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My lovely rose(shadamy)


After sonic broke Amy's heart shadow comes along and help Amy through the tuff time threw this heartbreak as they slowly start falling for echother Sonic gets more and more jelouse and the more and more Sally hates Amy how will this love survive

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Mr. Heartbreaker

Amy p.o.v

I'm so happy today is mine and Sonic's one year anniversary we've started dating the day he saved me from infinite I still can't believe he's alive but we'll take care of that I can't tell why but Sally has giving me terrible looks rouge says she might be jelouse because I'm dating sonic I feel like it's something else oh well I can't wait to see sonic tonight I'm wearing my favorite light blue dress and made Sonic's favorite as I walk to green hills zone I can't believe what I see Sonic kissing Sally I knew there was something up there's no way Sally would have been jelouse she knew one day I know sonic was faking to like me she knew it was going to hurt me without saying anything I drop the basket of chilly dogs and ran off into the forest crying it started I trip on a rock hurting myself and ruining my dress I sat there on my knees crying I can't believe sonic did this to me he's meant to be a hero more like a heartbreaker I hate him I hate Sally I hate both of them

Shadow p.o.v

I was taking a walk threw the woods bored I had nothing else to do I hear crying I walk tordes the crying and see Amy there she was wearing that same light blue dress she wore when her and sonic went on there first date but why is she here and why is she crying what happened I walk up to her and hug her "amy what is wrong" I said as she hugged me and explain what sonic did that faker is such a mistake " am I not good enough shadow am I too clingy too annyoing" she said sobing and crying hugging me I calm down her down both of us socking wet do to the rain "come on Rose let's get you to my place so you can dry off" I said helping her up while holding her hand.

Amy's p.o.v

I grabbed shadows hand as he helped me he pulled me close and put his hand on my hip I would say he's a pervert or for him to get his hands off of my hip but I'm too upset and tired to care plus it felt little kind of nice "CAOSE BLAST" shadow shot then we were in his house he went upstairs to grab towels for me and him he came back downstairs with dark red towel warped around his lower regins and he wrapped a soft light red towel around me we talked for a while he even gave me some tea by the looks of it the rain isn't stopping anytime soon "you can stay the night if you want rose but if you want to leave please at least take a umbrella you don't have to give it back just please do" shadow said braking the akward sighlent I Blush a little and smile "thank you shadow I'll take that offer" I said shadow showed me to my room he left then came back with dryed pajama clothes "good night rose" he said as he was getting ready to leave as he stand by the door "good night shadow and thank you" I said he smiled and then shut the door I put on the fresh pajamas shadow gave me and put my ruined dress on the towel that was on the dresser to dry after done I went to bed wanting to forget what happened.
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