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Destroyed season 1

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: lost love

Khushiii khushiii... open the door gudiya...please just for me. I am scared, dhruv bang the door. Suddenly he listen some voices of cracking from inside and get scared. Garima and shashi also come there by listening the voice.

Garima(Shedding tears): Hey devimaiya kahi who khudko kuch kar na le...hame bahat dar lag raha hain..jo kuch uske saath hua uske baad..'' (Hope he won't hurt her..i am very scared..whatever happen with her after that she become completely shattered)

Shashi: Please don't cry..our khushi is very strong girl. We all are here na for us.

Dhruv: I wont spare that b**** who made my gudiya life miserable. Suddenly door open and khushi come outside with pale face. Khushi what happen why are...(Cut by khushi )

Khushi: Bhaiya...he don't trust me..i am completely destroyed. Fresh tears rolled from her eyes and started crying in his arms.

Dhruv: Tu chinta mat kar main hu na..main nk se baat karunga! (You don't take stress...I am there na.. I will talk to him)

Khushi: No..he will not understand..he is completely blinded with his brother love. He is thinking I molest his brother..how can he think so low about me. He consider me a cheat and liar.

Shashi: Beta we all are here na..we talk to him don't worry. But firstly we have to file case against him.

Garima: But you really think is it so easy?

Shashi: What do you mean?

Garima: I mean they are very powerful..i don't want to loose my daughter what if he try to hurt her. No police officer will be ready to help us. Don't you know what happen today?

Dhruv and khushi come to police station to file a case against arnav singh raizada.Some nail marks are visible on her face and she is standing like a statue. Everything is changed in just a day.
Dhruv: Please help me..i want justice! Meri behan ke saath bahat galat hua hain!

Police: 'What happen to your sister tell me everything clearly!''

Dhruv(Holding her hand ): She has being raped, tears rolled from her eyes. 'don't cry everything will be okay'' he console her.

Police: Who is the culprit?

Dhruv: Business tycoon, arnav singh raizada! Khushi is still numb and sobbing silently.

Police: He started laughing.What are you out of your mind? Khsuhi look at then with a rage in her eyes.
Dhruv: ''bahat hasi aa rahi hain..jab aisa hi tumhari behan ke saath hoga tab pata chalega'' (You are laughing..when all this happen with your own sister when you will understand!) That monster destroy her and u all are laughing...just look at her condition how dreadfully he crushed her in his own feet and raped her brutally. He shouted in anger.

Policeman: Aawaz neeche(make your tone down) this is police station not your drama house. I know him very well..he won't do anything like this. He is the most humble human being and respect women a lot. She gave him weak smile. ''Respect'' she spoke.
He continued,''Unke saath aisa karna kya vo aisa soch bhi nahi sakhte''!(He will never do a cheap thing with any girl not even in his dream!) and for your kind information he has done lot to my family. Not even me for many so before pointing finger against him do confirm about your sister background may be she try to seduce him... His blood boiled by listening it.

Dhruv(Holding his collar): How dare you say like this about my gudiya character..i kill you. All police officer came and try to free him from the clutches of dhruv but he is not letting him go.

Khushi: Bhaiya stop it...there is no use to stay here for long..they will never understand. I am sure that monster have gave them huge amount that's why they are not ready to file the case against him. Bhaiya please leave him please!

Dhruv: No way..how dare he abuse you..i won't spare him. He started beating him in the entire police station. Other mens beating him so that he leave him but he is not leaving him so easily.

Khushi: ''Bhaiya apko meri kasam..please leave him for me please''!! She spoke while crying. Her tears is the only weakness of him, he can't see tears in her eyes. He leave him.

Policemen: Teri himmat kaise hui mere hi police station mein ake mujhpar haath uthane ki..band kar do isse jail ke andar aut aisa haal karo ki dubara kisi policewale pe haath uthane ki soche bhi na. (How dare u hit me in my own police station...put him inside the bar) They push him behind the bar and started beating him like hell. She cried more and more.

Khushi: (Holding her both hands)Please leave him...I promise he will never do like this please. She pleaded. All are laughing loudly, no one is there to help her. Nk please come back I need you, she murmured.

Policeman: Okay I will leave him but in one condition.

Khushi: What?

Policeman: You will not even think to file a case against him. She is feeling helpless she wanted to punish him at any cost but not wanted to loose her brother.

Khushi: Ji hum vada karte hain hum kuch nahi karenge chup rahenge. (I promise I will keep quiet and will do do anything)

Policeman: That's good you are smarter than your brother. Control his anger if he will be like this then I will not think before to kill him in encounter.

Khushi: Please leave my brother don't do anything to him. He smirk and leave him. ''Bhaiya lets go''.

Dhruv: Gudiya..but complain?

Khushi: No bhai..i don't want to file any complaint.

Dhruv: No way! I won't leave this pace until he won't listen to us.
Khushi: Bhaiya please try to understand..i already lost many relations I don't want to lose you. Please chaliye yaha se hamara dum jhut raha hain yaha! (Bhaiya please lets go from here...I can't stay here in a mere second). If you really love your gudiya then you will listen to me.

