Fallen Angel Part 2

By Stephanie Kwiatkowski

Drama / Romance

First Date

Monica awoke with sun peering through her window. She smiles as she felt the warm light hitting her face. She slowly rises and climbs out of her bed and pulls a small blanket over her shoulders as she places her small feet on the soft white carpet. Monica wanted to feel the sun on her skin, so she walks out of her bedroom, and strolls to her apartment slider door in her small living room, and opens it up to stand on her small balcony.

She places her bare feet on the cool wood of the white balcony that overlooked a small park. There were dewdrops of water on the grass 10 feet below, as well as some form on the railing of the balcony. Monica smiled as she closes her eyes, to feel the warm light hitting her face, as she felt God’s love passing through her body and touching her spirit. She may not be an angel anymore, but she can still feel his holy presences and hear his voice calling to her soul. Monica can’t hear his voice as strongly anymore since she was an angel, but she knows that her heart is always listening to his call.

Monica stayed out on the balcony for about 10 minutes more, and then she strolls back into her apartment to figure out what to do for the remaining part of her day, before her official date with Roan Griffin. Every time Monica says his name on her tongue she couldn’t help but to smile. She loves him so much that it was driving Monica crazy. If she could, she would spend all day wrapped up in Griffin’s arms and never letting go.

Monica pushes her romantic feelings aside, and focus on what job to go for. Now that she is living she has to make an income of some kind to pay for the rent. Monica loves children and had several experiences with being a teacher. She loves to teach high school, and one of her favorite subjects was English. She knows that she has to take a course at a local college to get her teaching degree, but that will be later. Monica wanted to teach juniors and seniors because also she is good at counseling people too.

Monica made her morning coffee, and for the next hour and a half, she has been looking at the paper deciding on where to look for school teaching jobs. She found a high school is looking for a part-time teacher right here in Gracie. The high school was called Wilson High. Monica looked at the ad, and it stated now hiring. She smiles to herself and thought to give it a try. She looks at herself, and she knows that she needs a shower.

Monica was still somewhat new to the human world, and she tumbles through her bathroom cupboards to find some shampoo and soap to wash her with. Monica turned on the shower and heard the spray of water hitting the shower curtain. Monica chose the right temperature of water to have her shower. She slowly takes off her robe, and gently stripes out of her pajamas and for once she felt uncertain about being naked. She gave a nervous smile and steps into the pool of running water. Monica slowly puts her body under the fountain of water that was flowing down. She smiled as the warm liquid hit her face and it drenched her hair. This was Monica’s first shower as a human, and she felt relaxed as she let the water pour through her skin and cleansing it, making it pure.

It took Monica about a good 45 minutes to take a nice hot long shower to clean herself and to feel the warmness of the water soaking her body. Finally, Monica gets out of the shower and dries herself off. She warps her light pink robe around her small frame, as the steam from her shower fogged up the bathroom mirror clouding her image. She places the towel around her head to somewhat dry off her short reddish-brown hair. Monica then goes to her room to select the outfit to wear to get the job offer.

Monica soon got dress and blow dries her hair as she styles it with her brush. She smiles at the new woman looking at her in the mirror. She had to admit that she looked sexy and beautiful. Then she left her room and grabbed her coat and Tess’s car keys and turns to leave her home for the day to find a job.

Griffin was up early and for once had a smile on his face. He finally got Monica back in his life again and was still shocked to have her as a human. She gave up her eternal life existence to be with him and his daughter. And Griffin prayed about it for weeks to have Monica in his arms again. This morning he stepped out onto his porch and looked to the heavens to thank God for her. She was everything to him, and he wanted Monica to know that. Griffin didn’t know what Monica did, but he now is taking small steps to trust God in his blind faith.

It was a somewhat chilly morning, but Griffin didn’t mind the coolness. It was the middle of March, and Griffin loves the weather of spring and summer. Griffin sits on the swing and rocks back and forth thinking of Monica’s lovely smile. Just then he heard the screen door shake as little Sarah comes out onto the porch.

“Morning,” Sarah said in her usual voice.

