Fallen Angel Part 2

By Stephanie Kwiatkowski

Drama / Romance

Starting a New Life

Monica fell into a deep slumber when all of a sudden the sound of a phone ringing shook her from her deep sleep. Still drowsy from her long deep sleep Monica glances at the clock before answering her phone. It was just about 6:30 AM when she wondered who can be calling her at this time of the hour. She turns on her small beside light and answers the phone.

“Hello?” Monica asks.

“Hello, Monica?” a familiar voice answered her reply.

“Yes, who is this?” Monica asks again.

“This is Mary Johnson, the principal at the Wilson High School,” Mary said. “Sorry to have woke you, but do you mind filling in as a temporary sub for one of the staff members here. She just went into labor late last night, and well I don’t have a permanent sub for her students so would you mind coming in today for an interview and maybe I can put you in as temporary teaching.”

“Sure. Yeah, that will be great. What kind of class am I going to be teaching?” Monica asks hoping that its some English class.

“She is an 11th grade English teacher. I thought it would fit right into your ally since you recommended a slot for teaching English. And I looked through your file, and you have a nice resume.” Mary said. “Well, I got to go set up a meeting to my staff here. Be here at 7:30 and my assistant well conduct your interview.”

“Thank you, Mary,” Monica replied and hung up. She gazed at the wall, and a smile came over her face as she was happy to be chosen as an English teacher. Monica quickly jumped in the shower and cleansed her body as the warm water hit her like the rays of sunlight. It took her about 20 minutes to shower, and another 5 minutes or so to choose an outfit to teach juniors. By the time Monica was done, it was about 7:10, and Monica knew she had no time to make breakfast and head to the school. So she quickly made up lunch and took a fresh apple out of the bowl on the counter and heads out the door. As soon as Monica made her way to her car she had to make a quick phone call to Griffin to tell him that she was being interviewed for a job at the local high school.

Griffin was having breakfast with his daughter when he heard his cell phone rang in his coat pocket. He glances at the number, and a smile came over his face when saw the incoming number. Griffin flips open the phone and disappears in the kitchen.

To Monica’s surprise Griffin picked up on the first ring, and his voice soothed her heart as she opens the back doors to her car to scrape off the frost on the windshield and the windows of the red Cadillac. Monica smiled to herself when she heard his voice say his unique nickname for her.

“Hey, Mon…why call so early, do you need a ride or something,” Griffin asks.

“No….I uh…I need to cancel our date this afternoon.” Monica said with stones lying in her heart by blowing off Griffin like this.

“Why what for?” Griffin asks.

“I got a job, at least I’m hoping. I’m going in for an interview. I’ll be at Wilson High School for the day, teaching.” Monica said as she hopped into the red Cadillac. “Please don’t feel upset, I need a job to pay for things, and well this is an opportunity for me.”

“I’m not upset at all. I’ll reschedule our date. Good luck with getting in. Mary is a good person, plus Kerry works there as well.” Griffin smiles and looks down at his watch.

“Thank you. Can I take a rain check on our lunch date then?” Monica asks.

“Yes..Oh…Sarah and I are going to visit my father in the nursing home Saturday. For Sarah’s B-day, and she wants you to come with us.” Griffin said.

“I can do that. Um, Roan sweetie I got to go, I’m running a wee bit behind.” Monica said urgently.

“Wow, that’s the first time you called me sweetie,” Griffin joked.

Monica smiles even bigger at the fact that she just called Griffin her sweetie, “I’m sorry just so use to saying it to Sarah.”

“Don’t be. I actually like it. Well, I should let you go, I got a court order at 8:00 this morning. But I’m free for the reminding of the night.” Griffin admitted.

“Okay…I’ll see you tonight if it all goes well. Bye Griffin, I love you.” Monica said. Monica heard Griffin said I love you back to her, in his tender way. She smiles and then hung up the phone and heads out of her apartment garage and onto the main road then lead to the small town of Gracie. She lives just about 10 minutes away from Wilson High, and with the little detour of talking to Griffin, she was just only 2 minutes late from being on time.

Monica puts the car in park and kills the engine and heads straight through the doors to the school. Monica walked to the office and told the receptionist that she was here for an interview for Mary. The receptionist smiled to her and told her to wait at the bench. The receptionist was a young burnet woman that had blonde tips at the ends of her hair. She was wearing a white tank top with a spring skirt that matches the top. She disappears into Mary’s office, and a few minutes later she came back with a man about Monica’s age, with almost as big of hands like Griffin’s but not really. The man had brown eyes, and brown hair and parts of it look to be gray in some parts. As he drew near her, he was just speechless at the sight of looking at Monica.

“Monica, this is Gary, Mary’s assistant. He will conduct your interview.” The young women introduce them.

“Right this way Monica,” Gary said.

Monica gave Gary a shy smile, as she followed him to Mary’s office. Gary stepped in and pulled out a chair for Monica, and he came to the other side. “So I hear that you were looking for a job here?”

“Yes. I’m excellent at teaching, and love to help teens in any way I can to help them get an education here.” Monica said.

“Have you taught at a high school before, Monica?” Gary asks.

“Yes, several in fact.” Monica smiles.

“Do you have any experiences prior to your teachings?” Gary asks again.

“Yes. I have a printout of my teaching licenses.” Monica smiles and hands Gary her teaching license as well as a teaching certificate.

“Wow, this is very good. Do you have a last name for the students to call you?” Gary eyes Monica, and then leans forward to gaze at her.

“Monica Welleye,” Monica said.

Gary had a fascinating look on his face when she stated that, “As the fish?”

