Fallen Angel Part 2

By Stephanie Kwiatkowski

Drama / Romance

Bonding With Sarah

It has been two days since Monica and Griffin had their first official date. Monica just finished her college class at 6:30 pm and heading to Griffin’s. She wanted to rekindle the bond she had with Sarah. Monica soon drives up to Griffin’s house as Sarah was shooting some hoops in the side yard. Monica smiles, as she watches Sarah dribble the ball, and have the perfect technique to do a layup. Monica has no idea if Sarah will accept her back. She knows Sarah has abandonment issues, and it won’t be easy to restore what once was broken.

Monica climbs out of the car as she strolls over to the fence as she watches Sarah. Sarah then turned, and in her amazement, she stopped playing basketball and ran across the pavement to greet Monica and ran into her arms.

“I missed you so much!” Sarah said with a muffle in Monica’s chest.

Monica bent down to be eye level with Sarah, as she tucks the locks of her hair behind her ears. “I missed you too, Sarah. I promise I am here to stay.”

Sarah smiles at that and hugs her once more. “I love you.”

Monica closes her eyes as she embraces the child, “I love you too, my sweet Sarah.”

Sarah led Monica up the porch as the two of them sat down on the swing. Once the two of them settled on the swing, Sarah began to ask questions, “So dad told me shortly after your date, that you fell to earth?”

Monica looks down on the child, “Yes, that is true.”

“Why?” Sarah followed up.

Monica gazes out into the distance for a moment before she answers her question, “Because I wanted to be in your life Sarah, as well as your father’s. I knew, in my heart, it physically pained me to ever let go of my love for you both. And I also know having my heart down here on earth, I can’t continue to be an angel and go back to what my life used to before I met you two. It wouldn’t be fair to my future assignments if I were still in love with your father and you. So I chose to give up my heavenly existence and become human to be in your life.” Monica looks down on Sarah.

Sarah nods as she accepted Monica’s answer. “I knew you would come back.”

Monica then turns her body and tilted her head a little, “You did?”

Sarah nodded. “I know you didn’t want to leave my father and I. It did hurt like hell, to watch you go like that, in my dream. And it hurt not to have you around those lonely months. And my dad really fell for you, hard. You bring the good out of him. And I knew somehow; you will find a way back to us, I had faith that you will find the right path that makes you happy in the long run.” Sarah then looks up into Monica’s eyes, “Please don’t ever do that again. I don’t know how much I can take to lose another adult figure I grew to love to abandon me again.”

Monica embraces the child, “Oh sweetheart, you don’t ever have to worry about that anymore. I love you, and I am here to stay.”

Sarah smiles as she leans her head on Monica’s shoulder. “Although there is one thing.”

Monica looks down onto Sarah, “What is that?”

“Part of me wishes you were still an angel,” Sarah confessed.

“Why?” Monica asks as she strokes Sarah’s head.

“So this way I have an angel for a mom, and that there will be a listening ear to God,” Sarah stated.

Monica gave a little smile to that. “Well, you can always talk to God, and he will answer, you don’t need an angel for that. And another thing is, I can’t be an angel and still be in love with you and your father. Angels and humans can’t mingle together. And besides I wasn’t my angelic self, and it wasn’t fair to other people that I was trying to help while I was an angel. But I still love God, and I still have somewhat my angel characteristics with me. That will never change, no matter if I’m human.” Monica smiles. “Sarah, you have to promise me you won’t tell your friends about who I once was okay.”

Sarah looks up and notices in Monica’s eyes that she is serious. “I promise.”

Monica smiles, “Good. It will just be our secret okay.” Sarah then nods in agreement.

Monica looks at Sarah, “So you were playing basketball all by yourself?”

Sarah nods, “Yeah, getting in shape for basketball here in the month.”

Monica smiles, “So you’re into basketball.”

“Yeah. And hockey, but my dad doesn’t want me out on the ice. He is afraid I will get hurt, and he doesn’t want to see me hurt.” Sarah sighed.

“I guess it is your dad’s way of trying to protect you.” Monica softly stated. Then she looks up into the house, “Where is your father anyway?”

“He is with uncle Chris helping Mrs. Parker’s husband out at his house, by moving in some big furniture. I told dad, I wanted to stay here and practice my layups before my audition here in the next few weeks. The Parker’s don’t have a basketball hoop at their place.” Sarah stated.