“Morning to you too, pumpkin.” Griffin eyes her as he scooted over for his little girl to sit beside him. Whatever had happened between him and his daughter of hostile is now gone. He was happy to have his little girl back, and that she seems not to be mad at him.

“So…I how are you feeling?” Sarah asked playing dumb upon what she saw last night.

“I’m feeling okay. You?” Griffin said taking a sip of his coffee.

“I’m fine,” Sarah recalls as she tries to hide her excitement.

Griffin soon caught onto it, “Okay Sarah what is it?”

“What’s what?” Sarah stated still acting dumb.

“Why you’re acting this way? Is something you want to share?” Griffin asked facing his daughter.

“Nothing…Why didn’t you tell me that Monica is back?” Sarah asked letting go of her happiness.

Griffin caught short then he sets down his coffee, “I was going to tell you….I didn’t know that she had come back when I saw her last night, and things well got out of hand.” Griffin confessed. Then Griffin looked at his daughter, and she was laughing and giggling. “What’s so funny?”

Sarah took a moment to pull herself together before she spoke, “I know all about the ‘kind of got out of hand.’ I saw you two kissing last night before she left.”

Griffin smiled to that, and pulled his daughter into a hug, “You were supposed to be asleep.”

“I heard laughter, and then Monica’s accent and I knew that is not the same person you left with last night. And to be honest daddy, I don’t like you and Sandy together. She doesn’t fit well with you, I mean, you two don’t chemically match that well. It all just felt off.” Sarah confessed.

Griffin looked at his daughter, “Well, you don’t have to worry about that. Although it did kind of hurt that you were angry at me. So you don’t approve of me dating Sandy huh?” Sarah nods in agreement.

Sarah looks eye to eye with her father this time, “I’m sorry dad. I was angry with you for, not thinking with your heart. Even I can sense that Sandy was after lust, not love, and I was trying to protect your heart from getting used. Besides, you and Monica belong together. She completes us, daddy. And she changed you for the better. The past week when you were with Sandy, you begin to slip into your old self. I love you, dad, you know that, but when you were with her you just….felt like a stone cold person again.” Sarah admitted.

Griffin looked at his daughter at that moment and realized that Sarah was right. Monica did change him for the better, and now that she is back he felt a new man. Griffin softly stated, “Well…thank you for your honesty. You don’t have to worry about that anymore. It is over with Sandy. And my official date with Monica is tonight, and no you cannot come.”

Sarah gave a sour look as well as a snort, “Like I want to join you two. Dad, you need time with her and face it, you two act like love-struck teens. No thanks, I will pass. But I’m happy for you…and Dad…don’t be too much of yourself and try not to go overboard of making out with her. You don’t want to scare her away.”

Griffin laughed at his daughter to that, and Sarah quickly joined in, “Okay I won’t…thanks sweetheart for some ‘pre-teen’ advice.”

Sarah smiles back, “you’re welcome dad.” Sarah then asks her father the question she had been trying to ask for the past four months, “Dad….are you thinking about marrying Monica?”

“What?” Griffin looks into his daughter’s eyes.

“You know getting down on one knee, taking Monica’s hand in marriage?” Sarah explains.

“I know that…it’s why all of a sudden you want me to marry her?” Griffin asks his daughter.

“Because…you love her dad. I haven’t seen you look at another woman since mom left us. And you didn’t even have the same love with mom the way you do with Monica. And well I want her to be my mother…she loves both of us, and I desperately want a mom.” Sarah confesses.

“Sarah…marriage it takes time. Your mother and I had to take time to build upon our relationship. You can’t marry someone right away when you are in love. And Monica and I haven’t even started to date each other. I know that you want a mother, and I want you to have one. Honestly, I don’t know what will happen in the future with Monica..” Griffin stated.

“But do you at least wonder what it will be like if she was you know, your wife, and that you will have more kids?” Sarah asks again.

“Sometimes I do yes. But sweetie we don’t need to talk about marriage and having kids. Monica and I just got back together, and we are working at our relationship. Are you asking me this because you want another sibling to fight over makeup, and clothes with is that it?” Griffin asks trying to understand what Sarah wants.

