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Call me Daddy...


A one-shot between two male. Smut. It’s a fan fiction base on super junior member. Kim Yesung and Lee Eunhyuk. Light bdsm. If this isn’t your type of story please leave don’t give me shit about it.

Erotica / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 completed

(Yesung P.O.V)

I went up the building, it's still crazy that my friends think it's funny to get me to come here. “You'll like it” they say. “Boy pussy is better” they say.

I'm a business man. I don't have time to date let alone have time for women to trap me with a baby. I'm a man who knows what he wants.

So here I stand at the Sunset Lounge a place for carnal pleasure between men. I don't consider myself gay, but why not take advantage of the ass that's handed to you?

“Hello sir welcome to sunset lounge how may I assist you today?” the receptionist asked.

“Your Parlor room?”

“Right this way sir” she lead the way to an open parlor and sat me down at the VIP area.

The light dim as I waited for the host to start the auction.

Dumb ass Donghae said there's fresh ass up for auction to day, that fucker better not bust my balls .

“Gentleman can I have your attention!” finally it's starting.

I watch the stage. One by one he brought out acclaimed fresh meat but sadly none caught my attention. “What can I get for you sir?” I turn to look at my server, even in the dim light I could make out his feature, and boy was he a fine piece of ass.

“You can accompany me, what do you say?” I asked pulling lightly on his apron.

“Sorry sir, I'm not allowed to sit with customer and I definitely don't want to spoil your auction time. If you could just give the name of the drink you want I'll be on my way.” he's a little feisty one I can tell.

I tugged him surprising him, he fell on my lap. Holding him there I whispered, “Fuck this auction. What if I want you. How much are you welling to charge me?”

He scrambled off my lap, “Sir for the last time what would you like to drink?” I could tell he's getting pissed but it was cute. And I want to claim it.

“I want to drink you. How much?”

“Is there something wrong?” the floor manager came trying to see what was going on.

“Why aren't you serving drinks, Eunhyuk?” the manager turned his attention to the hot boy in front of me.

“I am sir, it's just a”—

“Misunderstanding, I was enjoying his company before you came along.” I told the floor manager.

“I'm sorry about that sir. But our server needs to go and serve others if he got your drink I'm afraid he need to move along to get that taken care off.” the floor manager said.

I got up irritated, “Are you trying to say I'm disrupting your service?”

“No not at all sir” he looked a little peach.

“Well you spoiled my fun, fuck your service.” I got up to leave but last minute I turn to the boy in question, pulling out my card I handed it to him, “When you ready for my offer, I'll be waiting for your call.”

(End of Yesung P.O.V)

(Eunhyuk P.O.V)

I started at the black business card, is this guy serious? I'm not here for these fucken pervs I'm here to serve and make the extra cash to help my appa medical bill. I had a mine to just throw it away I'll just do it after service or something. With that last thought I stuff the card in my pocket.

However after service I was called into the office by the owner.

“Did you need to speak with me?” I asked him noticing my floor manager in as well.

“Han here said you disrupted service today and made us lose a valuable customer. The man who left today is a multi-billionaire business man. For him to grace us with his present would have boosted our clientele rate. What did you do to make him leave?”

“Sir, I didn't do anything to make him leave, the floor manager”—

“I was doing my job to see to the customer's need when I noticed Eunhyuk here having a heated argument with Mr. Kim Yesung I was trying to handle the situations.” The fucken asshole! He's lying.

“Get your last check Mr. Lee. We won't be needed your service any longer.”

no point of arguing I know I wouldn't win especially not with the guy who's fucking the boss. Of course he'll listen to his bitch more than a normal employee like myself.

Accepting my fate I bow to my now ex employer and took my leave.

Just great. Now what am I going to do?

I took my last check and walked out of the place I've been working at for the last 3 months.

When I got home my appa greeted me, “Hey son, how was work?” he ended with a cough.