Monica smiles, “I see.”

Sarah looks up at her, “You want to practice with me?”

Monica chuckled about that, “I am not that good at sports. Maybe some baseball, but that is about it.”

“Oh, come on it is fun,” Sarah stated. “I will go easy on you, I promise.”

Monica looks down into Sarah’s eyes. Then she gave a little nod, which that is a sign saying okay. Sarah giddily jumps up from the porch swing and heads to the side yard where a small basketball court is set up. When Monica approaches, Sarah picked up the basketball and started to dribble it, “You know how to play one on one?”

Monica crosses the pavement as she stands on opposite facing Sarah in the sunlight, “Not really, but I am a pretty quick learner.”

Sarah explains the rules on how to play one on one. “The first one to 11 baskets wins, and it is best 2 out of 3 games. You think you got it.”

Monica smiles, “I think so.”

“Okay, you can go first,” Sarah stated as she hands Monica the ball.

Monica took hold of the ball, as Sarah gets in her stance to defend her hoop. Monica lightly begins to dribble as Sarah waits for the right move to steal the ball from Monica. Monica then gets past Sarah, but Sarah was too quick as she grabs the ball in mid-air and runs to the other side as she does a perfect layup and scores a point.

Monica smiles at the competitiveness in her. “I thought you were going to go easy on me.”

“Sorry habit. My dad is a bit aggressive when playing with me.” Sarah admitted.

Monica smiles as she uses that as a method to get past Sarah, “Hey!” Sarah shouted as Monica then scored a point too. Monica and Sarah continue to play their one on one basketball game and enjoying each other as mother and daughter. When Monica and Sarah finished playing one on one, Monica made a small meal just for the two of them, and together they decided to curl up and watch an old movie together.

Griffin and Chris decided to take a 25-minute break as they are moving some heavy shelving units into Mr. Parker’s study. Griffin was sitting on the back porch drinking ice-cold water and enjoying some fresh air. Chris was on the lawn splashing water down his back as he was trying to cool off his body with all the heavy lifting.

Once Chris was finish dumping water on himself he comes up and joins Griffin on the porch.

“You know you are supposed to be drinking the water not take a cold shower with it,” Griffin stated.

“I was getting too hot. The best way was to cool me down with the ice. Besides it feels good.” Chris laughed, as he had a little shiver run through this body.

Griffin shook his head as he took another sip of his water. Chris looks at his best friend, “So, how was your date with, Monica.”

Griffin set the glass of water down and faces his friend, “I was wondering when you were going to bring it up.”

“You know me. Plus come on, it is Monica. So how was it?” Chris asks as he waited patiently for two days after Griffin and Monica’s first date.

“It was perfect for a first date. We both talked and…” Griffin started to say

“And made out.” Chris joked.

Griffin cast a side look to his best friend, “yes, we did some of that too. But besides the whole making out part, I enjoyed my time with her. Probably the best first date I ever had. It had never felt awkward, which usually first dates are awkward, but something about this first date I had it never was awkward.”

Chris leaned back on the porch steps, “Probably because you two already had a first date back before you two even admitted you love one another.”

Griffin looks down on his best friend, “What do you mean?”

“You know, shortly before Thanksgiving where I first introduce myself to her, you two left to go somewhere. Another time, getting a Christmas tree together, oh and then going out dancing shortly after Christmas. You two had many dates in between before this one. So you got over the part that is a bit scary, and this date you had was more like the ’5th date’.” Chris reminded him. “Basically the date you were on was getting to know her on a more intimate level which made it a less awkward feeling, and more getting to know each other well.”

Griffin thought about it, and Chris did have a point. “Well, what I meant was, our official date, without any secrets and no more hiding how we felt about each other.”

“I get ya. So did you take her back to your place after the date?” Chris looks up at Griffin.

Griffin looked down, “No.”

“What?” Chris turned his body to look at his friend, “You mean you two never went back to your house and made out, or even slept together?”

Griffin looked at him, “As much as I wanted to have her come back with me, she refused. She has class the next morning for getting a teaching degree. Besides, I am not going to force it on her. I want this relationship to last Chris. And sex, make things complicated, and I want to be in a very committed place before I even consider the idea of having sex again.” Chris nods to that. “Also consider the fact that Monica is a former you know what, and what I was told by my parents having sex in a marriage setting not before or during a relationship.”

“Good point there. Still can’t believe she is an angel.” Chris stated. “Now she is human right?”