“Somewhat. I’m asking you that because I want Monica to be my mother, and I also want you to start a family with her, and I feel so lonely without a brother or a sister.” Sarah looks to her father, and she saw the light in his eyes.

“You really thought about this haven’t you.” Griffin looked amazed.

“To tell you the truth I’ve been wishing and praying to God about this since my 6th birthday. After when mom left. I just wanted you to be happy again. And I know that mom will never come back for me. She made that decision when she bailed out on us. And I can tell that Monica will never run. She loves me and you too much to do so.” Sarah pauses and stares at her father. “I’m not saying that mom never loved us, but she didn’t stick around long enough.”

“Sarah….she did love you. I’ve been holding this in because you were just too little to understand when all of this happened. Your mother didn’t want this life. She didn’t want to be married to me and wanted to live her old wildlife before she fell in love with me. I remember the look on Crystal’s face, your mother when they place you in her arms. She did have a love for you. I don’t know what happened and why she chose to walk out of our lives. But that doesn’t mean that she never did love you. And it hurts to tell my child that her mother didn’t want to be in this family. Still hurts me to this day.” Griffin confessed.

“It’s okay daddy. I have you, and that’s all that matters.” Sarah stated.

Griffin leans to his daughter, “Can I get a hug now?”

Sarah didn’t say a word but encircle her arms around her father. Then she whispers to her dad’s ear, “I love you, daddy.”

Griffin closes his eyes, and held his daughter, “I love you too my baby girl.”

Monica stands at the entrance to Wilson High School, and she braces herself to go in. As Monica bounds up the steps to the building, she feels a little uncertain about going for a job as a teacher, but she loved kids and wanted to spend time with them as a mentor and to be a guiding voice in each one of their hearts. Like she had done for so many other teens in her past when she was an angel. Since she fell to earth, she wanted to stay connected to her angel side some way. And becoming an English teacher is one way she could do that.

Monica came up to the receptions desk and softly stated, “Ah sir I um….I was wondering if your boss is still hiring any teachers for a job here?”

The man at the desk looks up from his paperwork and gazes at Monica. He had a tan face with freckles on his nose and cheeks, and his eyes were chestnut color eyes that glowed when he looked at Monica’s breast. He also had sandy brownish hair with little sideburns at the sides of his temples. The man looked up into Monica’s eyes, and he gave a charming smiled, “She’s in a meeting right now, but I sure can take a message for her. Your name is?”

Monica gave a kind smile to him, “Monica, and thanks,” she pauses and looks at the name on his receptions desk, “Ted.”

Ted blush when she said his name, “So…what is an Irish lady looking for a job here in this school anyway?”

“Oh, I always wanted to work with kids and be a teacher. And I also want to help high school students to figure out where they stand in this world, and how they can make a difference.” Monica said.

Ted smiles and leans his back in his chair, “Well if I was the head boss I will hire you, but you got to convince her and not me. Otherwise, I will place you in with a job here. What subjects were you thinking of teaching?”

“Well….I always loved English, and quite good at it.” Monica pointed out.

“Um…well we do have a teacher that is retiring later on this year, and he teaches juniors and seniors English.” Ted smiles. Monica’s eyes sparkled to that, and she gave a smile back.

“Ted! Will you stop drooling over this woman…don’t you have attended to be looking at?” An African American woman shouted behind Ted. At that, Ted bowed his head in shame and strolled over to the file cabinets to pull out the list.

“Sorry about that. Ted is filler in today. I’m Mary the principle here at this school. How can I help you?” Mary introduces herself.

“Monica. I was wonder about the job hiring here?” Monica gave a nervous smile, “But I can come back another day to discuss it.”

“No…please come into my office,” Mary said. Mary led Monica down to her office and offers a seat to Monica. Monica politely acknowledges it and sits down facing Mary’s front desk. Mary then looked at Monica. “So, Monica….do you have a teaching degree or some experience that you had in the past.”

“Well….I did a few substituting jobs at different high schools out in Utah. I also had been a sub in English too.” Monica explained. She was hoping to impress Mary with her job experience as a teacher.

