Illumi x Hisoka | NSFW


You get the idea from the title. Plot: Illumi decided to head to Heaven's Arena for a challenge and see how far he can get when watching a fight he sees the red haired magician.

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

OK, so I am honestly really tired so this is going to bed short, lol.

Illumis POV:

I decide to head to Heavens Arena to see if I can make it to the floor masters, so I head out and head towards Heavens Arena, when I get there, their is already so much people fighting on level 1, I head to the front desk and I sign in, I find the entrance I am supposed to enter to get my score, I enter and wait for my name it be called, when my name gets called I get up and head out.

My opponent is a big fat dude, I chuckle, This is going to be easy. When the match starts I pull out my needles and throw them towards his forehead, it strikes him right in the middle and then he collapses on the floor, the audience goes silent for a couple minutes before starting to talk, the employee jaw was widen open, he shook himself out of it after a few seconds and gives me the level I go up to, it read level 53.

I head up to the level and start making my way to 200 to get a room for the night.

This was literally so short and so boring but yeah.
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