Monica nodded, and she gave a smile to herself. On one of her assignments as an angel, Monica had to have a last name to apply for a library card to be selected for being on a jury. When she was trying to tell the receipts that she doesn’t have a last name, it came out to be as Welleye. Gary then continues, “Well then, are you married?”

“No, but I am in a serious relationship,” Monica replied. She was getting an impression on Gary that he was trying to hit on her, so she put up her defenses and claim that she is taken.

“I didn’t need to know that. I was asking if you were married so that I can call you Mrs. or Miss. Walleye.”

“Oh, well Miss is just fine.” Monica smiles.

“Well Miss Welleye, I will let Mary know that you are fit for teaching. And ah my name is Gary Carter. You have a beautiful accent. Irish or Scottish?”

Monica smiles and quietly says, “Irish.”

“Well…if you get a permanent job at this school, many of the students will defiantly like you. Miss Jennifer Lewis will show you around the school, and if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to come to me.” Gary smirkingly said with a grin to her.

“Okay. Bye, Mr. Carter. And thank you for your time to interview me.” Monica gave a grin and followed out to meet Jennifer. To her surprise, the young burnet woman was named, Jennifer Lewis.

“Wow, you certainly made an impression on him.” Jennifer grinned.

“I didn’t mean to….I was just..” Monica tried to explain.

Jennifer chuckle at her remark, “Don’t flatter yourself, Monica, Gary tends to hit on all women here, even if you are an outsider here in this town. Especially you are from another region with your accent.”

“Is he married?” Monica asks.

“Yes, he was, but then his wife devoiced him, due to his numerous affairs. Don’t tell me you are interested in him?” Jennifer raised an eyebrow at Monica.

“I’m not…I wouldn’t. Besides I’m involved with someone already. And I would never trade him in for Gary.” Monica said.

“Well good, because I hate to see a woman like you be broken hearted with a guy like Gary, he is a player when it comes to dating women,” Jennifer said with a bitter tone to her voice.

“Sounds like you got your share with him,” Monica said glancing over at Jennifer.

“Yes….that’s how I got haired here. And I thought he was a nice guy until I found him at a bar making out with one of our nurses here. He’s a real bastard when dating.” Jennifer sighs.

“I see,” Monica said. Jennifer took Monica through the cafeteria and down a science hall, as well as the art department. Until they came to a room that is marked with G214, and the name at the end is Mrs. Walker. Monica gazes into the classroom and found the students hard at work with their assignments. The teacher subbing today is a man with glasses and springing hair. He had blue eyes and was writing some things on the chalkboard.

“If Mary hairs you, this is where you will be teaching. Today one of our science teachers is subbing until we find a temporary sub for Mrs. Walker. She’s out for the remaining of the school year.” Jennifer went on.

“How many classes does she usually teach?” Monica asks.

“She has about four hours of teaching a class, and the rest of the day off. So do you still want to work here?” Jennifer asks.

Monica looks back at the class, and she grins and replies, “Yes.”

“Okay, I will let Mary know. Well until then, you are free to wander around to have a look at the school. I’m due for a lunch break in four minutes anyway.” Jennifer said.

“You want some company?” Monica asks.

“I can use a woman to talk too. I usually eat with Kerry, Ally, and Pam. I think that they will love you.” Jennifer said.

“Well then, I will love to join you guys.” Monica smiles.

The bell rung up ahead, and Jennifer leads Monica to the teacher’s lounge, where a group of girls is sitting at the far table in the left-hand corner of the eating space. As Jennifer drew Monica closer, Monica was surprised to see the excellent group of girls. There was a blonde woman, and ginger hair one, and burnet one. One of the women Monica had already recognized as before.

“Kerry, Ally, Pam, this is Monica, she is taking over Wendy’s English class,” Jennifer announces, to the group. Monica gave a welcoming smile to the group and shook everyone’s hands. When it came to Kerry, she gave a little wink, and Kerry gave a big smile.

“Wait…Kerry, you know Monica?” Jennifer caught their smiles.

“Yes, we go way back. Nice to see you here.” Kerry smiles.

“Well, I don’t know if I got the job yet,” Monica said.

“Believe you me honey you will. Who interview you?” Ally said in her southern accent.

“Gary,” Jennifer said and added a bitter tone to his name.

“Let me guess he hit on you already.” Pam butted in.

“He asks if I was married, and I answered I’m taken already,” Monica replies, taking out her container of a light weighted sub, and added to her meal was some fresh fruit and a bottle of water to go with it.

“Smart move,” Pam added.

“So who is the lucky fellow that you are supposedly “taken,” Jennifer said, pulling out her Lean Cousin lunch. Kerry held back her breath and let Monica answer the group of girls of who she is dating.

Monica slowly replies, “Roan Griffin.“All the girls, except Kerry, look at Monica, and their jaws just about hit the floor at Monica’s statement. “What?”

“You’re dating Roan Griffin?” Ally asks.

“Yeah, is that a crime?” Monica asks.

“No…it’s not a crime, everyone in town knows about his wife’s betrayal and his failed marriage. Is he in love with you?” Pam asks.

Monica gave a shy smile, and nods slightly, “And I’m in love with him.”

“I knew, all of this right from the beginning,” Kerry said.

“You knew, and you didn’t tell us?!” Jennifer piped in.

“It wasn’t my place to tell. Besides Griffin has been my brother ever since my actual brother and he became best friends. But it was funny and cute to see you and Griffin trying to hide your true feelings for each other.” Kerry smiles.

“So you knew that we are in love with each other all this time?” Monica looks at Kerry.

“Well not love for say, but yeah I can see major chemistry flaring up whenever you two were together. You’re good at trying to deny it Monica, but I can spot a woman being in love, and that night under the mistletoe, you were defiantly glowing with love when he kissed you for the first time.” Kerry admitted as she took a bite out of her sandwich.