“umm…well Monica, unfortunately, I don’t have any positions open in English for this moment in time. However next week I’m going to have the school board look at my staff, and we have to make some cuts in some works. I hate to do this, but time is money, and right now the school budget is really tight. I’ll look into it, and maybe I’ll see if the board will allow you to be hired. Do you have a resume that I can send over?” Mary eyed Monica, and Monica gave a nervous glance.

Then something unusual happened, and Monica look in her small, and some of her angel friends must have sent it there. Monica smiled and handed her resume to Mary. Mary looked at it and smiled at Monica, ” I see you have an impressive resume. Well, I’ll call you in a week Monica and set up an interview okay?” Monica smiles and hands Mary her home phone number as well as her cell.

Monica gave her thanks to Mary, and left Mary’s office and heads back out to the main office. There she runs into Ted again, and she waves goodbye to him. It made her laugh when Ted fumbles over his chair as he watches her leave. As soon as Monica came out of the office, she is met by Kerry.

“Monica?” Kerry asks in shock.

Monica turns to face her, “Hi, I was just leaving.”

“What…ah…What are you doing here?” Kerry asks.

“Looking for a job, but I don’t think they will hire me.” Monica sounded a bit disappointed.

“No…What are you doing here? Last time you were here you left and broke Griffin’s heart. Why are you back?” Kerry said not sounded please to have Monica back.

Monica looked at Kerry and thought she would be glad to have her back. Before she disappeared out of plain sight, Kerry was starting to become Monica’s friend. Now she is acting upon hostile toward her. She wanted to tell her the truth, but she knows if she does, she will be laughed at. So Monica tries to explain it the best way she could to Kerry. Without telling her, she was an angel, “Kerry….I didn’t mean to do that……just things got complicated with my job, and then falling in love with Griffin just made it even more complicated. I’m sorry that I hurt him, but I left my job for him and Sarah, and I’m staying.”

Kerry still had a glare in her eye, but she softens her look to face Monica, “You know, I thought you were like Crystal, leaving when things got too much for you. When I came to comfort Griffin over his broken heart, I honestly thought that you acted on like his ex-wife. I don’t know, but there is something about you that makes me believe that your love for him is real.”

Monica smiles to that, “Well if it makes you feel any better, Griffin and I are now dating. I just came here for a job and making some changes to live my life here. Is everyone mad at me?”

Kerry took a deep breath and then fixed her gaze at Monica, “We are a little mad and disappointed. The whole town thinks you bailed on Griff…because of the responsibility to raise Sarah. But now I heard gossip from a few teachers today saying that they saw you and Griffin at Lou’s Bar and the little bitch fight between you and Sandy. Is that true?”

Monica gave a smile to that, and then Kerry joined in, “I didn’t mean for that to happen. I was hoping to see Griffin again. Look I don’t want to cause trouble. But I understand if you don’t trust me.”

Kerry eyes her, “I appreciate your honesty Monica, a lot more honesty to justify your actions, unlike Crystal.”

Monica smiles, and then she gently said, “so can we friends again? I understand if you want to start over and rebuild…”

Kerry smiles even brighter and nods to that, “As long as you don’t vanish like that again and leaving Griffin and Sarah.”

“I don’t think that will ever happen. Because I love them both so very much, and it will break my heart ever to be apart from them, which is why I chose to leave my job.” Monica admitted.

“Well I got to go, my class starts in like 5 minutes. Nice to see you Monica, and hope you and Griffin enjoy each other. He loves you. I never see Griffin so in love like he is with you. He never even had that look when he was with Crystal.” Kerry said.

Monica smiles to that, “Thanks. I’ll keep in touch. Bye.” Monica leaves Wilson High School and makes her way to a local college class where she signed up for some college classes to get a teachers degree. Her first class will begin tomorrow at 4. Monica has never been in college, and she was a bit nervous to do so. But she wanted a job at Wilson, as an English teacher. She will give up her time with Griffin and Sarah to do it, if necessary.