Appa has been coughing non stop, he just got out of hospital for pneumonia 2 days ago but his cough hasn't really subsided.

I went to him helping him onto the bed, “appa, please. You're not better yet I don't want you falling.”

“I'm fine don't worry so much.” he coughed again.

“Appa...please don't argue with me. Just let me take care of you.” I pleaded him.

“Aish...you are so stubborn. Anyways, enough about me. How was work.” he smiled weakly.

“I was fired.” I told him.

“What ? Why?” he started coughing harder after hearing that I rubbed his back trying to sooth his cough.

“It's fine appa. I'll fix it.”

Suddenly he started coughing more and more barely breathing in between.

“Appa, appa! Breath.

I started to panic, his cough got worse his body started to shake. Scared I pulled out my phone and called for help.

We rushed to the hospital after the EMT came. Panic and worry setting in. I don't know what to do.

They took him into the examine room while I waited for news.

Tears started coming down, unable to do anything to help my appa I felt worthless. I beg God not to take my appa, not yet I'm not ready to let him go yet.

An hour and a half went by before the doctor came to meet me.

“Doctor, how is he? How is my appa?”

“Your appa has Cystic Fibrosis, the coughing is due to the mucus that's clogging up his air passageway. It's causing obstruction to the pancreas. We have to keep him to monitor his health. However treatment can be pricey.”

“I got it. Whatever you need just please cure my appa.” I begged.

“Rest assure. We will do what we can.”

“Can I see him?” I asked.

“Yes of course.”

I went in to see my appa, it hurts to see him like this. Tears rolled down my cheeks, what am I going to do? I don't have a job anymore. $200.000 won a night. What am I going to do?

That was when I remember the man from earlier. He was willing to pay. But am I willing to sleep with him for this?

It wasn't a hard decision to make, this is my appa. I would do anything for him.

Pulling out the car I put his number in and pressed call before I change my mind.

“Hello?” a woman voice answered.

Did I dial the wrong number?

“Um, I trying to get a hold of Mr. Kim Yesung?”

“One moment please, I'll transfer your call.”

it rang once before it was answered, his voice rang through, “Hello? Kim Yesung who's this?”

calming my nerve I started, “It's me. From sunset lounge. You gave me your card.”

“I remember you. So you going to take my offer?” he asked straight to the point.

“I need to talk with you first about the payment issue.” I wanted to hit myself, how did I go from being a server to making prices deal to sleep with a man. Appa please forgive me, but I need to do this. You have to live and continue to be with me.

“Name your place.” he said.

“I prefer you name the place and I'll meet you there.” I told him.

“Alright, let's meet at the coffee shop in Itaewon district. The place is called La Cafe. I'm sure it's not too hard to find.”

“Perfect, I know where it is. See you in a few.” I told him

(End of Eunhyuk P.O.V)

(Yesung P.O.V)

Sitting across from me was the boy I found intriguingly hot. The dim light from the parlor didn't do him justice. This boy deserve to be in the light. He was near perfection. His gorgeous brown eyes and his high nose and his cute lips. Cute kissable lips. I was ready to get started. But of course I'm here to hear his conditions.

“So, what's your price?” I started when I realized he wasn't going to say anything. The boy was nervous as hell. He kept evading my eyes.

“My price is high...”

“Doesn't matter how high. Name it.” I'm just ready to get over this conditions so I can fuck him.

“It'll be 10 million won. Will you do it.” I was wondering what he wanted to do with the money but it wasn't my business.

“Is that it?” I asked.

He looked confused, “Is that it? That's not a little.”

“That is nothing to me. What I'm asking you is that your price for a night?” I asked him.


“That's settles than. However I have some conditions of my own. And it's my turn to ask if you would it.” I looked at him watching his reaction to that.

“What do you want? What is your conditions?” He looked worried but he put on a brave face.