“I was a little transparent that night,” Monica said.

“Honey, you were far from transparent the way I saw that night.” Kerry laughs.

“Aww…so Monica, how long have you and Griffin dated?” Ally barged in.

“We been on ten dates now, and still going,” Monica said.

Just then Gary walks in, and his eye immediately falls on Monica. Monica was unaware of him and was so deep in conversation with her new pal of friends. Even though she already knew Kerry from the beginning, it was fun to interact with Pam, Ally, and Jennifer. Gary made his attempt to sit close near Monica to overhear their conversation.

“It’s so nice to see Griffin finally in love again. I can’t remember when he laid an eye on a woman after when Crystal bailed on him.” Kerry said. “He is a lucky man to have you in his life, Monica. You changed him into a better person.”

Monica looks at Kerry, “Well Griffin had changed me too.”

“I’m jealous. I wish my husband, and I can go back to being in an early relationship. Miss that feeling.” Pam said.

Ally looked at her best friend, “Pam if you go back to your early days with your husband, you wouldn’t be a teacher.”

“Yeah see that’s the problem, my husband and I were like that when we started out, but once we got married it was still there, but then our children came, and then it got slower. I missed the times when we were two people crazy to be in love. Are you and Griffin crazy about each other yet? ” Pam stated.

“What?” Monica asks taking a sip of her water.

“Oh, Pam leave her be,” Kerry said, as she came to Monica’s rescue.

“It’s alright Kerry. I don’t mind. And to answer your question Pam, I have to say I am very crazy about Griffin. He is constantly on my mind every minute, and when we are finally alone with each other, all I want to do is be in his arms, and kiss him. It is like being sixteen and in love. Sometimes I can’t control my feels I have with him, I never felt so in love in my life when I am with Griffin.” Monica explains, and as she finishes she couldn’t help but smile and her cheeks kind of blush too.

Gary looked over at Monica, and notice that she was happy about this Griffin guy, and he wishes he was her love. All he wants to do is go over there and have a wild lip lock with her. But he remained seated and hoped that the group of woman did not think that he was eavesdropping on their little girl talk. For Monica being a newcomer here, she defiantly made some impressions on the group and with him.

“So have you and Griffin done it yet?” Ally cracked a wicked grin.

“Done what?” Monica asks being confused about what Alison was hinting at.

“You know, sex. With a strong man like him, he must be outstanding in the sack. is he good in bed?” Ally pressed on.

Monica was stunned at; first, she didn’t know how to respond. “I…I…..I don’t know…I never…”

“Come on Ally, she doesn’t need to share her sex life here. If Monica doesn’t want to share her personal life with us, she doesn’t have to.” Kerry said as she steps in to rescue Monica from answering. She already knows that Monica had never been intimate with anyone, and she didn’t want to have her be humiliated by being a virgin. The five girls talked for another 15 minutes until the bell rung to report back to their jobs.

“Well, Monica it was nice meeting you, and hope you will come back.” Ally said.

“I hope so too,” Monica said.

“You take care now, and love Roan with all your of heart Mon…he needs you.” Kerry smiles and embraces her into a hug. And she whispers something in Monica’s ear so that Pam and Ally couldn’t hear, “I know that you are not comfortable with the whole sex thing, so I saved you. I can tell that you never experience it before, and thought I spare you the trouble.”

Monica looked at Kerry and smiles and added a thank you for that. She waves goodbye to Pam and Ally as the two women went back to their jobs. Monica soon walks off from the teacher’s lounge and heads down the hallway to where this so call Mrs. Walker teaches. Monica heads up the stairs to where the classroom is at, and just before she walks through the doors to the upstairs hallway, she ran right into Gary as he was passing through.

“Well, I thought I find you are heading in this direction, Mary wanted me to congratulate you on getting the job. You start full-time Monday morning Monica. Or should I say Miss Welleye.” Gary said with a sly smile.

Monica gave a small smile to him, and replies back, “why thank you Mr. Carter, but Mary wanted me to fill in part-time today starting at 11:20 and here is my class to sub, so I’m going to go.”

“You can call me Gary, Monica” Gary eyes her, as he moves a little closer to peer into her soft brown eyes, and then he looks down to where her breast is at.

Monica quickly senses what he was thinking, and crosses her arms over her chest, as she calmly replies, “I think it will be wise to stick with Mr. Carter if you don’t mind. Now if you excuse me, I got a class to teach.” Monica says as she steps aside away from Gary and makes her way down the hall.

Gary watches Monica go down the hall, as she walks away, he couldn’t help but to look her and thought she had a lovely back structure and a very nice butt. As he looks at her pale skin from the lighting of the lights, it was very creamy and soft looking, and he couldn’t help to wonder what it would be like to kiss her skin, and to sink is teeth in the flesh of her neck. This Roan Griffin guy seems dull to him, and he wonders that what if Monica would be interested in him. He was glad that she was hired, because Gary was so attracted to Monica, that it would be a shame to watch a hot sexy woman like that not be around here.

Griffin and Chris are sitting in Chris’s police curser scanning for any wild speeders coming. Chris was eyeing the road as Griffin looked at the file before him. They spent the first half hour in silence before Griffin spoke up.

“What do you think I should do tonight with Monica?” Griffin asks for some ideas.

“Wow, mister romantic is asking for my help? Well, you already know my answer to that one.” Chris jokes.

“Ha Ha…very funny, you know I’m not going to.” Griffin comment back.

“Hey you were looking for a suggestion, and I gave you one.” Chris laughed as he glances back out the window as he took a bite out of his hamburger.

