Fallen Angel Part 2

By Stephanie Kwiatkowski

Drama / Romance

Becoming Human

Sarah had prayed for God to send an angel to heal her father’s heart after her mother left, but now he seemed worse. Sarah had never seen her father so depress not even after her mother left their family. He was really in love with Monica, and she wanted her to come back. She misses her smile and her soothing Irish voice saying that everything will be okay.

It was nearing the end of February, as spring was just around the corner waiting to melt the late winter away, and warming the earth again breathing life back into the sleeping ground. Sarah came to her log and pulled out the notebook she has the letter stuffed in. The letter she had written since she was at age 5; that summer her mother left her. She holds the piece of paper in her hand and looks up to heaven. Hoping in some sort of prayer Monica will be listing. The in a low whimper she begins to sing.

“The Lord Moves In Mysterious Ways his wonders to perform…..he….plants his footsteps on the sea…..and….rides…on………….every storm.” Sarah sings the song that Monica sang to her many nights while her father was away at work hoping that Monica will hear her cries.

“Monica….come back….please…I need you, and my father needs you. Please God, give Monica back to us.” Sarah whispers in the woods. And Sarah continues to sing the song again remembering Monica’s smiling face as she held her in her arms.

Monica was now back to her duties as an angel, and she was on a brief assignment in Gracie, as her supervisor angel Claire, had to make a quick detour. Monica felt uneasy being in this town, and hoping that she didn’t see Griffin. If she saw him, her heart will crumble to the ground. As Monica waited, she hears a little girl’s cry. It sounded like Sarah. Monica listens carefully, and she hears the tune to Tess’s song being sung. Monica gets up from the bench and heads to the sound that was beckoning her heart to the song.

As Monica draws near to the voice that was calling her heart, she was surrounded by a circular row of pine trees with little Sarah perched on a fallen long as she looks up to heaven. Monica stands against a nearby tree hearing Sarah’s cries tears stung her eyes as she listens to Sarah stumbling on the notes to Tess’s song. Monica wanted to wrap her arms around the child and tell her everything will be all right, but Sarah can’t see her. Monica felt so helpless as her motherly instincts settle in, but she had to stay put. She was being supervised by an angel she didn’t like when she was starting out in Search and Rescue. Monica was on a temporary assignment in Gracie, but she couldn’t help to follow Sarah to her spot.

As Sarah sang the last chorus of the song, Monica sings along with her as she walks closer to Sarah. “The Lord moves in Mysterious ways his wonders to perform……he plants his footsteps on the sea...And rides on every storm.” Now Monica was behind Sarah placing her invisible hand on her shoulders.

Sarah never felt Monica’s touch, and all Sarah could do is call out in the emptiness around her, “Monica…are you there?”

Monica wanted to answer, but she couldn’t, knowing if she did, her supervisor angel would report it. Monica just mouth I love you…. my baby, and then Monica turns to leave….The sight of Sarah looking so sad had crushed Monica’s spirit as she looked into the little girl’s eyes.

Monica goes back to her original spot just in time to see Claire emerges from a small craft store. Monica quickly wipes away the tears as Claire stands beside her. “Well, I see you haven’t left…that good.”

“I don’t need to be looked after. I know my job,” Monica said.

“Well…. Miss Wings, as I recall the last time you were in this very town you cross the line of being an angel when you kissed a human, and now that you are back to duty you need to be supervised…unless you want to stay up in heaven for eternity.” Claire spates out the words like a poison rattle snake’s venom. Monica said nothing and continues to go with Claire.

As they walked the streets of Gracie, New York, as Monica felt her heart sore with gladness to see this town again, but the happiness faded away when Claire guided her around the corner. From the opposite side of where Monica was walking, she spotted him. Monica felt like her heart just froze in a time vortex as Griffin cross the street on the opposite side of her. Monica bits her lip, as she looked into his once electrified blue eyes, which had twinkled when he looked at her. She wanted to so very much to hang the code of being an angel and go to him. But as Griffin passes to go into the café where she met him and his daughter, Monica’s heart sank. As her tears welled in her eyes, she knew that she had to go.

Claire notices a brief pause in Monica’s absence, as Claire follows Monica’s gaze. Claire now saw the man that Monica fell in love with, and Claire rolled her eyes and turned back to hurl Monica to get a move on. “Come on, stop dawdling you are slowing me down. We got to go to Chicago because that is where your assignment is at…now go.”