“Starting now, you call me daddy. You will address me as daddy and nothing else.” I pushed the key card to my suite toward him, “This is my key card. The address is on the card. Meet me there tonight at 8. wear nothing. Beside a long coat to cover that sexy body of yours. But that's it. You are to be naked only thing I should see on you is a long coat and shoes.” I paused watching his face.

“What else” he looked ready to pass out but still act like he was alright.

This money must really mean something to him.

“I'm a man who likes a little rough play.” I put a bag in front of him he openly stared but didn't look inside. Sighing I continued, “In the bag you will find a leash, a butt plug and two nipple clamps. You will wear these tonight when you come see me.”

“I don't know how to use...um the butt plug.” he said that part a little low.

I wanted to laugh, but I need to show him who's boss, “Tough luck. That's my conditions. I suggest you learn how to use it before coming to me. I will pay you after tonight session.”

“Wait! Uhm...can I get the payment in advance?” he asked

I arched my eyebrows, what is his game plan?

“Please...I need the money today. If possible now. I promise I will do what ever you want to do. No question ask. You won't be disappointed. But please I need the money now.” He looked so troubled, in most case scenario I would have stopped all communication and leave. But something about him wouldn't let me do that.

“Alright, what's your bank routing number. You will see it straight way once this meeting is concluded.”

“Thank you, thank you so much.” he gave me his information and sent the money.

Once he saw the amount in his account he thank me some more.

We got up to leave, “Don't forget the bag.” I told him.

He grabbed it hugging into him and ran out the coffee shop.

Motioning for one of my guys I told him to follow the boy and see where this money is going.

I couldn't wait to claim that ass. Almost wishing 8pm come sooner.

(End of Yesung P.O.V)

(Eunhyuk P.O.V)

After paying for the medical cost, I went to visit appa. I'm so happy he's looking better, but he still look weak, “Hey appa. How are you feeling?” I smiled.

“I'm bored here, I want to go home.” he sighed.

“Well that's not happening until you're better.” I laughed.

“Oh Hyuk, what money do you have to pay for the medical cost? You just lost the job. Lets just go home son. We'll deal with this together.” Appa look so defeated.

Fighting back the tears, I patted his hand. “Everything is going to be fine. I got a job and pay well. My new boss even gave me money in advance. He's so nice appa. We'll get you better. I promise.”

“Okay son. Make sure not to upset him okay? You can do it son. He must be a nice man to give you such a reward of advance pay. Many employer won't do that.”

“Don't worry appa. I got it. Well I have to leave now. I got to get ready. My job starts tonight.” I said hugging my appa tightly.

He hugged me back, “Alright son. Work hard I'll see you tomorrow.”

“Yes appa.”

Looking at my appa one last time I closed the door behind me.

I looked at the time, 7pm. I need to get this butt plug thing situated.

Going home I looked for the longest coat I could find before sitting in front of the computer to learn about the device in the stupid bag.

I went on porn hub and looked up butt plug.

Watching a few videos I got the notice that it's supposed to go up my ass. Cringing I mentally prepared myself for this torture.

Stripping down I tried to push the darn thing inside. “Ow!” okay no that is not going to work.

Watching the video once more I realized one key ingredients. I need lube.

I went searching in my drawer for the lube I bought when I lost my virginity with my ex girlfriend. After she dumped me the lube has been in the back of the drawer.

I made sure it wasn't expired I took it with me and sat down again in front of my computer.

Following the video as closely as I can, I put lube on the butt plug making sure I coated really well. Once I was sure it was lubed up enough I position it again with my hole.

Well this is really degrading I thought.

Breathing in and out I pushed the plug inside, slowly I was able to get a little of it inside gritting my teeth from the stretch of my ass.

Closing my eyes I pushed the plug in and out like the video shows and each time I was able to get it a little further in.

finally I got it to the halt. The flat part of it rested against my ass cheeks making sure it stay inside I got up to get the other things on. I put the leash around my neck letting the chain hang loose against my chest then proceeded to clamp my nipple with the nipple clamps hissing at the pain.