“Yes, she gave up her heavenly existence for Sarah and me.” Griffin smiles.

“Well, I think you have a keeper, Griff.” Chris smiles, and it wasn’t a joking smile, it was a guanine smile. “A woman like that, I think you should propose.”

Griffin let out a sigh, “You’re not the first person to suggest that.”

“Really? Who else gave you the blessing to ask Monica to marry you?” Chris looked up.

“Sarah.” Griffin took another sip of his water.

“Well, if your daughter is suggesting it, why not proposed to Monica,” Chris stated.

“Because Chris, we just started building our relationship again. I don’t want to scare her away. You of all people should know marriage takes time to work up to, and I don’t feel ready yet to even think about it.” Griffin admitted.

“Or the real reason why is you are scared. You are scared of what happened in your first marriage that you don’t want another repeat of what happened, am I somewhere in the right ballpark.” Chris stated.

Griffin looks at now melted ice in his drink then back at his best friend, “I guess you have some truth in that.”

“Roan, I see the way you look at Monica and the way she looks at you. You two share a real love for each other, and the fact that Sarah already approves, there is no doubt that Monica is the one for you. And to be honest Roan, Monica is nothing like Crystal. I can tell she wants to be included in your life as well as Sarah’s. And the fact that you said she is an angel and gave up her existence in heaven for you, that she is willing to spend the rest of her life with you and Sarah.” Chris eyed his best friend, “Just keep it in the back of your mind.”

Griffin looks at him and then at the setting sun. Griffin took a deep breath as he spoke to his best friend, “I have thought about it some, Chris.” Griffin then took his gaze from the setting sun then readjusting them to Chris’s chestnut eyes.

Chris looks at him, “Thought about what exactly?”

Griffin spoke, “of having her as my wife. I have imagined what it would be like to be married again and having a life with Monica. But for right now, at this very moment in time, it just feels too soon. Plus I don’t know how she feels about being married right now too; I don’t want to scare her off. ”

“I understand. Well, shall we get back to work and put these shelves in for Henry?” Chris asks.

“Sure. I am all rested up.” Griffin swallows the last of his water then stands up and follows Chris back into Parker’s house to finish setting up Kathy’s husband’s office.

It took another 45 minutes for Chris and Griffin to finish the shelving unit. Kathy then came in to see the boys progress in her husband’s study. “Oh my, that is just perfect. Henry will love this. Thank you both so much for this. Can I offer you, boys, anything? Tea? Coffee?”

Griffin looks to her, “No Kathy, I got to get back to Sarah.”

Chris looks at her, “I also have to get back to my girls, but I could take a cup of coffee for the road if you are offering.”

Kathy smiles to that, “Sure. Thanks so much for your time guys. This way I don’t have to worry about Henry falling or hurting himself.”

Griffin gave her a hug, “No problem, you two are like my second family, glad to help out whenever you need me to. Bye now.”

“Take care.” Kathy waves goodbye to Griffin as he heads out the door.

It was about 9:30 pm when the movie got over and was a bit past Sarah’s bedtime.

“Can I still stay up even though it is a weekend?” Sarah looks at Monica.

“I’m sure your dad wants you in bed at a regular time, even if it is on the weekend. Besides, don’t you have homework you got to do?” Monica asks as she strokes Sarah’s hair.

“I got done with it before I shot some hoops. Finished with it last night.” Sarah replies.

“Well, your father should be arriving here shortly. And I think he still wants you in bed, even if he is not here.” Monica smiles.

“Okay…will you come over tomorrow?” Sarah asks.

“I will think about it.” Monica smiles as she gets up to turn off the tv. Sarah then embraces her and smiles.

“Goodnight Monica.” Sarah hugs her.

Monica smiles as she holds onto her, “Goodnight to you too, Sarah.”

Monica watches as Sarah goes up to her room. Monica rebuilt the fire in the small fireplace and went in the kitchen to make a fresh pot of coffee for her and Griffin, if and when he gets back to the house. As Monica walks into the kitchen, she came across an old room, which was dark. Monica opens up the door to what looks like a small study or used to be one. Monica flicked on a small lamp to see in this small study. She guesses this used to be where Griffin spent most of his time reviewing files to his cases when he was working full time as a detective.