Monica gave one last look at the café where Griffin walked into, and then the scenery around her grew white and fuzzy when she vanishes through the familiar white light as she always had done for so many years ago.

Griffin sits down at a nearby booth where Sandy waited for his arrival Sandy had been dropping hints to him for nearly seven years, but Griffin never took an interest until now, of trying to get over his feeling for Monica.

“I didn’t expect that you will show up, Griffy.” Sandy playfully flirted.

“To be honest, I was thinking about canceling,” Griffin said as he looked into Sandy’s ice blue eyes. Sandy has been flirting with Griffin shortly after Crystal left him, but each time Griffin refuses her offer. Sure she was beautiful and sexy, but as he heard through the grapevine that she only plays nicely to leer her dates into bed.

“So, what made you change your mind,” Sand asks arching her eyebrows.

Griffin looks at her, “Need to find a way to move forward in life.”

“I hear you. So, what’s life being single again.” Sandy says taking a sip of her black tea.

“Honestly I feel like shit. Everything in this damn town still reminds me of her.” Griffin said looking down at his coffee.

“Roan, you want to know what you need. A night out. Come on my treat.” Sandy said with a twinkle in her eye.

“Thanks, Sandy but maybe another time. I got a daughter, and her audition is tonight, so I got to be at her school. But I will love to have a night out some other time.” Griffin smiled kindly. He knows that Monica may not come back and that he has to accept that.

“Oh…Griff…you got to let her go. She left you. Did you really believe that an outsider like her well be loving you forever?” Sandy said with a smirk.

Griffin tensed up just then, as anger slowly fumed in his blue eyes, “Sandy you don’t know Monica the way I do. And yes I did believe that. She loves me, I felt it, and I know it.”

“If this Monica woman really loved you, then why did she leave you and your daughter behind, huh?” Sandy asked.

Griffin wanted to answer her question, but he knew she would laugh at him, plus he promised Monica that he wouldn’t. “I got to go Sandy. I’m late. Bye.” Griffin gathered his things and left the café without another word from Sandy.

As soon as Griffin was alone in his favorite spot, he looked up at the heavens and then tears fell from his eyes. It has been 11 weeks since Monica vanished from him. And Griffin would do anything to hold her and kiss her and hear her soft Irish voice again. He would even jump off a high building for it. He looked out over the frozen little river and the dead frozen bushes that would soon bloom into beautiful flowers along the undergrowth of his secret spot. Griffin went home and crashed onto his bed and slept for the remanding time. At 4:30 was Sarah’s audition, and Griffin promised his daughter that he would be there.

Sarah waits nervously behind the stage as her audition was up next. She paces back and forth and praying that she will not mess up her act. Sarah wanted to do something special hoping that where ever Monica was she will hear it and will come to see her perform. As soon as the girl with the ballet dance was done Sarah walks up to the stage timed and shy as she takes hold of the microphone in front of her. She spotted her father who smiled up at her and gave her a wink of encouragement. Then the pianist started to play the first few notes to the song Sarah chose to sing.

No mountains too high, for you to climb. All you to do. Is having some climbing faith. No river’s too wide, for you to make it across. All you have to do is believe it when pray.

And then you will see the morning will come. And all of your days will be bright as the sun. So hold onto your fears, just cast them on me. I just want you to see.

I’ll be your cloud up in the sky. I’ll be your shoulder when you cry. I hear your voices when you call me. I’m your angel. And when all hope is gone, I’m here. No matter how far apart you are, I’m here. It makes no difference who you are. I’m your angel. ”

As Sarah sang her song, she was singing it to her father and Monica where ever she was in the world. Sarah had a sweet lovely voice that even stunned her father. But Sarah was singing it from her heart, not for the fame. She loves her father, and she loves Monica, and she treasures both of them in her heart.

Invisible and unseen by the crowd an angel stands in the back of the school’s performing arts center listing to Sarah sing. She looks up at Sarah with tears in her eyes, as she wanted so much to go to her. Then she looks over to Griffin and watches him from the far off distance. Monica knows she shouldn’t be here, but she couldn’t help it. She had to see both of them again. As Sarah finishes the song, everyone in the audience cheered. Monica silently claps for Sarah’s performance as she takes a bow.

“You were great honey. I’m so proud of you.” Griffin said as his daughter looked disappointed.