Dhruv: Okay just for you I m ready to leave this place. Before leaving he turn toward them. Main jald hi vapas ayungi..apni behan ko main insaaf dilake rahunga chahe tum log kuch bhi kar lo. (I will come here soon..i will fight for my sister justice..do whatever you want.)

Khushi: Bhaiya whatever happen I don't take risk..please try an understand I don't want to fight.
Dhruv: Gudiya himmat se kaam lo..main hu naa..main sab sambhal lunga (Gudiya be strong..i am there na..i will handle everything) but firstly I want to meet NK.

Garima: Khushi is right..we don't want any more problem...forget about fighting against them. They are very strong. Whole raizada family are bad people. They only only how to play with others.

Khushi: No ma..nk is not like them..he is a nice human being. He loves me a lot.

Dhruv: Shut up gudiya..you still think he is a nice person. If he really love you then he won't all this with you ad would have trusted you but what he did he only trusted his brother and father words. She started wiping. Now stop crying..i promise you all will take revenge from a single single tears which he gave you.

Khushi: Bhaiya he is having a huge misunderstanding. I will by myself talk to him..you don't need to talk to him. Tomorrow I am going to office.
Dhruv: Office are you mad...whatever happen you still want to go there where he...

Khushi: Bhaiya please...mat yaad dilayee us rakshas ne hamare saath... she clutches her dupatta tightly and whole scenario came flashes in front of her eyes where she lost her dignity her everything in that dreadful night. I cried plead him to leave me but no one is there to listen my voice and he satisfy his desire and rape me again and again whole night. Tears was continuously flowing from her eyes.


The person of late 20's is slipping his wine and admiring the scatches by looking himself in the mirror shirtless the girl gave him. A devilish smile creep on his face. ''jungli billi''...yesterday night you pleasure me a lot..no other girl reject arnav singh raizada but you challenge me and see I finally snatched your virginity and own you. His thoughts are interrupted by a beep of the cell.
Policeman:"'sir work is done..they create huge scene in police station but I threaten the girl and she get so scared that she take his brother with him. Now they will never think to come here again.'' Arnav smile evily.
Arnav: Good job...you will get huge amount of your work. If they again come then you know na what you have to do.

Policeman: Yah..i know..you be relax.
Arnav: I an always relax..no one even have the guts to harm me and my reputation.

Policeman: Sir can I ask you one question?

Arnav: Ek kya das sawaal pucho aj main bahat ache mood mein hu! (Not one you can ask many question...today I am in a very good mood.)

Policeman(With hesitant voice):Did you really rape that girl I mean...he smile widely. Sir why are you laughing. The entire city know how great are raizadas..that girl is lieing na?

Arnav: No one dare to ask me any questions till now. Be in your limits, with that he hung up the call.

''Khushi..i have full sympathy with you but now you are no one to me..i won't sleep with girl more than one time. Poor nk, he believe my word and mistrust her love of life..it is so easy to fool you.

He close his eyes and remember the day when he meet her first time and he get totally attracted towards her body. By seeing one glimpse of her, a dark desire grow inside him. Her lips, her perfect curves...her soft palm who he always urge to touch and claim it as his... I still feel your touch inside me. I control himself for the sake of his Nk happiness but that day i lost all control himself when she...''

(Holding devimaiya murti) I am feeling so disgusted og myself..us rakshas ne meri izzad ko tar tar kar diya ap dekhti reh gayi..apne ye sab hone kaise diya kyu nahi hame bachaya...kyu??'' (That monster harshly crush my dignity my everything and you didn't protect me..why you didn't save me..why??) what I have a fault devimaiya that you punish me. Garima standing at the door feeling so heart broken by seeing her in this situation.

Ab hum Nk ke layak nahi rahe..hame nahi jeena..ham mar jana chahte hain (Now I don't deserve Nk, I don't want to live..i want to die) Garima instantly came inside by seeing her pleads.

Garima: 'Betiya himmat se kaam lo devimaiya sab thik kar denge...tumhare bhaiya hain na...vo jarur kuch na kuch karenge..use uske kiye ke saaja jarur milegi...tum bas devii maiya par bharosa rakho. (Bitiya, be brave..devimaiya will make everything okay...your borother will definitely do something to punish him for his deeds..you just have faith on devimaiya'')

Khushi: No amma now I don't have strength to fight..i already lost my love my everything now I don't want to loose my family. I know him, he can do anything to protect his reputation what if he try to harm you all..no I don't want any justice..noo... Amma please make bhaiya understand why don't want to listen..please amma please. She cried bitterly.

''Us haivan ne meri hasti khelti khushi ko kya se kya bana diya''! (That monster have made my cute, bubbly khushi like this''!) devimaiya please help my baby. Kash koi farishta aye aur sab thik karde. (Hope one well wisher will come and make everything well.)

Precap: Someone knock on the door.
''How dare you come here..i hate you..just get the hell out of here''

To be continued.

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