“True, but that is not what I want. I meant I haven’t….” Griffin started to say.

“You haven’t slept with a woman since your ex-wife bailed on ya, yeah I know. So what is holding you back from making love to Monica?” Chris peered over to Griffin.

“You know the reason to that one. Besides she is not like any other woman, I met. And I want to express my love to her when the time is right for both of us, and it’s not at the moment. Besides, I don’t know how well I will do. Will I please her enough when we do decide to have sex? How well will she handle those emotions that I am giving to her? I am just nervous about the whole thing, and the only woman I have ever had sex with was Crystal, so I feel I am a bit out of my element here with Monica.” Griffin confessed.

“Seems to me, Roan, you are a putting way to much pressure on yourself. And I think you will have no troubles in that department of pleasing Monica with the sexual aspect because she is crazy in love with you. Just take the pressure off of things, and let it flow naturally between you two. Trust me, she will probably enjoy it because of the fact it is you, bud.” Chris looked at his best friend.

“Yeah and that lies the problem Chris, I will be Monica’s first,” Griffin admitted.

“So you are feeling insecure about your sexuality, and don’t know if she will enjoy her first time with you.” Chris pointed out.

“Yes,” Griffin replies as he gazes out the window.

“I see.” Chris nods as he gazes at Roan.

“Plus there is this whole thing of purity too, to be considered as well because she is a former angel.” Griffin pointed out.

“Let me guess. You two are going to make love to each other on your honeymoon whenever that will be.” Chris said.

“You guess right. And don’t push me into proposing to her anytime soon, I’m not ready for that kind of commitment yet.” Griffin pointed his finger at his best friend.

“Hey I’m not judging, But you two are very serious, and been dating what about almost two months now, still too soon to you know see her as your wife?” Chris stated.

“You really want to go there today, do you.” Griffin lifts his head up from his file.

“Just pointing out the obvious. But hey, it’s between you and Monica for that. And I know where she will stand, about making love to you. As you said, she was an angel, and every angel in heaven is devoted to God.” Chris pointed out. “Say, since you are slowly slipping into believing in God, do you want to come to my wife’s church. It’s enjoyable.”

“Sure, and I have been looking stuff up. Monica has been telling me great things she has done since she was. You know what. And since I’m in love with a former angel, there’s no sense denying that God doesn’t exist, because he does.” Griffin smiles.

“You know, it was a blessing that God brought Monica into your life because she has changed you, Roan, not for a better father to your daughter, but as a better person. I love this new you.” Chris chuckles.

Griffin smiles to his friend, Then a thought had hit him, as he knows how to spend his evening with Monica. A few nights ago Monica loved talking about the stars and how she feels so close to God when looking up at the sky. She told him it is the one place on earth that reaches both the heaven and earth and to her it is one world, her beloved Father, and his creations down on earth. “So, how are Julia and Emmalin doing?”

Chris took a deep breath before answering, “Julia is fine, she keeps asking about your daughter, and when the next time they could have another ‘girl slumber party’ and Emmalin, well she is getting out of chemo here soon. Her blood cells look good, and we are taking her to the hospital tomorrow to have her final check-up. I think that my daughter has just beaten cancer, Griff.”

Griffin smiles to his best friend, “You don’t know that for sure. She could be in remission for a while. But I’m happy for you. I love my little Emmalin and Julia too. They are both kind of like my other two kids.”

“I know. Funny how life turned out that way. Say if you do ever get married to Monica, which I’m sure you will, just knowing that your love for her is the strongest out of all the women that enter into your life. Are you thinking about starting up a new family with her?” Chris looks to Griffin.

Griffin gave it a thought for a moment, and slowly he smiles, “When we cross that bridge I will let you know. But yes I want more kids, the thing is, does she.”

“Oh Griffin, I’m sure Monica will love to be a mother to your children whenever you guys decide that. In case you haven’t noticed, she loves your daughter, and her love for her is the same love that my wife shares with our two kids.” Chris chuckles to his comment. Griffin smiles back at him. Griffin was lucky to have a friend like Chris, most of Griffin’s football buddies all went their separate ways, but Chris was the one true friend that stayed beside Griffin side and never let him fall away.

“Oh, hot damn!” Chris threw his hamburger out in the trash can as Griffin flips the siren on, “we got a runaway car that is well over the speed limit.” Chris shouted getting all animated about a speeder. He chucked the hamburger wrapper in the near a trash can, and Griffin gave a chuckle to his friend, and he closes up the file and flips on the siren as Chris gave the police curser some gas as he sped after the blue Comoro that zipped in between the traffic.

After Chris had his little excitement for the day, of handing out a speed ticket and arrest two people they arrive back at 2:20 at the end of the day shift. Chris was booking the two people being arrested while Griffin wrote up the report of the file. Griffin looks at the time, and it was almost time for the high school to be let out. Griffin had an idea for his date tonight. Griffin walks over to where his pal was.

“Hey Chris….can you look after Sarah tonight?” Griffin asks looking down at his shoes.

“Yeah sure, why, do you have a thing in mind for your sweetheart or something?” Chris wiggles his eyebrows at him, to see if Griffin caught on.

“Come on don’t be cruel. No, I plan for us to sit under the stars at night.” Griffin smiles.

“Oh, nice very romantic Griff. But you know what will be any more romantic than that.” Chris said as a joking matter.

“What?” Griffin asks.

“Making love under the starry night.” Chris joked.

Griffin gave him a little guy punch and shook his head, “No matter how many ways I go about it, you always make jokes that I will do it with her.”

