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Illumi x Gon | NSFW


You get idea from the title, also if you don't like this ship just move along. Plot: After Illumi kidnaps Gon to stop Killua's and Gon's friendship he experiences his own feelings for Gon.

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Illumis POV:

I arrive at Gon's house at 3 AM, I pick the doorlock with my needles, once I open the door I head upstairs and go towards Gon's bedroom, I get their and I silently open the door stepping inside, I look over onto the end of the bed on the ground to see Killua fast asleep, I turn back to Gon passed out on his bed, I uncover him fromt he blankets quickly and quickly putting on a different blanket, he moves a little to the sudden coldness but quickly stops after feeling warmth, I take out a needle and poke his arm placing sleeping medicine in him so he won't wake up, I grab him wrapping him in the blanket, then I head back out to the hallway closing the door silently after me I look back down to see the passed out Gon to make sure he's asleep, he is so I head back outside.
"I'm sorry Kill but it's for the best."

Ik this was short and lame I made this at 5 in the morning with no sleep and I was hella tired ngl.
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