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The Road Trip


Four friends find themselves tangled in the webs of romance and lies, Will their friendship survive this roadtrip?

Drama / Romance
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Day one

“Roman hurry the fuck up!” Yelled Virgil while banging zeir fists on the door. Roman Like usual was hogging the bathroom, and like usual- Virgil REALLY had to go. Patton and logan were in the kitchen, Patton making sure breakfast was on the table before they had to leave and Logan making sure they had packed everything they needed

“Now Virgil, Be Nicer to Ro, you know he needs a bit more time to get ready.” Patton, well Payton said in her motherly tone. “But D-” Virgil stopped mid-sentence taking in Payton’s outfit. Fuck she looked absolutly gourgeous, Wait- did ze just think that? What was wrong with zem?

“But what Virgil?” Payton said, an edge to her voice.

“Nothing mum” mumbled Virgil, clearly embarrassed. Logan had just finished checking everything off his list and sat down to eat breakfast with Virgil and Payton

“Roman should hurry up though. We need to depart to the airport soon and it would be a shame if we had to leave him” He said while taking a bite of his toast. Still managing to sound completely articulate, just in that moment roman stepped out of the bathroom in all his glory, quickly stealing Logan’s second pice of of toast,

“Well your prince has arrived!” He said. “I do believe we can go off to adventure now!” That little stunt only earned him a smack on the head from logan and no breakfast except the lonely piece of bacon that wicked virgil had left him. It was burned.

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