Monica finishes her day by crashing on her sofa in her apartment and crack open a book to read when she realizes her date. Monica quickly showered and ran into her room to decide on what outfit to wear. It took Monica about a half hour on the outfit that will catch Griffin’s eye. Monica chose a stunning black top that held her female figure and gave her some cleavage to show to. And tight fitting jeans that made her look sexy and slimming. Monica wanted this to be a perfect date, and to give Griffin her love for him. She just finished applying makeup on her face when she heard a knock on the door. Monica formed a smile on her face and applied some sweet-scented perfume to her neck as she turns off the bathroom light and heads to the door, where Griffin awaits behind it.

Griffin was a bit nervous to go on a date with Monica, but he also was excited too. His love for her had increased in the past few days since she came back, and all Griffin wanted to do was hold her tight and love her. Griffin wanted this date to be spectacular, and he wanted to leave a good impression on Monica afterward.

“All set for your date daddy?” Sarah said poking her face in his bedroom.

“Still working on it. I need some help on what tie I should wear.” Griffin admitted.

Sarah rolled eyes as she approaches her father’s bathroom, “Are you decent?”

“Yes, sweetheart I’m decent,” Griffin responded. The next instant Sarah was in the doorway to his small bathroom. Griffin held up a red, black, and blue tie for Sarah to choose from. Sarah looked at each one and held up one to her father’s mighty chest.

“Defiantly go with the navy blue…it brings out your eyes. Monica melts whenever she looks into them, so go with that.” Sarah smiled.

“How do you know that?” Griffin asks.

“Dad, you are so blind. Whenever Monica stares into your eyes, she blushes and smiles her sexy smile to you. I know these things because I used to watch the chemistry between you two whenever you think I’m not aware of it. Especially when it came to Christmas, and when we got the tree.” Sarah smiled.

“Well, you weren’t supposed to know.” Griffin smiles back.

“I’m a girl dad and almost a teen. I sense these things.” Sarah snickered.

Griffin finish putting his tie on himself then turns to look at Sarah, “Well…how do I look?”

Sarah giggles as she replies, “very handsome, dad. Oh…you need to add this.” Sarah hands her father a bottle of Axe scented to make her father smell more manly and attractive. “Woman love cologne on men. And well Axe is your scent. And bring her flowers. Her favorite is pink and white tulips.”

“You really thought about this have you,” Griffin smiles as he applies a squirt or two of Axe on his chest and neck.

“Yes, and you and Mon need time together to make up. Now come on, you are running late.” Sarah ordered.

“Hold on. She’s not going anywhere.” Griffin chuckled.

“Yeah well, you don’t want to be late. You need to impress her, so go to her apartment a bit early so that you can make a good impression on her.” Sarah squealed with excitement.

“I think already made an impression on her. Besides I still need a babysitter for you.” Griffin stated. “What about Mrs. Wilson?”

Sarah smiles, “Not her. Besides she has her monthly opera thing, she goes to. Plus Monica set one up. It’s one of her ‘angel’ friends. And she should be arriving right about now.”

Just then the doorbell rang, and Sarah ran out of Griffin’s bedroom and ran to the door to greet their guest. Sarah looked onto a white female with burnet hair and a black frame around her eyes. She must be wearing glasses. She greeted Sarah with a friendly smile, “Hello, and you must be little Sarah that my friend Monica told me so much about.”

“Yup…and you are,” Sarah asks the strange woman back.

“My name is Gloria, and well I’m your sitter for the night, while um…your father and my friend have a special night together.” Gloria said a bit uncomfortable.

“I know…a date.” Sarah smiles.

Just then Griffin came into view as he greets Gloria, and looks at this woman, “I’m Roan Griffin, Sarah’s father.”

“I know, Monica told me.” Gloria gave a smile to him.

“Words travel fast up in heaven don’t they?” Griffin said with a shock.

“A bit yes, but Monica and I go way back. She’s my best friend you know.” Gloria admitted. “You two have a fun night together. I’ll keep watch for your little girl for you.”

Griffin smiled at that and hugged his daughter goodbye. Then gave a shy smile to Gloria. Before Griffin left the house, he went into his study to pull out an old music binder. There it held all of Griffin’s music as well as some sheets of other music. He selected the music he wants Monica to play for him. He stuffs the pieces of papers in his inner jacket and turns to say goodbye to Gloria as he left his house and climbed into his car and headed for the flower shop to buy a small bouquet of flowers that Sarah suggested, then he made his way to Monica’s apartment.

