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Hisogon | NSFW


They are both 20 k? And if you don't like the ship just ignore this. Plot: After Gon looses his nen he becomes more vulnerable to Hisoks then he thinks, one night he goes out for a stroll since he couldn't sleep and he meets Hisoka, little does he know Hisoka kidnaps him and it changes his life.

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

This chapter is going to be short and lame because I was hella tired when I made this.

Gon's POV:

I look over at my clock to see its 3 in the morning I sigh and get up out of bed and put on some shoes and head out for a little stroll to help me fall asleep, after awhile of walking I hear something in the bushes move around, I turn around to see thr bush moving, I get prepared to defend myself or run if I need too.

This was shorter then I thought-
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