“I worked hard to get in with Stacy, but they said that my talent wasn’t good enough so the choose Amber the biggest snob in the school,” Sarah said.

Griffin chuckled at his daughter’s comment. “Yeah, I say you defiantly beat her talent by a long shot Anybody can tell jokes, and make the audience laugh,” Griffin said as he plays punches his kid.

“Thanks, dad.” Sarah smiled back. “Do you think that Monica heard it?” Sarah asked.

Griffin looked down at his daughter, and smiled, “I’m sure she was listing all along.”

“Yeah…” Sarah said looking up in heaven. “Do you think she misses us?”

Griffin stopped and knelt down to look eye to eye level with his daughter, “Sweetie I think she misses us just the same as we miss her. Come on squirt let’s get home.”

The rest of the night Griffin played Aggravation with Sarah, and Sarah won. Then Griffin tucked his daughter in as she sank into a deep slumber. Griffin smiled at his daughter and for the first time, he honestly thanks God for his precious gift in the world which was Sarah. As Griffin goes to switch on Sarah’s nightlight, he notices a small box that marked with Sarah’s name with fancy handwriting. He opened it and inside was a small locket with a picture of his daughter and Monica’s sexy smile. A tear came out of his eye as he stoked the image of Monica’s sweet Irish face as she smiled back at him. He closes the locket and leaves Sarah’s room to retrieve to his own.

Griffin fell on to the bed and stares up at the ceiling. After two and a half months his heart is still broken from Monica’s disappearance. Griffin didn’t know where these tears were coming from, but all of a sudden he was crying uncontrollably. Griffin continues to sob as his heart yearns to see Monica again.

Monica sits at the end of Griffin’s bed as her golden light surrounds her, unseen by him. Monica looks at the man before her, and she very gently she moves to keel by Griffin’s face as she carefully reaches out to him. Monica softly strokes Griffin’s dark brown hair back even though he can’t feel her touch.

Suddenly Griffin looks up and softly call out her name as if he can sense her being there with him. “Monica….Monica, are you there?” Griffin calls out her name.

Monica wanted to reply yes to his answer, but she remains silent. Monica just looked at the man she loves and sees that his love for her still awaits in his eyes. She saw that Griffin sits up in his bed and gazes in her direction.

Monica heard Griffin’s desperate calls as she moves to sit down beside him holding and stroking his hand like the night he came to her for his meltdown moment after his victim died. Monica stared into Griffin’s sad blue eyes, and she kisses his cheek, and very tenderly she says one thing to him near his ear, “I’m right here beside you Roan.” Even though he can’t hear her words, he knows that she is probably listening somewhere.

Griffin still misses her and wants her in his arms, but she is an angel, and he is a human. Griffin lays down back on his pillows and tries to go to sleep.

Monica strokes his crunchy dark brown her, as she tries her best to soothe his broken heart, and get him to sleep. Griffin looked so handsome and sexy to Monica that made her heart beat even faster and made her feel so in love with him. Monica then places her small right hand to Griffin’s giant hand and her invisible fingers lace with his.

As the first rays of the sun shown through the night sky, Monica knows she has to leave. She gets up from her spot and moves over to where Griffin’s face is. Monica lightly strokes back Griffin’s fine hair, and very tenderly, she leans in and she leaves a soft featherlike kiss on Griffin’s mouth she lingers there a few heartbeats more to look upon his sleeping body. Then as the golden light hits Griffin’s room, Monica vanishes in with the golden light.

Griffin awoke to Sarah’s hand on his shoulder. “Daddy…..Daddy. Wake up sleepy head.”

Very tiredly, he opens one of his eyes, “What time is it?”

“It’s about 8:00 AM,” Sarah said.

“Why are you home?” Griffin asked getting up knowing he has to be at work by nine that morning.

“Don’t you remember, I have no school today….records day for teachers,” Sarah said as a fact.

“Right, I forgot crazy night last night,” Griffin said.

“Did you see her?” Sarah asked.

“Who?” Griffin spun around on his heels as he reaches for his bathrobe and towel to take a quick shower. He looked at his daughter he was sitting at the edge of his bed.

“Monica……I heard you talking in the middle of the night.” Sarah said sounded a bit of sadness.

“No. But I got a strange feeling that she was with me last night. Like I was in distressed, and for some reason, I felt peace and had a peaceful night I hadn’t had in awhile. I know it doesn’t make much sense.” Griffin admitted.

