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Destroyed season 1


A dark story of a girl named khushi who madly in love with Nk but his own elder brother raped her one dreadful night. How she will get justice? Will her lover support her and go against his brother?

Thriller / Romance
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''Nk you don't love me anymore''!!

What? what i did dear? (Resting his head on her lap)

You told me that you will talk to your parents about our marriage?

Yah of course baby, but give me some time.. i will definitely talk to them.

''You liar'' she get up.Don't talk with me untill you won't talk to your parents.

Baby try to understand, my parents..they will never understand!! Please listen. She started walking away. Okay stop!!
She turn around and look at him in angered filled eyes.


Main tumhe apne bhai se milvata hu agar unhe tum pasand aa gayi toh vo mummy papa ko mana lenge. (I will make you meet to my brother, if he will like you then he will make my parents agree.) Trust me jaan!

NK now i can't stay away with you please lets get married soon. I love you a lot!

''I love you too khushi''. With that he kissed her on his cheeks and both hug each other.

Nk: Bhai this is khushi my girlfriend!!

Khushi: Ji namaste!!

He gave her lustful look by by seeing her head to toe. She feel uncomfortable by her staring.

''NK.. your choice is mind blowing..i like her'' he spoke still glaring at her.

''Ji'' khushi spoke.

I mean i like your jodi. Nk i must say you have find perfect match for you.

''Hi! i am arnav singh raizada'' he extended his hand.

''Khushi..what are you waiting for.. shake your hand''. Nk spoke.

She extended with trembled hand and he hold her hand tightly and feeling her soft hand.

''Bhai i will be back till then you talk to my jaan.''. He wink at him.

''Nk where are going?

''Baby just 5 minutes..one important call.''

He make the nearby pot fall intentionally near her leg. When she remove her hand. her leg slip. He hold her shoulder and started caressing her hand till her shoulder. She feels very uncomfortable.

''Yeh ap kya kar rahe hain''?. (What are you doing?)

''You are falling so i catch you.''

''Ji hum theek hain,shukriya''.(I am fine, thanks) He smirked.
''I will have you one day in my bed''


''Khushi what happen..ye tumhari halat kisne ki?''(Who did this with you). He spoke painfully. She came in front of him in just a sheet with marks all over her face and arms.

''Nk that monster''...she hug him tightly and started crying loudly.

''He raped me''!

Rape...who? He boil in anger.

''Your brother!!''

To be continued!

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