The Hero of Skyrim


Skyrim a game But Story of A Hero

Adventure / Action
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A Hero of Skyrim

(Skyrim A Game Shout to Skyrim) So One Day A Legend that we call became a Hero. one of the kind People that help the good guys no bad guys, His name is Khajiit, what is he? A Cat He help the king out WhiteRun a Town With Houses, castle, guards at this time no one knew him so let's (Jump back in the past) of what Happened) So What is that First when Khajiit first came to Skyrim he was Captured because the people thought he was bad like a bad person so Then he got sent to a guillotine And He survival by A dragon came in Well there wasn't Dragons at the time back in the day there was but like 1000 years in the past they started to come back so when they did it was because of the hero. They called me a Dragonborn it is A power Of what's In me, and this Wide Open world Had thousands of Creatures, Caves, Bandit's, Theives, etc So After a while he got tired of being a Alone every night and day so He got Wife her name was Lydia and they got married and lived though The Hurtful Land but they live in WhiteRun it was safe there they lived And Lived Fight Bandit's and and Experience, always would watch sunsets together and views, the world and Explored it all and the End They Had to kill someone Called Merrick He is A Mage Which means Magic Powers He Has Well though Skyrim there Are Warriors, Archer's, Mages etc Merrick was the end when they killed him thragons they all killed, Bandits, were dead/Creatures, etc the Beautiful world has became Happy And Safe And One Day Lydia Past Away and she past Away when she was 70 Khajiit Was Sad He couldn't Live with out Her He was so so where he wanted to die He Couldn't go with out her so everyday He went to her grave he talked to her Saying I stay I love you.. my love And prayed And He miss her so much.. So then one day He Past away and he was 100 and they had lived a good live together though a tough Land of Death to A land of beautiful Dreams The End

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