Once Griffin arrives at Monica apartment building his heart was beating so fast that he couldn’t think. He felt like he was 16 all over again and was nervous and happy to go out on a date. Griffin bounds up the steps to her door, which was 2B and stood at her door to take some small deep breaths before knocking. Griffin knocked on Monica’s door three times and a moment or two later he heard some rattling on the door chains as she opens up the door.

As soon as Monica opens the door, Griffin stood there just gazing up and down at her. She gave a shy smile to his response and said very softly, “Hello Roan.”

Griffin trembles at her voice when she said his name, where it took a moment for him to respond, “hi…wow you look just…” Griffin was speechless and lost all trans of thought when he looked into Monica’s sexy brown eyes as she stares back at him.

“Are those for me?” Monica asks as she eyes the bouquet of flowers in Griffin’s arms.

“Yes…Sarah wanted me to buy you some flowers and well..” Griffin started to say but lost his sentience when Monica slightly giggles as she came to him, and plants a small tender kiss on his lips. He hated that she is so beautiful and makes him lose what he is saying.

“You are very charming. And you are so cute when you are nervous.” Monica said after their brief moment of kissing each other. Griffin smiles back at her and hands her the flowers. Monica took them and held up one figure to Griffin’s lips to say. I’ll be right back. And with that Monica went into her apartment and placed the flowers in a small vase, and turns off her lights, and she grabs her small light, red coat, and leaves her apartment.

Monica faces Griffin again and turns to lock her home. “So Roan, where are you taking me?”

Griffin loved the way she said his name, as he answers her back, “It’s a surprise, you’ll see.” Monica smiles at him and came to him and took her hand in his. Griffin gave Monica’s hand a tight squeeze, and together they walked to Griffin’s car hand and hand.

Griffin took Monica to a fancy restaurant where her eyes light up when Monica eyed the art texture of the restaurant. She looks into Griffin’s eyes and his blue gaze twinkle with the dim lighting of the restaurant. “Oh Roan, this is so beautiful, but you really don’t have to do this.” Monica insisted.

“I want to…because. I love you, and I want to show you, why I love you. Plus I want this to be perfect. It’s not every day I fall in love…with an…” Griffin pauses, and he lowered his mouth to Monica’s ear and whispered, ”angel.” Then Griffin slowly pulls back, and Monica gave a lovely smile to him, which made Griffin’s heart melt.

“Good evening, Shall I lead you two to a seating area?” The old waiter asks.

“Yes please,” Griffin said, and he smiles at Monica as the waiter leads them to a small room with a blazing fire in a fireplace and candlelit dinner. There were a few other couples there too, but it was very quiet and very private also. Monica gave a shy smile to Griffin as the waiter showed them a table. Monica sat across from Griffin, as they looked at each other through the burning candlestick.

“You went all out for this didn’t you?” Monica asks after settling into her seat at the table.

“Yeah kind of. I just wanted a nice evening out for the both of us, and also because you are just so beautiful and the sexiest woman I have ever met.” Griffin admitted.

Monica stared at him in awe of what Griffin just said, she never had a man called her sexy before, and she loves the way Griffin said it. Monica couldn’t help but smile at his comment, and her hand found his, and she laces her fingers in with Griffin’s. “I…never had that comment before. You really do know how to impress a woman. And Roan, I find you very sexy too.”

Griffin smiles at her words, and he saw for the first time Monica’s eyes sparkle up with love. “So what would you like to order, you can have whatever you want.”

Monica looked over the menu, and she decides on getting grilled chicken with lemon juice glazed on it, with slow-cooked rice with special seasoning on it. Monica also ordered some sweet tea for her, and Griffin ordered that same drink. About halfway through her meal so gazes up at Griffin, “I uh….I have never been on a date before, and well I don’t know how to act.”

