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Almost Christmas 2020

Dec. 3rd: Off stage

I did it! I finally kissed him! On stage and in front of thousands of people. I even made him blush and get hard. At least I think he did. And I could feel his eyes on me when I theatrically strode off stage, just like I was instructed to do. I still felt the imprint of his bulge on my thigh, even though I knew it was just my imagination running wild. I just didn't care. He was the sexiest man on the planet and I kissed him. I fucking kissed him!

I giggled and touched my lips while I waited for the water in the shower to get warm. God, how I wish I could kiss him again. But it seemed like no matter how much I hinted about being in love with him, he made an excuse or we'd conveniently get interrupted by Frank or one of his bodyguards. Then again, I guess he was too used to girls crushing on him to really recognize my advances.

I felt the warm water pour over my body and sighed in frustration. If only he could realize how much I wanted him. Then maybe, just maybe he could love me back?

While I rubbed my body with soap, my mind went back and forth about whether to tell it straight out to him or not, and about different ways we could explore each other. Especially the last part. And as weak as I was after the incident, I ended up touching myself, imagining it was him. But just as I was about to cum, someone knocked hard on the door to my hotel room and ripped me out of my close to ecstatic fantasies.

I groaned and cursed, mentally imploring whoever it was to go away so I could finish, but they kept knocking even louder. Then I cursed again, thinking that it was probably Frank or someone who came to yell at me for what I did. So I hurried out of the shower, wrapped a towel around me and stomped towards the door, and I barely managed to open it before Michael barged in.

"We need to..." he started. But then his eyes went wide.
"You're naked?"

"People usually are naked when they shower," I retorted rolled my eyes. I was just having the most outrageous fantasies about this man, and now he was standing right in front of me, still sweaty from the concert and still wearing his silvery BAD outfit. Fuck me...

"Look, Tatiana. We need to talk about what happened on stage tonight. Frank is furious!"

"So?" I said challengingly and pulled my wet hair to the side.
"Don't tell me you didn't like it."

"That has nothing to do with anything! You were supposed to do your job, and only that!"

"But I did my job so stop yelling! People can hear you all the way down the hall!" I shouted back at him, finally making him calm down a bit.

"You should get dressed," he mumbled.

"Why? It's my hotel room and I can do what I want in here."

"Actually, it's me who's paying for it."

"Yeah, yeah... Rub it in. You're my boss, and obviously think you can order me around even on my spare time. Well, guess what? I refuse!" I said and glared at him. Then I let the devil in me peek through and loosened my towel so it fell to the floor.

"Ups," I said, and battered my eyelashes. If it was true that he really didn't like me that way, at least I could show him what he missed out on. And I smirked when I heard him curse under his breath. Michael never cursed. He was in Jehova's, which was probably part of the reason why he never slept with anyone. And now he obviously freaked out over a simple kiss.

"Pick it up," he hissed, and his face was glowing red as the setting sun.
"Pick it up and put it back on!"

I shrugged and did as he said, but made sure to bend down on straight legs, with my ass towards him.

"Oh, my God," I heard behind me. Then I was pulled back up and abruptly spun around, facing a severely flustered Michael. And his eyes were dark with desire. I knew it! I knew it wasn't only my imagination!

"I can't take this anymore," he said, and looked defeated and enraged at the same time.
"If this is what you want, then you'll get it. And you'll get it hard."

A surprised moan escaped through my lips, before they got smothered by his. It almost hurt, but fuck, it felt good. Even the way his buckles dug into my skin felt good, because I could feel something else, too. Something I'd felt on stage earlier, that definitely was bigger now. A lot bigger. But when I tried to touch his erection with my palm, he grabbed both of my wrists, pushed my arms away and held them tightly to my lower back.

"No lovey-dovey, Tati. I'm gonna fuck you so hard you'll have to be carried out by the hotell staff tomorrow."

I moaned when he thrusted against my area.

"But don't worry. I have your stand-in ready for the concert tomorrow anyway."

Ha! He planned this? He came here because he wanted to fuck me? Did we share the same feelings, only that he hid it well?

"Michael..." I moaned, when he pushed me up against the bathroom door, leaned down and kissed my breasts. I wanted to tell him that I was in love with him, but the way he treated me disabled my brain so completely that I couldn't form a single coherent word.

I gasped when he bit my nipple at the same second his fingers roughly pushed inside me, and it became clear to me that he wasn't as innocent and shy as he appeared. He obviously knew how to treat a woman, because he totally knew what he was doing.

"Fuck, yeah!" I gasped, and grabbed around his shoulders. But again he pushed my arms away, only this time it was to unbuckle his belt and pull himself out. And boy, was I pleasantly surprised. Then I realized that when I thought I'd made him hard on stage earlier, he'd been nowhere near as hard as he was right now.

"It too late to back out now, Tatiana. You asked for it, so let's see if you are woman enough to handle it."

His voice was dark and slightly threatening, but not especially frightening. I knew he did it only to turn me on, if that was even possible, considering what I'd been doing right before he came. But before I managed to process much, he'd turned me around and placed my hands on the door, telling me to support myself, and I caught myself wondering how rough he would actually be. Sweet, innocent Michael was so different from the ferocious beast that pulled me back by my hips to get the right angle, and pushed himself all the way inside me in one slick movement.

"Holy sh.....!" I exclaimed and squeezed my eyes together, trying to get used to his size, but he didn't give me time. He fell into a steady rhythm right away, and grabbed my waist to go deeper.

"Oh, my God. Yes!" I moaned loudly, wishing this could last forever. I wanted more of him, and I wanted it every day for the rest of my life. Then he increased his speed and we both moaned and panted feverishly. And being the true gentleman that he was, he reached around me and started rubbing my clit, just the way I'd envisioned earlier.

"Is this what you wanted?" he growled.
"Is this how you thought it would feel?"

I just moaned repeatedly and enjoyed how close I was to my peak. All I managed was to nod. Whether he saw it or not, I didn't know, because my eyes were already closed as my violent orgasm finally flushed over me the moment after. Then Michael abruptly pulled out and tucked himself back into his pants.

"W-what?" I stuttered, feeling confused, dizzy and out of breath.
"Y-you didn't..."

"No, I didn't cum. I wasn't planning on it either, because this never happened. And good luck trying to make people believe I fucked you, because no one will."

He picked up the towel and threw it in my face, and I immediately covered myself only to find that Michael was already halfway through the door. But before he closed it, he turned and gave me a somewhat sad gaze.

"I'm sorry, Tatiana. But you're fired."

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