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So this you can pretty much tell what it's going to be about but I am going to give you a couple more information. 1, THEY ARE BOTH 18. 2, They are going to meet this way instead of the hunter exam and stuff. Plot: So basically Gon will finally be able to move out of Mito's house when he turn 18, he goes into the city and buys a apartment in the middle of the city, the apartment has 2 people per room, so Gon ofc has a roommate and you can probably guess who it is, but there is also going to be a twist where Killua's job is to give people pleasure if you know what I mean.

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Hey guys, so ofc if texts are like this then it means the character is thinking that, so yeah. Anywho, let's start this.

Gon's POV:

I wake up to the sun shining in my face I wince at the brightness and cover the sunlight with my hand to block the sunlight from hitting my eyes, I blink a couple times before fully opening my eyes, I lower my hand after a cloud passes by the sun making it not as bright, I lay in bed for a couple minutes thinking of what I was going to do that day, then I realized.. ITS MY BIRTHDAY! I MOVE OUT TODAY! I HAVE TO FINISH PACKING BEFORE THE MOVING TRUCK COMES.

I dash out of bed and look at the time it's 7:59 AM, Crap! They arrive at 8:30! I better hurry. Luckily I didn't have much to pack so I finished up and brang the last box downstairs, I checked the time 8:23, Good timing, I should eat and brush my teeth before they come. I can always take a shower tomorrow or when I finish unpacking at my apartment on my middle of the city. I grab 2 pop tarts and pop them in the toaster and start cooking them, after a while they pop up and I put them on a plate and wait for them to become a bit colder before I eat them.

Once they get cold enough I start eating my poptarts, afterwards I brush my teeth, right when I finish that I hear a knock at Mito's door, I look at the time 8:30 Right on time! I clean up the bathroom and my stuff I used as Mito opens the door and greets them, after taking to them for a little they agree to start putting my stuff into the truck, so they start moving it in, after a little bit I come out and help them.


Once we finish they get in the truck I walk over to Mito and hug her "I will always remember, and I will miss you." I say in a calm tone, "Same here, just remember to text me and call me, OK?" She chuckles, "How couldn't I?" I smile giggling a little, I hug her one last time before getting in the truck waving goodbye.

Timeskip to getting to the apartment.

We arrive at the apartment at the guys get our and start unloading my stuff, I head in to get the key to my room, I walk up to the front desk "Hello! How may I help you sir?" The front desk employee kindly says to me "I would like to check into my room please and thank you!" I smile they nod and enter stuff into their electronic, "Name?" They say turning back to face me "Gon, Gon Freecss!" I smile, they nod and enter a few more things in before giving me the key, "Thank you, your room is 805." I nod and head out I tell the 2 men what my room number is and they nod they take the last thing out and I grab my belonging and he's inside and towards the elevator.

I arrive at my floor and unlock the door after finding the room, I immediately head towards my room not paying attention to anything else because I was to worried about placing my things down because it was getting really heavy, I also start unpacking to get it done and over with. I assume my roommate is out since they would have noticed I was here because then I came in I was making a hole lot of noise, after I finsih unpacking I hear the front door to the apartment open and close and also lock, I place my bags and other stuff in my closet and walk out seeing a white haired male near my age, he notices me and his mouth starts making a smirk.

Cliffhanger ik.
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