Griffin gave a little chuckle and smiled up at her, “You are doing fine. I love your little shyness. It’ll get better, later on, the whole date thing. First ones are usually awkward and a bit scary, but when I’m with you, I feel less awkward and get to know you on an imitate level now. You touched my heart Mon, and I love you for that. And as I said before, you are so beautiful to me.”

Monica smiles wider as Griffin called her beautiful, and she wanted so very much to go to Griffin and have a long wild lip lock with him right now. But she remains seated as she gently strokes Griffin’s forearm with her small soft fingers. “Well, actually technically if you think about it, all throughout Thanksgiving, and that, we did go out on our date. And we also grew very intimate the whole time leading up to this.”

Griffin smiles too that, “True. Very true there, but that was when I was…”

“Too shy or stubborn to admit you liked me.” Monica eyes him.

“Both.” Griffin caught her gaze. “I honestly was terrified of falling in love again. I didn’t want to be hurt, let alone, hurting Sarah. So I kept myself at a distance for a long time, until you came and broke down my walls, and entered in my heart. And I am grateful for that.”

Monica returns his smile, then she clear her throat some, “So got anything else plan after dinner? Going to your house and cuddle up next to a fire or something?”

“No…you’ll see.” Griffin teased. An hour past, as Griffin and Monica just talked about their lives and feelings and sharing what they both had on their hearts until they were the only couple in the small private room. Monica glazes over at a small stage where a dim blue and purple light has shown through to light up a gorgeous black piano. Monica smiles and walks over to it.

Griffin smiles and follows over to where Monica was, “You like to play it?”

“Is it okay if I do?” Monica asks uncertainly to be doing so.

“Yeah, it’s here for anyone to play. Well, besides local bands scheduled to come in and perform, but right now it is open to the public. Besides I got a request for you.” Griffin said as he begins to pull out of his inner jacket pocket some sheets of music.

Monica gave a curious smile to what Griffin was planning, “And that will be what?”

“I heard you were playing Can You Feel The Love Tonight for Emmalin and Sarah on Thanksgiving night, and well I was hoping that you will play this for me,” Griffin pauses as he hands Monica the sheets of music for her to play. “This has been one of my favorite love songs, and it helped me to get over Crystal. I want to share this song with the woman that I love.” Griffin stares into Monica’s eyes, as he silently hints to her that she is the one. Monica looks into Griffin’s eyes, and in her heart, she knew. And Griffin slowly came to her and lightly kisses Monica’s cheek as she smiles and begins to play The Portrait from Titanic.

Monica has never seen the film of Titanic before, but when she plays the first few notes, she smiles to herself and realizes what song Griffin wanted her to play. She was familiar with the tune My Heart Will Go on because she heard it at some weddings when lovers dance too. Monica was trying so hard not to give into Griffin’s touch, as he kisses her neck as she was in the middle of the song.

Monica was about finished playing the song Griffin selected, but he couldn’t help acting on his human instinct and very gently he begins to kiss the right side of Monica’s neck lightly. Griffin felt the warmth and soft milky white flesh of her skin against his lips, and he knew that at this moment he was lost in her beauty and grace.

Monica soon stops playing, and she turns and looks deep into Griffin’s eyes. Griffin touches Monica’s face with his hand, and then slowly came near her face. Her eyes closed the moment his lips touch hers.

Griffin slowly guides Monica to face him, and very carefully he pulls her into his chest and pushes her up against the piano keys. When that movement happened, it made the thud sound, but neither Monica or Griffin cared, they were too in the moment. Monica found her hands roaming in Griffin’s hair as she gazes upon every strain.

Griffin felt her mouth open wide, which then gave him the invite to move in to taste her. They continue to kiss like that for what seemed like hours, and then very slowly Griffin pulls his lips away from hers, as Monica slowly opens her eyes to look into his. Breathlessly Monica mummers to him, “That….was…the best kiss I ever had…”

Griffin slowly moves his body away from hers and allows Monica to move off the bench. Griffin then catches Monica’s gaze again, and he wanted to kiss her again, but he had to keep it under control. As much as he loved her and wanted to spend eternity in her arms, he also knows that she is still with God and under his rule. Therefore he can’t cross the line with her, even though there are moments where he wanted to. “Well, that was pretty much the end of our date unless you want to go for a walk or something?”