“Really? This is coming from you. My dad who didn’t even believe that angels existed, is saying that he now believes it’s true!” Sarah said with happiness.

Griffin smiled at that, “well when I am kind of in love with one it’s hard not to believe. Now I got to go and take a shower. I’m running a bit late. I love you princess.” Griffin bent down to kiss his daughter’s forehead. “You are the only girl I love. You know that right.”

“Yes, daddy….I know, but I hate to break the news for ya, but I’m not the only girl that you love.” Sarah said looking up at her father. And for the first time, she sees her father’s heartbroken. “You know that she loves you. I think that she will come back to us..”

Griffin looks at his daughter, “Sarah, honey, she is an angel. She may never come back, and we both have to accept that.”

Sarah looks at her father, then she looks at him, “I still don’t believe she will be gone forever. Maybe she wants to live out her life as a human. The way I looked at her when she came to visit me in my drams daddy, she yearns to be with us, and especially for you.”

“Honey that could be years, if not eternally. Sweetheart as much as I love her, we got to move on and live out our lives, not live out on the possibility that she may come back.” Roan is trying to think realistically on this subject and tell his daughter the truth. When Sarah heard what her father was saying to her, face drops from disbelief and her gaze dropped from her father’s as tears begin to form.

Griffin knew he had crushed his daughter’s heart, but she had to her the truth and face reality. He gently sits down with his daughter, as he knows she is struggling to cope with it. “I know how much you adore and love her, and I can see you have grown very fond of the idea of Monica being your mother. To tell you the truth Sarah, I wish she were. But we got to be realistic about it, and accept that her existence with us is gone. I know it hurts to say it. But she will want us to. Even if it means, letting go of the idea of having her in our lives, and for allowing us to love another person.”

Sarah looks up at her father, “You mean, forgetting that Monica ever came into our lives. Daddy that is not right. Monica made this family real again. I don’t want to forget about her.”

Griffin strokes his daughter’s head, “I’m not saying that we forget about her, but to move on and loving someone else. Monica would want that.”

Sarah shook her head refusing to listen and accepting her father’s words, “I won’t give up. Monica will come back into our lives again.” Then Sarah leaves her father’s bedroom, and she bounds down the stairs.

Griffin’s heart hurts to see Sarah broken hearted again, of losing another person she had grown fond of. What will happen if he chooses to fall for another woman? Will Sarah be accepting to love her back? He knew this would be a problem of letting his guard down, and falling for Monica. Not only is it tormenting his heart, but it is breaking his daughters as well because she too has fallen for Monica to be her mother.

Monica was sitting on a desert rock, looking despair and heartbroken, knowing that she has to make her choice, to live life as an angel or live a life as a human being. Monica had the same choice years before, of falling from grace, to live her life out as human, with a husband and kids, but she refused. Not the temptation is back again, and this time stronger than ever.

Monica’s heart was torn in both directions. The day she disappeared from Griffin was devastated, and she felt like her heart was crumbling all around. It has been two months since her disappearance, and still, Monica can’t seem to get him and Sarah off her mind. Monica gazed into the desert sun and wished to be back into Griffin’s arms again. No matter how many times she had been told by many of the other angels that she would soon forget them, but the love she feels for them is too strong to ever let it go. She has already been on seven assignments and each one she has been on for the past eight weeks, and she feels lost between heaven and earth; for the love of her heavenly Father, and for her romantic love with Griffin.

Monica closes her eyes, and prays to God, Oh heavenly Father, why does my heart feel so lost. I know your love; I felt it in me the day you created me from the very soils of my beloved Ireland. But why does my heart feel broken without the warmth and love from one of your children? Why do I still love Roan Griffin and his daughter Sarah? What have I done to my heart? Please tell me if I had made a terrible mistake. Suddenly a familiar voice shook Monica out of her thoughts as she slowly turns around to see who was speaking to her.

“Monica? I thought I might find you here.” A woman said behind her.

Monica looked up at the woman, and her eyes watered up, and she leaped from her spot to embrace the one person she wanted to hear from. Monica sobbed into the woman, as she pours out her anger, hurt, and brokenness. “Tess…..I missed you so much.”

“I know baby, I know. I also heard about what had happened.” Tess answered.

Monica pulled out of her best friend’s arms. “So you know what I have done.”