“Hey I’m a guy,” Chris said. “I know you are not going to follow my advice, but it’s still fun to play around with the idea. I know you and Monica will share that moment in your own time. But it’s still fun to mess with you.”

“Yeah, I know. Well, I got to go and pick up my daughter and then have her over sometime around your place at like 6:30.” Griffin said.

“Yup sounds good,” Chris replies. Just when Griffin leaves, Chris shouts something back to him, “Oh Roan, try not to stay out so late, I want you kids to be back at a decent hour alright.”

Griffin laughs at Chris’s remark, “Okay, thanks for the advice, Dad.” And Griffin chuckles at Chris’s statement as he heads for his car.

Monica looked through the classroom door and took a deep breath before walking into it. There were kids at the desks talking to each other, sleeping, or drawing. Monica eyes the man she saw earlier, and he notices her approach.

“Hello, my name is Monica Welleye, and Mary appointed me to sub today for Mrs. Walker I believe.” Monica nervously said extending her hand to shake the young man’s hand.

“Oh…I’m Harry, the Science teacher down the hall. Wow, that was quick to find the sub, well the class is yours for the remaining of the day. She has them reading 1984, and at the end of the book, they have to do a critical analysis essay. So good luck to you.” Harry stated. He took his eyes off Monica’s as he addresses the class of students before him, “Um…Class…..Excuse me, Class, This is Monica” he pauses slightly as he looked at Monica for her last name, Monica whispered Welleye to him, a few snickers were coming from some of the students on the science teacher forgetting the last name of the substitute teacher. He then addresses the class once more. “Monica Welleye and she is going to be your teacher now until school is over. So give her the same respect as you would do with Mrs. Walker.”

Monica gave a smile to the class as Harry left. Monica hadn’t taught a high school class since she was an angel. But some of her teaching skills are still with her. “Hello, my name is Monica Welleye, and I will be your teacher until the school year is over.”

A teenage girl raised her hand as Monica was talking, “When is Mrs. Walker going to be here?”

“She’s out for the remainder of the school year,” Monica replies.

“Why?” The same girl asks.

“Because she is having her child stupid.” The young man to the girl’s right shouted.

Monica turns on him, “Hey, she was asking a persistent question, don’t disrespect her like that. Mr. Tomkins.”

“I have a name.” the teenage boy said ruefully.

Monica looks at the list and eyes the child, “okay, Josh. You can stay after class and help me clean up your trash around your desk, as well as around this room.” Monica loves all kids and hates to put on her authority voice, but sometimes kids, especially teens tend to disrespect each other, as well as other grownups. “Okay, so I’ve been told that you have been reading 1984 by George Owls. What do you think of the story so far?” Monica pauses as she eyes the classroom. A young white girl, with blonde hair, raises her hand. Monica looks at the student’s list, and called on her, “Leah?”

“In my opinion, the story seems to weird for me, it is set way into the future, and out of this world,” Leah spoke out.

“Well, that’s the beauty of this book, it takes you in the future, and it makes you think outside of the box. Most books do that if you get into them.” Monica stated.

“I still don’t follow you Mrs…” Leah continues to protest.

“Miss Welleye is fine, Okay what is your thoughts on this book, explain it in your own words on Mr. Owls work in this novel.” Monica challenge the class, “Anyone?” A brunet girl raised her hand as Monica called on her, “Jamie.”

“Well, in my opinion, George is telling the novel in his lifetime, but it is set in the future. Like the film the Matrix. The book is put into the perspective of a dystopian society and is purely controlled by the government. The author is telling the story through his characters that what if the major cities around the world are flipped and turn into a dystopian environment. How much protest is going to break through, and how will the characters break that dystopian society.” Jamie explained.

“That is exactly right. In fact, I want everyone to think of some topics as you finish up reading the novel and think of ways why George Owl is telling the story of a dystopian world. What kinds of freedoms are in the novel and why in this book being controlled by the government. I will have the topics do next Wednesday so be prepared to start writing.” Monica ordered.

For the remaining part of the class, Monica went on talking and having the group of kids involved in the discussions about the novel of 1984. Some kids were trying to get away from participating, but the more they tried to hide away and not engage in with the group Monica calls them out and have them explain the book. Soon the bell rung all the students gather their things and rush to their next classes. “Ah, Josh Tomkins, remember that you have your mess to clean up, I suggest you do so.” The kid gave Monica an annoyance look and cleans around his desk, as well as around the room, then dashes out of the class while he mumbles something under his breath.

Monica had bonded with some of her students in other classes as and made some kids her enemy, but that’s how high schoolers are. As soon as the last hour of the day went on, Monica stayed after class to prepare for Monday’s classes. Monica looks at Mrs. Walker plans, and she writes them down in her small planner. Mrs. Walker’s has about 4 hours of teaching. From the morning until the last class is let out, with a Prep hour in the middle of her classes, which then gave Monica time to prepare each lesson throughout the day. Monica had just finished writing the plans down for the next two weeks when she notices Mary Johnson coming in.

“Nice to see that you have survived your first half day here.” Mary smiles.

“It was a little tougher than I suspected but it’s my first time back in the classroom teaching,” Monica admitted.

“Well, I can tell you it doesn’t get any easier as the weeks’ progress until school is let out. The kids are so focused on getting out for the summer they tend to not stick to their study habits. Especially the seniors.” Mary jokes.

Monica gave a little chuckle to that, “So I heard that you are hiring me?”

“Yes, I looked through your file, and you have great teaching methods. I will see the students’ scores at the end of the year and see if you are qualified to stay here and I’ll see if there is a spot open for you in the fall. I have good faith that you can help these kids out.” Mary suggested. Monica smiles and looks down at her planner. “I got a mandatory short meeting to get to. So I’ll see you Monday morning. Have a nice weekend Monica.”

