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What if Howard stark came to the future


Howard stark comes to the future

Adventure / Action
Asad Chaudhry
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2020 the introduction

It been a couple of months since tony stark death after the death of thanos. As a young Morgan heir to starks industries after pepper potts. As Peter parkers goes to tony home to mourn tony and visit pepper and Morgan. Peter decide to use the quartant realms and create a time machine to 1990 to bring tony parents to 2020 To meet them bruce is skeptical and no captain america. Bruce banner does build a time machine with Peter help. On the other side with thanos gone thor is living peacefully with rocket. As romanoff dead. Hawkie lives with family remembering nantasta romanoff. With falcon being the new captain america who stay with bucky. As Scott lang and hope pym become together and live with Scott daughter. With hank pym and his wife live in there house enjoying peace. Realising that Tony stark Howard stark son saved the earth. So has banner makes the time machine Peter is at school with mj and ned as they saved the world from mysterio. As black panther conquer wankanda making it better than before. Also black panther is still alive and Tony stark does have twin sons who are 6 months old being born just after tony stark death and Tony didn't know about the babies as he died.

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