Angel Face (Hawks X Male!Reader)


He wanted to die, he really did but he way saved, why? maybe he'll be falling for someone rather than off a cliff. "Hey Angel Face, remember me?"

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Eternal Angel
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Chapter 1

The young h/c male sat on a cliff, the sky was black and the rain was heavy. His e/c eyes sore across the dark sky as his hair and clothing were soaked in rain, It didn’t help that he only wore a thin white shirt and shorts. If he survived he that was. He stood up and looked down, it was a long way down and a weak 14 year old boy such as himself wouldn’t survive, unless he used his quirk.

Though he wouldn’t be doing that because it didn’t matter if he lived or died, his body was covered in bruises and scars that ranged from small and unnoticeable and could cover with makeup to needing paint to cover it.

The short male crossed his arms over his chest turned around and let himself fall back, this didn’t go unnoticed by a certain red winged hero, he happened to be flying around, he though the young s/c male would use to wings he had to fly back up but he was falling dangerously low to the ground, so hawks swooped down and grabbed him.

“Ain’t ya’ gonna use those pretty wings of yours, would be a waste if someone as handsome as you up and died” he said with a chuckle y/n was shocked “what are you...let me go!” y/n said realizing what the hero had done “why would I do that? Can’t let some cutie such as yourself get hurt” Hawks said with a stupid grin “I wasn’t gonna get hurt, I was gonna die” y/n said while trying to slither out of the heroes grip.

He even tried biting him!

y/n knew he’d have to try again later because they’d already landed and from the looks of it hawks wasn’t letting him get hurt anytime soon, y/n found the blonde to be annoying and he’d just met him “ok kid, where are you parents?” he asks, y/n flinched at the thought of ‘his hero’ bringing him back to danger so he didn’t say anything.

“Fine kid, be difficult” Hawks said, he picked the kid of bridal styles and took him the a police station, he seemed to noticed the makeup melting off my face and arms cause he stopped “angel face...who did this?” he said while his he poked at the bruises and scars “well thats none of your goddamn fucking business now is it?!” I asked “as a hero yes, yes it my goddamn fucking business” he said in a mocking tone.

y/n scoffed and attempted to push him away.

Keyword: attempted.

Hawks basically ran to the police station after seeing this, the 14 year old boy was questioned and so were his parents when they found them, they eventually gave up and admitted to ‘hurting’ him. The police insisted on taking y/n to an orphanage but hawks said he knew a guy who could take care of him.

And who was that guy? Eraserhead, or Shota Aizawa. Now it'd been 2 years since the incident and y/n had gotten better, he no longer wanted to throw himself off a hill which was good.

He was a student at at yuuei and was in 1-a, oh and just because aizawa was his caretaker doesn't mean he got special privileges or special treatment because aizawa only made him train harder.

"y/n-kun!" said a female voice, y/n turned around to see a white haired girl with crimson eyes he recognized her at Yuri Sonobu from the business course "U-uh I was wondering if you'd like to go out" she asks, the room became silent as y/n looked at her with a look of pity "sorry, I have plans" he said fakely, in all honestly he had no plans and if aizawa let him off training he was probably going to arcade or to a cat cafe.

"w-what...?" she said that's when she became angry "you hero course students are so entitled! you think you can do whatever you want just because your 'japans next heroes' people like you disgust me! And don't think I can't turn your entire fan club against you!" she yelled yet y/n didn't even flinch he just gave her a pity filled small.

"and what makes you so sure of that?" he ask "It's my birthright! my quirk!" she says "I can produce an aroma that can make who ever inhales it listen to me!" she says.

A light pink dust begins to emit from her, y/n flapped his wings fanning away the 'aroma' "ya know it's kinda stupid to give away the details of your quirk, you'd make a good sidekick if you weren't stupid" y/n stated.

she let out a high pitched shriek that sounded like cry which didn't make y/n feel any pity and just gave a fake smile "well we should be getting to class don't you think?" he asked his fellow students who all looked away and began walking as a sign that said 'yes' almost everyone was scared of the h/c haired boy.

not only did he have one of the scariest teachers to be his caretaker when he didn't have his sweet facade up he could be pretty scary too.

y/n opened his homeroom door catching the attention of everyone including his caretaker/teacher and smiled "sorry I'm late I was 'talking' with a business course student" he said, aizawa sighed knowing what the boy meant "ok, go sit down" he said "oki doki!" said the boy and most of the classroom squealed.

the young boy sat down at his seat which was next to the infamous bakugou katsuki "good morning bakugou!" y/n said "lets do our best in training! ok?" his e/c orbs bore into bakugous crimson ones. "tch, I was already gonna do my filthy extra" bakugou said. y/n just smiled.

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