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Almost Christmas 2020

Dec. 2nd: Ridiculously romantic (ch. 101)

Author's note:

This imagine is based on the story 'The Guest'. I guess you can call it a bonus chapter. The story started in last year's Christmas Calendar, therefore it feels good to include Lilliana and Michael this year as well, to make the circle complete in a way. Not to mention, I ended the story in the middle of their wedding night. And that was on purpose. Because here comes part two. Read and enjoy!


One and a half years ago, I was living a life where everything was staked out for success. My future was set and I thought I was happy. Only, I didn't know what true happiness was until I met this wonderful man named Michael Jackson. And even though the choices I'd had to make were difficult at the time, it was an easy price to pay to be where I was today. I studied my wedding ring. Then I glanced around in the bedroom, that Michael had decorated to utter perfection. It would have made even the most romantic fanatic breathless. I'd just been too busy with the man who did it to notice until now. That man. My husband. And right now he returned from the bathroom with the cockiest smirk.

...and his goldpants. And in his hand, he dangled a pair of handcuffs.

"Ready to be tied up, wifey?"

"What?" I choked, but he knew I'd heard him loud and clear.

"Not 'what'. It's 'Yes, Sir'."

I gulped and looked down, automatically sitting up with my legs curled up underneath me and my hands on my thighs.

"Y-yes, Sir," I stuttered. Then he came close enough to lift my chin so he could look into my eyes.

"Didn't hear you."

"Yes, Sir!" I exclaimed louder, and straightened my back even more than before. And Michael's greedy eyes went to my cleavage and returned to me a with fiery look.

"Good. Come with me."

I knew I wasn't allowed to ask questions, and to be honest I didn't feel the need to ask anything, either. I trusted him blindly. So I took his hand and let him lead me through the house and into his office. It was locked, which I found strange, since he usually didn't lock any doors as long as it was just us. But when he opened the door I found out why.

"You just had to buy one, didn't you?" I asked and started laughing, totally forgetting my role as submissive. And Michael forgot his role too, and grinned sheepishly. Then Mr. Diaz returned, and he commanded me to sit down in the infamous gynecologist chair, and spread my legs for him.

Not even a minute later, I was chained to it with handcuffs on my wrists and ropes around my ankles. And Michael seemed utterly pleased and smirked in satisfaction.

"That's the hottest thing I've ever seen," he mumbled to himself. Then he walked around his desk and pulled out a blindfold which, according to him, would sharpen my senses. Then it was dark.

"And now we're gonna have some fun."

The room was silent except for the sound of his feet against the carpet. I could also hear him rummaging around in what probably was the same drawer he found the blindfold, and I guessed he was placing it on his desk for easy access. But what was this big 'it'?

"Are you comfortable?"


"Nuh-uh. I asked; are you comfortable?"

"Yes, Sir," I corrected myself. Then I whimpered when I felt something squeeze around my nipple. Then the other one, indicating that it probably was the clamps we'd used once before.

"You're not allowed to make any sound."

"Yes, Sir."

"None at all."

I didn't answer.

"Good girl. Because if you do, I might have to punish you. And it might or not might include a gag. Or maybe a whip."

Then he paused for a couple of seconds before he continued with his darkest voice. The one that made me shiver in rising heat.

"Or maybe something completely different. It depends on what I feel like at the moment. Understood?"

I nodded and bit my lip. I already struggled to lay still, and he hadn't even touched me yet except for the nipple clamps.

"So, where do we start?"

I could hear him walk around me. He was right. The blindfold really sharpened my senses. And I gasped silently when I felt something soft against my chest. But it disappeared just as fast.

"I think sweet torture would be perfect. Don't you think?"

I nodded again and shuddered when I felt the same soft sensation against my neck and up to my chin. Then it disappeared again, only to tickle the curve under my breasts in one slow movement. I shivered and knew my body was probably covered in goosebumps. Not because I was cold, because I really wasn't. I just wasn't able to control how my body reacted.

The softness stroke down over my stomach and along my slit, and I breathed when I felt the need for more than just the touch of a feather. What I didn't prepare for was a sharp sting directly at my lady parts right after. So I groaned.

"No sounds, Ana. Last warning."

I nodded and clenched my jaw, trying to brace myself for yet another sting. But it never came. Only the feather. Until I felt something leathery stroke my toes, and I tried to pull away. I didn't like to be tickled.

"Ahh, so I found another way to torture you," he hummed and continued a little bit longer, and I was desperate to cuss him out just to make him stop. But I couldn't. Then I suddenly earned another slap against my clit, and my teeth sunk down into my bottom lip. It was a whip. It had to be. And now I felt the same sting under my feet, when they got the same treatment.

"Oh, I almost forgot. I bought you something special. I just want to try it on today, but I promise you that we'll make good use of it later."

More rummaging, until I felt cool leather tighten around my neck. And when it was tight enough to satisfy him, he fastened it with a buckle.

"Ahh, even better than I imagined. You look really good in leather and spikes, Ana. You gotta use it more often."

I felt a little tug in what I guess was a collar, and I heard him hum silently.

