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365 days

365 days

You woke up in an unfamiliar room you were tired you stud slowly up and look around the room you were confused until you realized yesterday's events that boy he kidnapped me you were panicking you make your way towards the door bur its wasn't open

You were confused why did he take me what if its my par--- no no that couldn't be or it could

You looked around the room noticing that the room was really expensive but beautiful

Hours left by and you were sitting there thinking what will happened to you but then you saw a silhouette near the door and heard the door lock

You stup up from the bed and went towards the door and went outside you looked around confused you wanted to get out but you find yourself into this room and were scared and shocked to see your picture hanging in the wall

You were about to run until you heard and felt a presence behind you


Jungkook:Are you lost, babygirl?

You look at him scared your breathing became heavier

Y/N:Its you


You lost balance

He took you into his arms and placed you into the couch

he brought ice near your lips


Jungkook: Suck it.You did not respond well to the hypnotic.I didnt know you have a heart problem

You spit it out

Y/N:Suck it yourself.

jungkook looked at you with furry in his eyes he stud up and looked at the fireplace


Y/N:Who the fuck are you And why are you keeping me here?

you stood up with anger and screamed at him

Jungkook:Sit down, I don't want you to faint again

Y/n:Tell me

You angrily got to him and hitt him until Jungkook pushed you into the sofa

Jungkook:Sit down

Y/N: I'm not your property.

Jungkook:Do you want to know why your here or not?

he looked at you he still couldn't believe that he founde you

Jungkook:What I will tell you is so amazing ...that until when I saw you at the company I thought it was my imagination playing tricks on me.Five years ago my whole life has changed.My father died in front of my eyes.The bullet went from his heart thrugh me i thought i would die too i was ready i was breathing hevely but i didnt saw my family my mother or my father i saw you smiling at me that smile was imprinted in my head that i saw you every day.I looked all around the world for you Somewhere in me there was certainty that someday I'll find you and be mine

Y/N::Are you kidding me?I am nobody's property. You can't just kidnap me like that and think I'm yours.

Jungkook:I know That's why I'll give you a chance that you would love me.Not from coercion,but of your own will.

Jungkook:You have 365 days.I will do everything to make you love me.


Y/N:I will never love you

Jungkook:We will see about that.If next year, on your birthday, you won't change your mind, I'll let you go but if you do you will be mine.

Y/N:You're a freaking maniac

you started to run towards the door but jungkook was fast enough to catch you

he pushed you into the couch and hovered over you touching your right breast

Jungkook:I wont touch you without your consent.


he looked at you it was hard to control himself

Jungkook:I'll wait until you want me and you will come to me.Until you will desire me I will not tie you, but do not provoke me.I can't be gentle.I do not tolerate disobedience.

he stud up and walked away from you

Jungkook:You have 365 days i will make everything for you to love me babygirl

you looked at him and again attempted to run towards the door but jungkook was fast catching you and pinning you to the wall what he didn't noticed was you taking the gun and aiming at him


Jungkook:Put the weapon down.Or the jokes are over.


he took the gun from your hands pinning you to the wall with your back against his chest

Jungkook:Do you really want to kill me?Many have tried. It's not so simple.

He was interrupted by his worker

Mario:Excuse me.The parcel has arrived.You must sign.

Jungkook looked one last time at your back bitting his lips he was turned on from you


Jungkook:Take her to the room.

he left together with mario leaving Domenico and Y/N alone

Domenico:Come on,lets go

you were angry but followed his orders and got inside the room

Mario and Jungkook both were walking until Mario spoke

Mario:Jungkook there will be trouble.

Jungkook:I know its time for revenge

Mario:You need to kill me it will show weakness

Jungkook:Lets go

He went inside only to be faced with the betrayer

???:What do you do? Will you beat me? Will you cut me?

Jungkook:if you only robbed me it wouldn't matter.But you sold the girls to the brothel.Did you think I wouldn't find out?

???:We all have corpses in the closet.

Jungkook:You have shamed our family's name.

???:Family?Values?Spare me that talk and shoot me.

Jungkook:Ohh don't worry you will be erased. There will be no trace of you.Like you never existed.It will be your punishment.

???:The Jones will come and get you

Jungkook:I know but they don't know what i know

???:Ohhh Jungkook they know more then you think they are already inside they will kill you slowly to the point you will beg

Jungkook:It will be interesting

???:Are you not scared

Jungkook:no im thrilled and excited asy good bye my friend

He shot him right in his head

Domenico:you see that? What a pussy.

They all heard a gasp


You fainted



???'s P.O.V

They killed him what if they do something to- she said

Don't worry my dear he doesn't know nobody knows he will pay for taking out spot- he said

I hope your right- she said

Im always right-he said

Its time to play

To be continued

Do you like it so far

What do you think will happen

And who are the Jones

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