Monica waves goodbye to Mary, as she closes the end of the year plans that Mrs. Walker had in mine and placed it in her teacher’s drawer. Monica stays about another fifteen minutes then she takes her small purse and puts on her light tan spring jacket and closes the door to her temporary classroom. Monica looks at the time, and it read just about 4:30, and Monica wanted to shower and look nice for Griffin. She waves goodbye to Jennifer as she makes her way out of the school to her car. Just when Monica was about to unlock the shining red Cadillac, Gary Carter comes strolling up to her.

“Nice to see that you survived your first day,” Gary said with a bit of a cocky smile.

“Yeah…and see that you are?” Monica asks.

“Just heading home, unless you want to join me for a late lunch/dinner?” Gary offered.

Monica puts her purse in the passenger side of the red Cadillac and turns to face him, “Listen, Gary, I know that you are trying to make a move on me, and I know how you can be, so I’m going to say this in the nicest way as possible. I’m in love with someone else, and I’m happy with him. As much as you are a very charming guy, I’m just not into you that way. So can you please stop all the provocative acts of trying to ask me out for a date…..”

“Hey I wasn’t trying to make you sleep with me; I just thought colleague to colleague date...” Gary butted in, as he eyes Monica’s breast again.

Monica backed away and was on the verge to slap him in the face, “Mr. Carter, as I told you before, I’m in love with another man, and you are defiantly not my type to date. Now if you excuse me, I have a date to attend to.” Monica turns around and hops in the driver’s seat and started the engine. She gave one look at Gary, as he gave her a seductive look.

It took Monica about ten to fifteen minutes to get to her apartment, as she shakes off Gary’s seductive stare. She hated the fact that she now has another guy trying to seduce her and falling into his trap. She can tell from Gary that he is trying to lure her into sleeping with him, which she finds that so unattractive in a man. At least when she is with Griffin, he adores her and loves her for who she is, and he doesn’t care if she was an angel. The thought of Griffin, made Monica smile, as she pushes the grossness of Gary out of her mind.

Monica checked her messages nothing. Monica climbs out of her somewhat best dress clothes and puts on something somewhat classy and slightly casual for her and Griffin’s date. She wore a beautiful black top that kind of drapes off her shoulders just a tad to reveal a bit of her collarbone, as well as her shoulders. And some nice fine jeans that fit her form, and made her stand out. Monica had to admit that Kerry and Kristin have great taste in clothing. Next Monica moves over to the mirror and applies makeup to her face and rearranges her hair. It took her about twenty minutes with both hair and makeup. Monica stares at her image in the mirror, and she had to smile at herself. As she looks in the mirror, she had to admit that she was stunning and very sexy. As soon as Monica flips off the switch of the bathroom light, she heard a knock on her door.

Monica moves to the front door and her surprise Griffin stood outside, holding up a red rose for her. Monica smiles to Griffin’s gift and looks into his eyes. Then her feet guided her to him, as she plants a small tender kiss on his lips. “I am sorry for canceling on our plan date this afternoon,” Monica said after kissing him.

Griffin smiles, “It’s okay, you wanted a job, and you went for it. I wanted you to. Besides, it gave me time to think about our date tonight.”

Monica arch an eyebrow at him, “Oh…and what is it?”

“You’ll see, but come on. Before we lose daylight.” Griffin urges her to come.

Monica smiles and turns off all the lights in her apartment except a small light coming from the small kitchen. Then Monica grabs her coat as well as her purse. And then she turns to face Griffin as she becomes the lock on the door to lock her home. Then with a smile, Monica laces her fingers with his, and together they walk hand in hand to Griffin’s car.

Griffin took Monica to the park as they both stroll through the peaceful late afternoon sun. The weather was decent enough that it felt like a warm blanket against Monica’s skin. After about 20 or so minutes of walking hand in hand through the park, Monica turns to look at Griffin, “Are you taking me to your secret spot that you told me about back in November?”

“Part of it yes, but the other part I’m waiting until it’s pitch black to show you.” Griffin smiles as they round the corner to walk on a small path, which leads to a small bridge overlooking the little stream that runs through the park. As Monica draws near the bridge, her eyes were sparkling.

“Oh…my…Roan, this is the most beautiful place I have ever seen.” Monica said in awe, as she was just awestruck by the scenery around her. It looks precisely like Griffin had described it back in the fall. The undergrowth came alive as well as the life around her. Monica walks to the railing of the bridge took to get a closer look at the wildlife that surrounded her.

Griffin follows her to the stand behind her as Monica soaks up this moment. He wanted to show her this place for a while now and never indeed had time to show her the beauty of his secret spot. “I told you will love this place once spring came around.” And very gently he felt Monica’s hand on his as she wraps her hands around his and carefully guides his arms around her stomach, and to allow him to hold her.

The dying rays of the red-orange sun slowly sank below the tree lines turning everything into a red orangeish color. She felt Griffin’s touch as he pulls her short auburn hair back as she felt his warm kiss on the back of her neck. Monica smiles to Griffin’s touch as he continues to kiss her neck. Monica then moves her right hand from the railing to guide Griffin to kiss the tips of her shoulders. Monica slowly turns around to face Griffin, and without thinking their lips met, as they kissed each other very passionately.

Griffin press Monica’s back against the railing to the bridge as his hands found Monica’s and in the mist of their kissing, they both manage to laces their hands together. As Griffin kisses Monica, he suddenly felt his heart coming alive for the first time, and something unexpected happened. Their kiss not only was very tenderly passionate but also it jumped to a whole new level. As they both continue to show their love for one another, Griffin pulls away from Monica’s lips and guides his lips down Monica’s neck. As each kiss mark he leaves behind, he felt Monica starting to tremble at his kissing method.