She looks on the shelves over by the desk. The desk displayed some old college trophies and old books from NYU. Monica smiles to Griffin’s past life and his high school days. She looks at some of his old photos from his high school, and he was charming back in the day. Her smile grows even more as she glances at a picture of his best friend Chris and him on a football team. Monica looks up and on a wall above the shelving unit, and there it held a pin up high school football jersey with a bold white number of 32 on it with the name of his high school Wilson High School on the sleeve. Besides the jersey held a football trophy saying 1979 State championship game.

Monica eyed the restless young boy Griffin was back in his early teenage years. Monica looked at his senior picture and traced his smile with her figure. The same rich lines on his face matched the same lines on him today. And the sparkling blue eyes that stared at her in the photograph made Monica’s heart melt. He indeed was attractive back then, and he still was. Monica sets the picture of Griffin back on the small shelf next to football trophy. As soon as Monica goes and turns off the little lamp on the desk, she suddenly stops in front of a dusty old wedding photo of him, and his ex-wife. Monica carefully picks up and brushes the dust away from the picture frame as she stared long and hard at the photo. She had to admit that Crystal was gorgeous, and at the time they were really in love with each other. Monica’s heart ached at the sight of Griffin’s happiness in his wedding photo. She now understands why Griffin had such a hard time letting go of his past with her.

Just then she heard Griffin coming into the house and quickly she puts Griffin’s wedding photo back in its proper place and turns out the light and heads toward the living room. As soon as Griffin enters the living room, Monica’s heart raced, and the next instant she was wrapped up in his arms loving him. Griffin looks so handsome at that moment, and Monica couldn’t help herself by pulling him toward her and kissing him. Monica pulls back from kissing him and looks up at him. Griffin was first to speak.

“I didn’t expect you to be here.” He admitted as he walks over to the couch to sit down. Monica came and followed him.

“I got out of class early,” Monica answered him as she sat down next to him on the couch.

Griffin held a smile, “You didn’t have to wait up for me.”

“I actually, came to hang with your daughter,” Monica confessed. “I wanted to restore her heart as well. I know when I left; I not only hurt you but hurt Sarah as well. I wanted to make things right again. I feel guilty that I was another factor for her being abandon.” Monica admitted. She felt Griffin stroking her hair.

Griffin exhaled, “It wasn’t your fault for leaving, you know that right?”

“I know. But still, I still cause you two to be in heartache, and I hate being the one that caused it.” Monica leans her back on the couch head tilting upward.

Griffin smiles at her frustration as he then leans his head down to hers, and lightly kisses her forehead. “As long as you are here now, I am not upset that you left. Neither is Sarah. I’m sure she is thrilled to have seen you.”

Monica smiles up at him, as her hand found his. Griffin then leans back on the couch and becokons Monica to curl up on his chest. Monica smiles and goes into his embrace as she hears his breathing, and he lightly strokes her back. Monica took a deep breath, and dare to ask Griffin about his past with his ex-wife. “Were you happy with her?”

Griffin looked slightly confused until he figures out what Monica had meant by her. Griffin took a moment before answering her question. He exhaled as he gazes into her now darken brown eyes “Yes. For years I was. Until shortly after when Sarah was born, Crystal and I begin to have some problems. The harder I try to make our marriage work, the less I saw what she had meant to me all those years we loved each other. I even caught her cheating on me, with my once ex-cop partner I had at the academy. We tried counseling, but I couldn’t see past the damage she has done in our marriage. Then when I was finally ready to make amends and start over again, she left me.”

Griffin pauses as he took a moment to look into Monica’s eyes, as he shared what happened in his last marriage. He felt her lightly stroking his chest as if she is giving him the courage to go on, “For a year after she walked out of my life leaving our daughter behind, I try to figure out why our love didn’t last. Till I finally came to a conclusion that she must have fallen out of love with me, or didn’t want me as a husband anymore. And wanted to live the life she wanted before she met and fell for me, and never wanted the family we created together. It broke my heart for years and was hard for me to see anything good in dating anyone or allow myself to fall in love again. “

Monica looks at Griffin as he stroke her soft reddish-brown hair. She knows it is tough for him to be vulnerable, and not easy to open up. Monica closes her eyes for a brief moment, then she gazes into his eyes, “Oh Griff, I’m so sorry that happened to you, and for your daughter.”