“Yes, and so does Sam. Baby, what happened?” Tess said as she figured what had already happened.

Monica knows there was no sense into lying to Tess, so Monica told her everything, “I don’t know what had happened. I just…….I let Roan and Sarah get too close to my heart, and I fell in love with both of them, Tess. I didn’t want it to happen, but it just did.”

“You’re telling me that you have fallen in love with your assignment?” Tess said as she stroked Monica’s soft brownish red hair.

“Yes. Not just romantically but, also as a mother too. Tess, what is wrong with me?” Monica asked and didn’t know what to do, or how to handle her new feelings. “I can’t do my job as an angel because I keep thinking about him, and his tender kiss, and the way he looks at me. I’m just so confused; I don’t know where my heart lies. It’s torn between here and down on earth with him.”

Tess knows what Monica will choose because it was already written for her. Tess looks at her, “Monica you know the answer to the question you just asked yourself.”

Monica looks to her best friend, “Honestly Tess, I don’t. I know it is wrong to love a human, but it is so hard to let go, of my love for them. Why is it so hard to let go of my love for this family, it physically pains me to say goodbye.”

Tess stroke Monica’s hair, “If you never loved them, it would be easier to forget them. Monica, a love between a man and a woman, is holy too, and loving Roan Griffin the way you do, doesn’t mean you love God less..” Monica looks up at her as she was shocked to hear this from her. Then Tess eyes her, “I’ve been watching over you since you were first assigned to him. It was hard for me to accept it at first, but the way he looked at you the night he gave you that,” Tess pauses as she looked at Monica’s necklace that’s wrapped around her milky white flesh. Tess continued, “and the way you looked at him, I knew I lost my angel girl. You are the answer to Sarah Griffin’s prayer.” Tess explains near tears saying to her that she should go to him. “Follow your heart Monica…..that is why the Father gave free will, to both humans and angels.”

Monica stared at Tess in disbelief with tears in her eyes, knowing that this will be the last time to ever see or hear from Tess. “Tess…No I …I can’t be the one who has fallen from grace.” Monica stood up and took a few steps away from Tess when she stated that.

Tess was now in tears too. “Baby….you fell from grace the moment that boy had crossed your path. The Father had a plan to have you meet that boy so that you could teach his heart how to love himself, and the Father again and so that he could love someone back. What you must find out is how God wants you to spend your love.”

Monica still unwilling to hear what Tess is saying to her. She closes her eyes, as tears fell from them. Then she looks back onto Tess, “But what about you? If I choose to live life out as a human, I will never hear from you again, until I die. I don’t want to say goodbye to you. You are more than my best friend, Tess.”

Tess nods to that, “I know baby, but you are miserable to continue being an angel. You are no good to your future assignments with your heart in constant heartache over him.” Tess embraces her, “it is not like we will never see each other again. There will be a time, where you and I will reunite when your life is fulfilled down on earth. Monica, I want you to be happy, whatever you decide. ”

Monica holds onto Tess and cries with her because Monica knows that Tess wants Monica to be happy. And her happiness is no longer in heaven but on earth, with him. “Oh, Tess, why is this so hard to choose?”

Suddenly Gloria came into view as she came to Tess’s side. Monica looks at Gloria, as she came to her and Tess. Monica looks at the two of them, then out on the horizon. She looks back on the two of them, “I think I need time and prayer to think this through.”

Monica walks away from them a bit, to sit on a lone rock that faces the east side. Monica closes her eyes as she felt the warmth of the sun hitting her face.
A flashback of her life flashed through her mind when she came to this same decision back when she walked away from her assignment. Now the temptation is back again, and the voice from the enemy crept back into Monica’s mind.

“Must be something, huh, to carry a life inside you, no angel can do that.”

“I always imagined what it feels like to be a mother.”

“Nobody loves you like a child does. Sure they can disappoint you, but that’s life.”

“I know who you are, and I know who I am. Perhaps I have lost my way. Perhaps my faith has been shaken, but I am still an angel, I am still His.”

“Where is he?”

“Where he’s always been. He didn’t walk away, I did, but I’m going back, and I will find him again.”

“Where at Madeline’s grave. Year after year, century after century, Monica, you watched the suffering and the sorrow. All you can stand by and utter the words that sound more hollow every time you say them, ‘God loves you.’”

“He does.”

“Why does he allow such suffering?”

“Because there is free will.”