As Griffin continues to love her through his kisses, Monica felt something stir in her soul. She never indeed allowed herself to love someone besides her Father in heaven fully. Now she is letting Griffin enter her heart, and it scared Monica like hell to let loose and be intimate with someone. As she felt Griffin’s lips running over her neck, and loving her, she felt terrified of letting him in. Griffin must have sensed her fear because he slowly backs away from her neck to look at her eyes.

“Monica, what is it?” Griffin asks breathlessly.

It took a moment for Monica to respond, “Roan, I know you were acting upon the heat of the moment there, but…um…I’m still afraid to travel down that path. And I’m still trying to get hold of my human emotions.” Monica looks at Griffin.

Griffin took a step back and stood beside her, “your right, I’m sorry, sometimes I just get so caught up in my own emotions I tend to go a bit out of control.”

Monica cracked open a smile and leaned her head against Griffin’s shoulder reassuring him that it was all right. Monica found Griffin’s hand, and laced her fingers to his, “I know. I tend to get out of control, and I lose myself in you whenever our kiss gets too deep.”

Griffin stares down at Monica, and the reflecting sunlight lit up Monica’s hair, making her look like the way she did on New Year’s Eve night. Both of them looked out over the setting sun, as the big orange firey ball sank farthing into the earth. They stayed like that for about a few minutes or so, until Griffin whispers in Monica’s ear, “Come on, I have another place for our date. But I have to drive a little far away to the location.” Monica smiles and follows Griffin back to the car.

As they arrive at Griffin’s car, Monica looks at him kind of funny, “You’re not planning to kidnap me are you?”

“No…I want to give you something that you have been missing for quite some time, but we got to hurry if you want to get there.” Griffin smiles.

Monica hops in the car, and Griffin brings the vehicle to life by the turn of the key. Griffin drove the car away from the small town of Gracie, and into the far countryside, the once red, orange, yellow and a mix of pink sky, faded as the night colors of deep purple, and blue took its place in the never-ending sky. Monica stares out of the window as she notices the little bundles of stars are coming out to dance and shimmer among the black sky. As the country fields faded, and the sandy hills emerge. Griffin pulls off to an exit, and places the car in a parking spot, and kills the car’s engine.

“Well, we’re here.” He said.

“Where’s here exactly?” Monica asks.

“Come on,” Griffin said, as he opens the door to the car. Monica follows, and as soon as she opens the door to the car, she hears the crashing waves coming from a large lake with a large pier just off to the right side.

“You took me here for a midnight swim?” Monica asks coming to stand beside Griffin next to an oak tree.

“No, unless you want to go for a swim, it’s only like 30 degrees or so.” Griffin laughs. Monica gave him a playful shove to his comment. “Hey. I was only kidding.”

“I know, just felt like shoving you for the joy of it,” Monica said, as she snuggles up against Griffin’s body, as soon as he laid down a large blanket for them to sit on. “Okay all joking aside why did you bring me out here to the lake at like ten o’clock at night?”

Griffin kisses Monica’s shoulder as his fingers found hers, “Because this is the best place to look at the stars.” Monica turns slightly to look at him, and Griffin pointed up towards the sky.

Monica follows his finger and her eyes begin to sparkle. Above her head were millions of stars looking down on both her and Griffin. She looks at the stars, and her heart felt like she was back in heaven, her home, with her God. Monica turns her head, “You did this for me?”

Griffin nods, “you told me that the closest thing to heaven on earth is by looking at the stars. And well, I thought you could connect to your home this way.”

Monica looks at Griffin with such love and happiness. Then very tenderly, she leaned into him and kissed him deeply. As she pulls back from Griffin’s lips, she gently said, “I love you.

Griffin smiles at Monica’s words, and he gently touched his nose to hers, and says, ”I love you, back." As soon as they both exchange a kiss, Griffin leans his back against the coolness of a rock. Monica sat in between his legs and rested her back against his mighty chest. “You know, you are the first woman I brought to this place?” Griffin admitted as he laced his fingers to hers.

“Really?” Monica asks with a smile.

“Yeah, not even Crystal and I had shared this moment together. I can’t remember the last time I was out here. My mother and I use to stay up late watching the stars by the campfire, which is how I remember this place because my Uncle used to have a cottage by this lake. My mother and I would share a special moment by looking and finding the constellations among the stars.” Griffin explains his childhood memories with his mother.

“Your mother sounds like a wonderful woman.” Monica smiles.

“Yeah she was, I wish she had met you. She would have loved you, Monica.” Griffin said as he kissed Monica’s cheek.

Monica gave a little giddy laugh when Griffin moves in to kiss her lips. When Monica regain control back, she looks up at the stars remembering all the times she was an angel. Every assignment was special to her, and she had many fond moments with her assignments, and some were very personal to her.

Griffin gazed down at his girlfriend and took a deep breath as he wanted to know what Monica’s life was before she met him. “Monica, you asked me something personal from my own life, the other night. What was it like to be an angel? You must have some stories to share that impacted you?” Griffin asks stroking her forearms.

“What do you mean by that?” Monica asks out of confusion.

“What I mean is, do you have any strong memories of your past life or something that touched you personally?” Griffin asks.