What kind of person like this kind of shit?!

Counting to calm my nerve and rising anger I made sure to tuck his key card in my coat pocket. Looking the mirror to see if I was covered up enough I walked out the comfort of my house.

Taking the cab to the address he gave me I had to deal with the stare the whole damn ride. I closed my legs shut hopefully the cab driver doesn't see anything.

Once we got to the condominium. I paid the cab driver and proceeded to get to my destination. I had 5 minutes to get there. I can't afford to be late.

I took the elevator to the 30th floor and walked to the end of the hall. Stopping when I reached his place. Taking a deep breath I knocked.

(End of Eunhyuk P.O.V)

(Yesung P.O.V)

7:59pm the doorbell rang. Smiling to myself, I opened the door.

There he was, in a long rain coat, his face flush his eyes averting I see the lease collar underneath the coat and smiled.

“Come in.” I told him.

He slowly walked inside, walking a little funny but I'm sure that's because of the plug. Or is it.

Closing the door behind me I grabbed him and pushed him against the door before pulling his coat up to reveal some beautiful strong white thighs I reached my hand around to grab his ass slipping my finger between his ass cheeks I felt the plug nestling quite nice there.

“I see you did what I instructed.” I looked at him getting hornier just by the sheer sight of him.

“Yes daddy.” he murmured.

“What was that? I didn't quite hear you.” I heard him, but it wasn't so nice the first time I wanted to hear it again.

“Yes daddy” he said a little louder.

“Take off your coat.” I order.

Slowly he unzipped his coat dropping it down, my breath caught in my throat. Wow...what a magnificent body.

“How does it feel? The plug in your ass?”

“It feels weird daddy...when do I take it off?” he asked.

“When I say so. Don't worry it won't be in there forever.” I smiled, “Come here.”

he walked toward me and I grabbed his hand taking him to the living room where all my toys are waiting to be used.

I pushed him down on the sofa, grabbing the chastity cage locking his dick in it.

He looked at me confused.

Patting the device, “This is going to stop you from getting an erection or coming. You can't come until I say you can. Get off and sit on the floor.”

he didn't argue he did just that.

I took the seat he had accompany earlier, “Make that mouth useful. Get me hard.”

He bit his lips unsure of himself.

“Hurry up! My dick isn't going to get hard on its own.” I barked.

He quickly scramble to his knees and started to unfasten my pants.

My cock sprang free already hard since he got here.

“Go on. Suck it.”

he grabbed my dick stroking it first testing the feels before putting his mouth over it.

Too slow for me I grabbed his hair and pushed my dick into his mouth. He started choking and gagging. His eyes waters from the sudden intrusion.

I moan at the hot content of his mouth and fucked his face, “Less teeth, suck it show me what that mouth can do.” I growled.

He started getting the groove and started sucking me on his own.

Pulling my dick from this beautiful mouth a slapped against his cheeks and nose. “Get up” I said pulling the lease.

“Bend over the coffee table and spread that beautiful cheeks of yours.” he did as he was told I notice he got red again.

His ass in full I marvel at the sight of the beautiful virgin ass.

I grabbed the vibrating anal plug from my collection and pulled the one in ass out only to shove the vibrating one up in there instead. I turned it on and watch his leg buckled from the new sensation he must be feeling.

“How does that feel?” I asked raising the intensity.

“It—It feels Good daddy!” he moaned. Steadying himself on the coffee table.

I started stroking myself, enjoying the sight before me.

I pulled his leash making him turn toward me, “Come here kiss me.”

He straddle my lap his ass only inches from my dick. I pulled out the anal plug and set it aside.

I wanted his ass, I want to fuck him now.

I spread his cheeks slapping the beautiful round cheeks as I guided my dick toward it.

I pushed the tip of my dick inside, the pain on his face was visible but the pleasure on my dick was also hard to ignore.

