This is a love story between Draco and Hermione. Fair warning : This book is not edited. Also not all things will be according to the story. There will be twists and turns. Maybe a few changes too. I am writing this because I want to share my version with you guys. Happy reading !!!

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Chapter 1 : Lying in my parent’s blood

Hermione’s POV

I won’t lie. It hurt. It hurt like hell. Watching as the two people I cared about the most lie there. Dead......

Their eyes are glossy and their bodies cold. I held them close to me refusing to believe that they were gone.


Their blood had soaked my clothes and I was a sobbing mess. It’s been the same for 5 days. Ginny is worried sick and tries to convince me to eat everyday. I turn her down every time.

Harry and Ron haven’t come to visit me even once. They think it was the right thing to do and that the Ministry was right about killing my parents.

Ah the Ministry. My respect for them washed down the drain the minute they dimmed the light in my parents eyes. They were absolutely convinced that my parents were under the Imperious curse.

I let out another pained wail as I try to grasp my head around the fact that I was alone. No family.

I heard someone enter the house. I frowned

Who was coming at a destroyed house ?

Whatever I don’t care anymore.

Blaise’s POV

I was walking through some muggle streets to get some M&Ms when I heard a loud wail coming from a haunted house down the lane.

I say haunted because it was literally in ruins.

I called out a hello before entering. What I saw shocked me. There was debris everywhere. Everything was either broken or completely destroyed. The walls were painted in some red liquid.

I took a whiff and gulped. It was blood......

There was a line of blood on the walls which led to a few stairs. I climbed up cautiously. A disgusting odour of something rotting filled my nose as I climbed the stairs.

Someone lived here ?!

I heard soft sobbing coming from far end of the corridor. I followed the sound and


What I saw there......I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget. Hermione Granger was lying there drenched in the blood of a man and woman. She was stroking their heads and staring at their faces blankly as tears flew down her face.

I pressed my wand to my throat.

Ma ?

Yes Blaise ?

I found Hermione Granger. Sh-she’s lying in her parent’s blood. What do I do ? Ask the Dark Lord

Hermione Granger ?! The mudblood ?


I will. Wait till further instructions.

I removed the wand and glanced at her. She hadn’t moved as if she didn’t even know I was there.

“What do you want....?” She asked finally breaking the eerie silence. Her voice was raspy as if she hadn’t tasted water in a long time

Ignoring her question ,” Are you thirsty ?” I asked

She nodded unable to form words

“Agumati.” I muttered as a some water shot up from my wand

I held the wand tip close to her. Silently she drank the water. Then she mumbled something.

“Pardon me ?” I asked politely

“Th-they killed them. Snapped my wand because I wanted to save them. I-I stared. I watched the whole thing.” She replied in a trance

Oh Merlin......

The Ministry had told everyone that Hermione Granger’s parents were murdered by the Dark Lord and were given a proper funeral.

If that was true , why were their bodies lying in their daughter’s arms rotting ?

Blaise ?

Pressing my wand to my throat again , I answered my mother

Yes ma ?

You are to bring her in here.

I didn’t need any confirmation. For some strange reason I felt like protecting this girl in front of me.

I picked her up gently. She struggled like the old hermione. She kicked , punched and thrashed around. But unfortunately for her , her body was weak.

After a while she gave up. She passed out probably from lack of strength and malnutrition.

I wonder how many days she was like this....?

Holding onto her , I disapparated at the Zabini Manor.

Hermione’s POV

I lay there in Blaise Zabini’s arms as we disapparated somewhere. Probably his house.

Blaise’s touch was surprisingly gentle and soft. He was probably ordered to bring me unhurt or something. A pang of sadness hit me.

Was there really no one who cares for me ?

Blaise was probably taking me to him. He was the reason my parents were dead. He put the Imperious curse. I felt a sudden surge of anger.

Him !!

He was the reason all of this was happening.

I started struggling again. But it was of no use , Blaise was way too strong and I didn’t have my wand on me.

He brought me to a woman in her forties. She was really pretty and smart looking. She gave me a sympathetic smile. And then frowned.

“Ma this is Hermione Granger.” Blaise introduced

“Make sure she’s comfortable in the guest room 34.” She instructed Blaise and then suddenly she placed a kiss on my forehead. Startled I fell back in Blaise’s arms. Even Blaise looked shocked

Isabelle’s POV( Blaise’s mother)

It’s impossible. It isn’t her. No. She’s dead. My baby girl died at the age of 5. It couldn’t be her.

“Liam !!!” I called as my husband ran to me at the note of urgency of my voice

“D-did you see her ? The m-mudblood. She looks like h-her.” I sobbed

“Shhhh love. You and I both know she’s dead. She has been for years.” He comforted me

“Ma !!! What was all that about ?!” Blaise asked surprised

I hugged him tightly as I remembered the last time my baby girl looked at me feat radiating from her.

‘I love you , ma , papa and Bay !!!’ Were her last words before she was gone

“Ma ? What’s wrong ? Are you okay ?” Blaise asked in concern

“Yes , baby. Just some memories of your sister flashed.” I said giving him a weak smile

His grip around me tightened.

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