, there is no way I can do this...

He didn't want to do it.


Why was it so hard to say no?

He look at Dr. Light's face.

It was completely frozen, waiting for a response.

He looked over at Lan too.

Lan held his breadth, speechless.


But he knew he had to.

He had to say yes.

If he didn't, Wily was going to take over the world. Destroy everything and everyone.

There is no way i can stop an army by myself.



I have to try.

To save the people I care about.


"Okay Dr. Light. Make me Mega Man!"

There was more silence, for everyone in the room needed a moment to register what Rock just said. What he agreed to do.

With a wave of his hand, Thomas light motioned Rock toward the door. Then he paused.

"Wait, is Rush still upstairs with Roll and the others? It would be better if he was here."

"ARF! ARF! ARF!" Rush magically came out of the shadows. He ran past Lan and sat at Thoma's feet.

Everyone turned around in surprise. "Whose there?" Thomas cried out.

"Its just me Dr. Light." Roll stepped into view. "I came down with Rush just in case you needed either of us."

"Have-Have you been there the whole time?"

"Yes Doctor." She walked over and gave Rock a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Good Luck Rock! Please be careful."

"Well then. Let us move!"

Dr. Light, Rock, and Rush walked past the door, closing it shut.

Leaving Lan in wonder.

When he would see his brother, he would no longer be Rock Hikari.

He would be Mega Man, a super soldier.

Going to battle against the forces of evil.

Off to save the day.


"Wow Lan." Maylu stepped into view, followed by Roll and Geo.

"I didn't realize you had such an... interesting family."

"Maylu, you can kill me later for this..." Lan said, backing up.

Roll Caskett spoke up. "I think it's pretty cool that you have a robotic brother Lan." She looked at Geo, wanting him to back her up.

But he was busy looking at the monitor.

"I know one thing, that transformation better not take more than a hour and a half. "


As the last of DenTech's cities residents were pouring of of the city, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Bob Copper gazed the empty streets. Soon this silent place would be the battleground of a new kind of war the world has never seen before.

And he would be right here in the middle of the action. Always in a battle. Where in a foreign country in a special ops mission, or in a city chasing small time criminals. Bob Copper was always there to fight.

Perhaps for the last time.

A hand rested on his shoulder.

"Not this time partner."

Copper knew who was there, he didn't bother turning around. "What are you still doing here Masa? Are you going to go put on your costume again and play Commander Beef?"

"Well I was on my way the hell out of here, but I couldn't help but notice you standing here, full gear, with an Full Automatic Rifle in your hand. Now Bobby, tell me you really don't plan on being out here when the gunfire starts."

"Its my job Masa."

"Not anymore it ain't."

"I am the police chief of this city."

"This has become a military operation."

Copper turned around.

"Your a civilian now, Masa Your not exactly in a position to stop me."

"I, on the other hand, have the exact orders to do so."

Bob and Masa turned to the approaching figure.

"Just who the hell are you?" Bob said.

He wasn't intimidated by this new kid. This old war dog was going to stand his ground.

He flashed his badge. "Name's Eos.

Ace C. Eos. I have orders from General Sigma of Repliforce to escort you both of of the city. So I'll be taking that weapon now, Mr. Copper."

Oh no he won't. Copper thought. Its going to take more than a few papers from General Sigma to...


what was that?

General Sigma.



It took him a moment to register that thought. It took Masa a moment too.

The two men before Ace dropped their jaws, then looked at each other.

"GENERAL Sigma?"

"You mean Sigma's still there? After all these years?"

"When the hell did Mark become the General?"

"Well, after the Nightmare Incident, he could have stayed behind and saw things over..."

"Yeah Yeah, talk about it on the way past the city limits." Ace said as he herded the men away.

"General Sigma. Wow. We used to be soldiers of the same unit. Now he's a general, and I'm just a fishman."

"I tell ya Masa. Time flies, my friend."

"Time flies."

Several thousand infantrymen on alert.

about a dozen Tanks coupled with a dozen smaller armored vehicles.

Several military planes only seconds away.

What ever that Wily bastard had, Ace C. Eos was sure he had better.

This was America, the strongest country in the world. No way some remote old hermit could defeat them.

He watched the clock as soldiers established barricades around the city, put up sentries in buildings.

An hour remaining.

It was a race against time.

In Light Labs laboratory, everyone was watching as clock was dying down to 0.

After Yuichiro Hikari had spent several minutes pounding on the door yelling his lungs out, he had been content to just sit and wait for the rest of them.

As the clock died down, more gazes and quick looks were aimed at the door.

No response.

Not one sound.

Were they gonna make it?

Would Mega Man be able to save the soldiers from the powerful Robot Masters?

Yuichiro Hikari thought it over and over again. The process would too long.

They really aren't gonna make it. They're gonna be late by... give or take 30 minutes?

Come on Thomas, come on.

He looked at the clock.







Oh no.

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