Griffin gave a kind but sad smile to her, “Don’t be. It’s in the past, and that is where it’s going to stay. ” Griffin then raises up from the pillows of the sofa to sit face to face with the love of his life, “Besides, for the past few months since you came into my life I now understand why my marriage with Crystal didn’t work out,” Griffin said as he eyes, Monica.

“Really? Why do you say that?” Monica asked as she looks into Griffin’s eyes. To her surprise, Griffin had a smile on his face.

“Because I am starting to understand that your heavenly Father wanted us to be together. Like you said before he had this planned. And to tell you the truth, you taught me to love again, and I am thankful to have you to return my love.” Griffin smiles, and slowly he lowers his head to hers, and Monica closes her eyes, as she felt Griffin’s lips touch hers. Monica felt him cupping his hands around her face as he kissed her. Then Griffin slowly pulls back and looks into Monica’s dark brown eyes, and the lighting of the fire made a soft glow on her milky white face and sun-kissed hair. Griffin looks more closely at Monica and notices she was on the verge of crying. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing….I just….um….. never had anyone that loves me as much as I love you.” Monica softly replied. Griffin pulls her near him, and she snuggles into his embrace and listens to the rhythm of his heart. They both curled up into each other’s arms for the next few hours, just talking and enjoying one another’s company when Monica glances at the clock above the fireplace. “Uh...I got to go. It’s late, and I got some papers I need to finish.”

Griffin looks up at her, “Still a bit terrified huh.”

Monica eyes him, “It’s not that I don’t trust you Roan for taking advantage of me, it is me, that I don’t trust right now of spending the night with you.”

Griffin looks at her, “what do you mean?”

Monica gives a little chuckle, “My human emotions and my hormones. When I am around you, I can’t control myself, and let my emotions rule me. Right now I feel like a teenager in love, when I am with you, and I fear I may lose control and do something I may regret later. This is all new to me Roan. I’ve never…I’ve never been in so deeply in love before. You’re the first man I ever loved. So I am doing myself a favor and remove me from the equation a bit so that I won’t be tempted.”

Griffin nods to her honest answer, “I respect that”

Monica places her hand to his, “Just for right now. The more we date each other, the more I will control myself better.”

“Well, can I walk you out then?” Griffin asks.

Monica smiles at him and nods. Together they walked out of Griffin’s house and into the chilling spring air. Griffin walks Monica to her car as she turns to gaze upon his deep blue eyes once more. “Thank you, Griff, for telling me. I know Crystal was a huge part of your life, and I know it isn’t easy for you to tell me what happened.”

Griffin looks to her, “I thought you deserve to know. I haven’t talked about what happened in a long time though. I guess I just sealed that part of my life off, and refuse to face it. But something about you though, it made it easier for me to be open about it.”

Monica smiles as she hears his words. Then she sets her car keys on the roof of the car as she goes to him and kisses him goodnight. As her lips touch his, she felt Griffin closing his eyes as he too, starts to lose control of his emotions. Monica planned to kiss him lightly, but it never goes as plan. She felt him kissing her deeper, as her back is being pressed upon the driver’s side door to her car. Her heart races as she moves to Griffin’s rhythm. What felt like hours, Griffin pulls away from her lips trying to catch his breath from their heavy make-out session by her car.

“Wow. I haven’t done that since I was in high school.” Griffin admits to her. “You really know how to make a man go crazy.”

“See, this is why I am refusing to spend the night in your arms. Because of what had just happened. Until we stop acting like teenagers in love and gain control of our hormones, I am going to pass. I love you but…” Monica started to say.

“Don’t want to jump into something and make this go too fast.” Griffin finishes her thought.

“Exactly,” Monica stated.

“As much as I desperately want to have you in my arms, you are right.” Griffin sighs.

Monica comes near him a bit, “I still look forward though, you and I making out.” Monica gave him a flirting smile, and there is a playfulness inside her eyes just then as she looks into Griffin's eyes. The smile she gave him sent goose bumps up his arms. Monica then closes the small gap between them as she reaches up to him and kisses him lightly this time. Then she softly pulls away, before Griffin sinks into another wild lip lock with her, “Goodnight Roan.” The way she said that made Griffin’s knees go weak and Monica knew it.

Griffin gives a smile back to her, “Goodnight Monica.” She turns away smiling as she gets into her car and starts up the engine. Griffin stayed out in the chilly air until the last sight of Monica’s taillights of the red Cadillac. Then he turns in for the night and dreams all night of Monica and her sexy brown eyes.

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