Monica smiles, “I would like that, a walk.”

Griffin smiles as he led her out of the restaurant and walked her down the streets. The towns’ light lit up the streets as a magical path. Monica leans her head against his arms, as he held her. They stopped on a small walkway on a bridge that looks out over the rushing river that ran through this small town. Griffin looks at Monica, as the light illuminates her soft reddish-brown hair. “So you feel like going back to my place.”

Monica smiles at him, “That seems tempting to do.”

“But..” Griffin said sensing her rejection.

“But I got class tomorrow, to get my teachers degree, and that is more 5th date, kind of thing,” Monica stated.

“Teaching huh,” Griffin stated. Monica nods. Then Griffin looks to her, “What subject?”

“English. I always loved it back in my days of you know what. And well, I just thought maybe in some ways I can still keep my identity as an angel by helping out teens, and have works of literature inspire them and writing their own lives or something.” Monica explains. “Since I am now living, I need some job or an income.”

“Well since you said teens, I am guessing high school,” Griffin stated.

“That is my plan,” Monica replies.

“Kerry works at the high school. She is a Psychology teacher there.” Griffin said.

“I know. I met her when I came out from talking with the principle.” Monica looks out over the water. “She is mad at me.”

Griffin looks at her and places his hand on hers, “Give them time, they will come around.”

“And what if they don’t. How do you explain my absence from you, without telling them the truth.” Monica stated. Then she eyes him, “You haven’t told them, have you? About me, being an angel.”

Griffin cast a look at her. Then he let out a sigh, “I did to Chris. He has known me my whole life, Monica, and he knows when I am keeping secrets from him. But he is the only one I told, and I am hoping he didn’t tell anyone else.” Griffin admitted.

Monica nods to that. “Do you think we should tell?”

Griffin looks at her, “Mon, if you tell, the whole town will know. Trust me. You don’t want that to happen. People will look at you oddly; it just is not a good idea. I think we should keep who you were, under wraps, this way they don’t think I am crazy for falling in love with, an angel. I am trying to protect you.”

Monica nods. “I appreciate that. But I am not talking about the whole town, just well, Kerry, Kristin, and Brian. I hate to have to lie to them, of why I was pulled away from you. I want to be close to them, like before, and I don’t want to keep secrets.”

Griffin sighs, “You really want that?”

Monica nods, “Yes, I do.”

Griffin nods and respects her decision. “Okay. If you feel you are led to do so, I won’t stop you.”

“Thank you.” Monica smiles.

Griffin then changes the subject, “So how about I take you home.”

Monica looks to him, “That sounds nice.”

Griffin and Monica walk back to Griffin’s car as he drove her to her apartment. When he drops her off, he kills the engine, and he walks her to her door. Monica hesitant to unlock the door, as she felt her heartbeat to increase when she felt his stare on hers. Monica turns to look at him as this was the end of their first date. “Well goodnight, Griffin. I had a lovely evening with you.”

Griffin wanted to do more than say good night, and Monica felt the hunger in his blue depths. Griffin very tenderly slips his arms around her waist, as he stares down into her eyes. Monica smiles as he begins to lower his mouth to hers. Monica slowly closes her eyes, as she felt his lips on hers. Griffin sunk into kissing her then. Monica wraps her arms around his firm neck as he gently guides her back to press against her door. His manly scent filled her nose as she breathes in his cologne. Griffin then slips his tongue to hers, as his hands laced to hers. A few more heart beats more then he pulls his mouth away from hers. Monica stares at him as she wanted more of him just then. Then he smiles as he very tenderly spoke to her, “Goodnight my sweet Monica.”

Monica’s cheeks flush when he said her name and felt a little aroused by that kiss. And all she could do was let out a giddy chuckle. She then turns and heads into her home, and after locking her door, she goes to the window to watch Griffin drive away. Monica soon slips out of her evening clothes, and change into her pj’s, then read up on her assignment as she heads to bed. When she climbs into her bed, she couldn’t stop thinking of Roan Griffin, and couldn’t wait until the next time she sees him.

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