"I can't wait to see you on all four, obeying my orders. But as of now, I have something else in store."

He let the collar stay put around my neck, and I turned my head a little from side to side to get used to it. Then I froze when I heard a buzzing sound from some kind of vibrator. But it wasn't a sound I knew. This was different. Totally different too, because when he placed the device directly at my clit, I moaned so loudly it was close to a little scream. It was so intense!

"Ana, Ana, Ana... What did I tell you?"

Oh, no. He's gonna punish me. But how? I didn't know what I preferred. Tickling or gagging. Neither of those were especially tempting. Still, not even half a minute later, I found myself with a rubber ball in my mouth.

"This should teach you to remain silent. Now where were we? Oh, that's right. I'm gonna give you an orgasm that will make it really, really hard to keep your promise. You remember your promise, right?"

I nodded frantically. It was to remain silent.


And without warning he placed the sucking device on my clit again, and I bit down on the ball until my teeth hurt. Fuck, that felt good!

"Do you like it?"

I nodded like crazy and strangled a whimper. But I couldn't control how my body reacted. My back arched and my nipples hurt from the pinching clamps when they became even more erect than they already were.

"You're not allowed to cum. If you do, I'm gonna keep doing this for a whole hour, and I'm not sure if you can handle that right now."

My body was trembling in spasms and my thighs were shaking. I barely noticed the pain from the handcuffs, even though I was pulling rather harshly to get loose. And I could clearly hear the amusement in Michael's voice when he chuckled.

"Good girl. Hold it a couple of minutes more. Do you think you can handle that?"

I shook my head no, and wanted to scream at how good it felt. But just as I was about to surrender, the pressure disappeared, and I was left panting for air to the point where I got dizzy. The world was spinning, and all I could think of was the ache between my legs. If he just continued a few more seconds...

The feather again.

I felt it brush softly over my skin, over my chest, down both of my arms, along my jaw and up and down my inner thighs. Lastly it took a turn along my slit that no doubt was soaking wet. Then I heard a slap and choked in an attempt to not make any sound, when the whip smacked my clit again.

"Don't cum."

The buzzing returned the moment I felt the vibration around my inhumanely throbbing bud. All I could think of was the need to cum, and all I fought against was the feeling of almost cumming. I pulled at my restraints again, to no avail of course. But Michael continued torturing me. Then, just as I felt like I was about to tip over the edge, the vibrator disappeared again, and all I wanted to do was to scream in despair.

"Good girl. You're handling it better than I expected."

If you only knew how horrible this is, I scolded in my mind. He was definitely going to experience something similar once I'd figured out a proper revenge, and mustered up enough courage to go through with it.

"Once more, and I'll let you cum."

I exhaled harshly through my nose when my clit was sucked back into its blissful torture chamber. I felt exhausted already. All my muscles in my body were trembling and aching in a way I'd never felt before. It was insane!

"Are you close?"

That's the stupidest question I'd ever heard! But all I could do was to nod, cursing at the fact that my jaw hurt like crazy from being fixated in an open position.

"Fuck, I love this chair. And I love how you look tied up to it. It makes me want to do this the rest of the night."

My eyes rolled back as I felt myself tighten around nothing at all, and I suddenly wished he could fuck me. Or at least make me cum on a dildo. And as if he'd read my mind, I felt the tip of his cock against my entrance before he pushed inside me. Then I heard him curse almost as much as I did inside my head.

"Shit, you're tight!" he hissed and started thrusting. But it was too late for me. I already came with a bang similar to what created the planet we're walking on. At least it felt like that. And since he didn't remove the stupid suction thing, I wasn't able to calm down after my climax. It just kept pushing me to another, and another after that. And with the way his dick filled me up, I felt something new, something so intense that I wasn't aware of the mess I'd made until after Michael finally let me free.

The rubber ball was the first to go. Then the clamps that made my nipples hurt even more when the blood finally flowed back into them. And lastly, he removed the handcuffs and the ropes and I was free to leave.

But I couldn't. I felt so weak I couldn't even raise my arms to remove the blindfold. I just laid there, gasping for air and shaking like I had an epileptic seizure.

"I think that should be enough for today," Michael chuckled and kissed my sweaty forehead. I couldn't answer even if my life depended on it.

"Next time I need to cover the floor with towels. You squirted like a fountain."

Then he leaned close enough so I could feel his lips against my ear shell, forming the words that made me embarrassed. And if I wasn't already glowing red from what he'd done to me, I would have blushed hard enough to illuminate a small city.

"And it's the sexiest sight I've ever seen."

Then he removed my blindfold and picked me up from the chair like if I was light as air. I knew I wasn't. I was heavy as a limp road kill.

"But as for now, I think you've had enough. Let's put you to bed."

I'd never agreed so wholeheartedly to anything in my life. The rhythm of his steps and the safety of his arms and chest actually rocked me to sleep already before my head hit the pillow. And since I was asleep I didn't notice that Michael curled up next to me and cradled me in his arms. Then he kissed my forehead and smiled.

"Sleep well, my beautiful wife."

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