“Why is there free will?”

“Because if there were no free will, there would be no choice to love.”

“Yes exactly, you have that choice too.”

“Why would I give up entirely in heaven, for a few short years, among the very ones who break my heart every single day.”

“You don’t understand the terrible things humans do, because you never live with the passion they feel. It’s a passion for life. Angels can never have. It could be your life Monica, and it is a pretty good one if you think about it.”

Then the moments past as she reflects on her time with Roan and Sarah. The way Sarah accepted her a mother, and the many times they spent laughing and bonding over. Then, moments with Roan Griffin.

The way he looked deep into her eyes, as she blushes every time he smiled at her. And the way she slowly begins to open up Roan’s heart, to let love come back into his life again. What attracted Monica toward Griffin, was his love for his daughter. Then the way he taught her how to dance with him passionately and for once have fun and forget she ever was an angel. And finally, the moment when she had her first real kiss with him. The way he had kissed her, made her heart ache because she so long to be loved so tenderly by someone.

Monica then raises her eyes to the morning sky of the desert and looks to God for guidance, about her choice. ”Father, why am I so broken. Why is this choice the hardest choice I have to make? Why does my heart to love Roan Griffin and his daughter? Please, Father. Help me make the right choice. Do I belong here in heaven, or down on earth, with him? Will you still love me, if I choose to fall to earth and live out my life with Roan Griffin?”Monica had tears in her eyes as she closes her eyes to hear God’s voice. There was a cooing near her, as she felt his presence. Monica got her answer as the bird flew off into the sunrise.

Monica thanked God and asked him for forgiveness as she made her choice to leave heaven, to live among his children. After a long while of being in prayer, Monica made her decision. She turns to go back to where Tess and Gloria are waiting, “I made my choice, I am going to give up my existence.”

Gloria looks to Monica, “Are you sure?”

Monica nods, “I can’t be an angel if I am still in love with a human. I can’t use my gift that God gave to me, to teach others if my heart is not in it anymore.”

Gloria was saddened to hear Monica’s choice, but she sees Monica’s viewpoint. “If you feel you are led to this, then I will support you.”

Monica looks to Tess, “Tess?”

“Whatever makes you happy baby, I will support that.” Tess gave a bittersweet smile.

Monica looked at Tess then back at Gloria, “Could you look after Jenny for me. She needs an angel she can trust, and I would love it if you would train her. You’ve grown so much since I met you, and I think you are ready. Oh and here….” Monica pauses pulling the car keys out of the tan pocket of her coat and tries to hand them to Gloria.

Gloria looked at Monica in shock, as she backs up from them, “I can’t Monica…Tess gave it to you.” Gloria looked at Tess and then back at Monica.

“And I’m giving it to you. I won’t need this anymore, and it should be with an angel. So I figure that you should have it so that you could go on many adventures with that red Cadillac. It belongs in heaven with angels.” Monica said still offering the car keys to the red Cadillac to Gloria.

Tess looked at Monica and then to Gloria, and nods to Gloria. Gloria steps forward and touches Monica’s hand, and then she closes Monica’s palm, and looks into her eyes, “Thanks for the gift, but the car is your present. Tess gave it to you as a symbol of her love for you. It should be with you and your family. Consider it a heavenly gift to your friends up here who are watching over you.” Gloria smiles through her tears.

Monica bits back her lower lip and swallows her tears as Gloria gave up Tess’s car for her. Then Gloria goes and embraces Monica for the last time, as Monica makes her way to live life as a human. “You are the greatest friend anyone could have. Thank you for being mine, and for teaching me everything I needed to know.”

Monica smiles as she said, “Thanks for being mine too. I love you.”

Gloria steps aside to let Monica and Tess have a moment. Monica sheds more tears as she kissed her best friend’s cheeks goodbye and murmured I love you to Tess. Tess took a step back as she looks upon Monica’s face one last time. Then she and Gloria turn and fade into the distance to leave Monica alone on the cliff side, with her decision to fall from grace. Monica looked to the heavens, as God transfers her from the desert to the outskirts of Gracie, New York. Monica is now standing on a tall building looking down on the busy nightlife before her. With one last thought, Monica softly whispered, thank you, my heavenly father, I will always love you, and I will love Griffin until you call me back. This is your will for me, then let it be done. Then Monica takes a step forward with eyes closed, and she falls from heaven to become human.

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