However I want him to enjoy this as well. Gripping his hip and helped him fuck himself on me. Thankfully with the help of the plug earlier it wasn't long before I was balls deep in his boy pussy.

Gritting my teeth from the tight tunnel I rested my head on his shoulder to calm myself down before I end up cumming to early.

I want to enjoy this night.

Once I got myself under control I started to fuck him. Pulling his ass up and slamming him down on my cock.

He started moaning, enjoying the pounding.

“How does my dick feel? Huh slut!” I growl fucking his tight asshole.

“I love it daddy! It feels so good.”

(End of Yesung P.O.V)

(Eunhyuk P.O.V)

It started so weird but the moment the butt plug he replace hit a spot I never knew before, my mind went into a frenzy. The pleasure was so intense. So much better than any hand job ever done.

I'll admit, when he started putting his dick inside it hurt a little, but once he got inside the and hit that part of me again I became pudding. It felt so good. I never knew anal sex could be so good.

He removed the nipple clamp and assault my nipples instead, his mouth sucking the tiny bruised nub into his mouth, biting it.

It hurt but it felt good at the same time.

I threw my head back moaning and move my hip to meet his hard thrust. Loving the feel of his dick hitting my good spot over and over again.

“Yes daddy! So good.”

he pulled the leash tugging my head to meet his mouth as he ravished my mouth, his other hand hitting my ass bruising the flesh with every swat but I welcomed it. I wanted more.

“You want me to let your dick free hmm?” he groaned.

“Yes daddy please...I want to feel good too.” I can't believe the words that are coming from my mouth. But I don't care anymore. All I know is I wanted to come I needed to cum.

He free my dick and in second my dick sprang up, getting hard with every thrust of his cock in my ass. “Stroke yourself, let me see how much you enjoy this.”

“Yes daddy...yes!” I stroke myself it didn't take long before I came hitting myself in the chest ans some on his as well.

“Get on your knees now.” he barked his order, was he mad I came on him? Not waiting for another order I got on my knees.

“Open your mouth.” he growled.

I did just that.

He started moaning and grunting I sat there and watch, the next thing that happen was his release, hitting my mouth and face, his cum spurting out, 3, 4 pumps. I didn't dare close my mouth I waited.

“Swallow. Swallow my cum.”

I closed my mouth and swallow. It didn't taste bad, but it didn't taste that good either. But I enjoyed it nonetheless.

It's over...so what now. Do I just forget what just happen and go about my life?

Once his breathing calm he looked at me.

“Do you want anything to eat, clean up first? Spend the night?”

“Uhm...what do you want me to do” I asked.

“Come sit.”

I got up and sat down like he told me too and I waited.

“Earlier today, I had someone follow you.” I looked at him confused. Why?

“I wanted to know what you wanted the money so bad for. To the point you were willing to sale yourself. I got my answer.”

“My appa has been sick. I was in need of money. If it wasn't for him I would never do something like this.” I told him truthfully.

“Do you regret it?” he asked.

“Not one bit. You were kind enough to give me the money in advance. I'm very grateful for that.”

“Why? It wasn't for free. I got to fuck you.” he laughed.

“But you could have gave it to me after. Most would have. But you decided to trust me and gave me it before hand. Lord knows I could have left town with it and cheated you out of it.” I told him.

“But you didn't. However if you did leave town I would have gotten to you anyways. Remember I had you tracked.”

“That's true.” I sighed.

“Look I don't want this to end. And if I have to continue paying for sex with you I'll be okay with that. I like you. I am also getting older...I'm a very busy man and I have no time to date or find a lover.”

“You don't have to pay me. The amount you gave me is enough.” I told him.

“So you're okay with continuing this?” he asked.

“Yea...if you're okay with me. You know being your sex partner.” I told him.

“I would love that. I see us being together a lot in the future...but enough of that...are you ready for round two? I'm horny again.” he smirked.

I looked down and notice the growing erection, I smiled at him and said, “Yes daddy.”

The end

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