Monica takes a deep breath before she reveals some of the moments of her past life. She leaned back on his chest and heard his heart beating, and he kisses the side of her neck lightly. Monica closed her eyes and inhaled deeply as she told him some of her assignments as an angel, “All of my memories of an angel were special to me, as I became fond of many people. But one of my favorite memories was helping a dying boy who was suffering from cystic fibrosis. He wanted to die in peace and knowing his mother would be looked after when he went home to the Father. That was the hardest I had to do, was making his dreams fulfilled, but at the same time, watching his mother’s heartbreak was a lot for me to handle. His name was Peter Carmicheal. And his mother that I was assigned to when he was dying is named Audrey. It was my 100th assignment as an angel, and it was one of the hardest ones I had to do. I came back to help her through though a couple of times after that. And now, I don’t know where she is, the last time I knew she was still in Salt Lake City, going to get married.” Monica pauses as she stared at Griffin.

“Another one of my memories was helping a writer face her greatest battle of overcoming alcoholism and restore her families life. Also, I had several encounters with the devil, and one time before you, I let the world destroy me, and abandon my assignment, and walked away, because I was hurting, and angry at God. The devil taught me in my most vulnerable moment, and he used it against me. He gave me a choice to live my life out as a human, with another man. But I declined because at the time I saw the flaws of the human life.” Monica gazed into her lover’s eyes, “You and your daughter showed me that human love is just as strong as God’s, and it is beautiful. At the time of my first temptation, of falling to earth, I was deceived by the devil, but what was different about my decision to fall to earth this time around, was God’s plan. When I look at you Roan,” Monica looks deep into his midnight blue eyes, “I feel almost the same love that I have felt with for most of my life as an angel, reflecting at me in your heart as well as your soul. That is how I know, this was meant to be, and that it was God’s doing.”

Griffin laced his fingers to hers at that moment, “How long were you an angel before you met me?”

Monica smiles, “I was an angel for about almost 3,600 years. I have sung in the choir until I was kicked out, because of my terrible voice.” Monica winced at.

“Wow, didn’t know angels had a choir. You were kicked out, because of your singing?” Griffin smiles.

“Yes, singing is not my forte, and I know it isn’t. God gave me the gift of Truth, not singing. I learned the lesson the hard way.” Monica sighed.

Griffin smiles to that, ” Well I still think you have a sexy voice. May not be in tune by any means, but I still find it sexy.” Griffin kisses her cheek. “To tell you the truth one of the things that made me drawn to you was the first time you babysat my daughter, and I heard you singing to her.”

Monica gave a smile to that, and entwines her fingers to his, as she nuzzled in his chest. Then she gazes back at him to finish telling him her life story as an angel of God, “Well, After being kicked out of the choir, I was then placed in Search and Rescue for a while, coming into people’s lives and saving them from potential danger. I was in there for about half my life, until I was promoted to a caseworker. I was a caseworker for about nine years until I graduated into being a supervisor and helping to train a young angel like my supervisor Tess, did to me many years ago.” Monica pauses and looks up into Griffin’s eyes. “I know to you it doesn’t make much sense, but….”

“It’s fine, and you don’t have to explain. I still love the woman that you are, because I love you.” Griffin said stroking Monica’s cheek. “Plus it gave me a little bit of your past life. Grant it, that it doesn’t make sense to me, but I’m slowly learning how to seek out God again, took me a long time to come around, after my mother’s death. You help me realize who God is again, the way my mother used to explain it to me as a young child.”

Monica smiles to Griffin’s comment and snuggles deeper in his embrace. She waited a long time for him to accept God into his life. Monica was happy to share this moment with the love of her life. Staring at the stars and being with Griffin was the closest thing Monica felt to have heaven and earth to be as one. At that moment Monica felt her heart melting in the arms of her Father that she had been longing since she was created many centuries ago, as well as melting in the arms of her lover.

It was about midnight when Griffin gazes down at Monica, “Well, I should take you home. It is late, and well I need sleep tomorrow for Sarah’s birthday.”

Monica turns to look at him as he starts to get up, “Actually, about you taking me home.” Griffin pauses as he gazes at her. “I was kind of hoping to spend the night, with you.”

Griffin’s heart was racing, “You sure, I mean I don’t mind really on taking you home.”

Monica smiles at him, “I am sure Griff. I have been thinking about it for quite some time now, and I think I am comfortable with handling my emotions when I am with you. Just try not to go overboard with kissing my sweet spots okay, and try not to make me go crazy.”

Griffin smiles at her and places his hand on hers as they walk to his car. Once they arrive back at Griffin’s house, Monica slips into some of Griffin’s old clothes again like the night she spent the night at his home just before Thanksgiving of last year. Only this time, instead of sleeping in the guest bedroom, she was curled up for the first time in his arms. This is the first time in her existence, Monica has ever slept in a man’s embrace, and for her to allow a man to hold her. It was a little scary but the look in his eyes, made her feel safe.

Monica lies with Griffin, as his arms support her back as his face looks at hers. She felt him stroking her back as she closes her eyes, to hear his soft breathing and his gentle heart. She knows he wouldn’t take advantage of her, as she knows she isn’t ready for sex yet. And Griffin knows it. Monica softly places her hands on his firm chest, as she felt him kissing her head lightly. Monica smiles to his touch as she lifts her head a bit, and then felt his lips on hers as he kissed her goodnight. They kissed for a brief moment, then Monica pulls her lips from his, and snuggles into his chest as she then soon falls asleep to Griffin’s soft breath and rhythmic heartbeat.

Griffin watches as Monica curls into his arms, as she peacefully drifts off to sleep. He waited a long time for this moment to happen. To have him and Monica be in each other’s embraces and cuddle. She never looked so damn beautiful before as she does now, sleeping. Something in his heart stirred, and for once there was no fear he felt with her being with him in this moment. He soon watches her sleep, and one thing came into his mind as he stares at her, I love you, and want to spend the rest of my life with you.

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