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The Artist

☞︎︎︎ π‘―π’Šπ’”π’•π’π’“π’š ☜︎︎︎1


...πšœπš‘!π™Έπš 𝚠𝚊𝚜 πšœπšπš’πš•πš• πš’πšŽπšœπšπšŽπš›πšπšŠπš’ πšπš›πšŽπšŠπšπšŽπš 𝚝𝚘 πš›πšŽπš™πšŽπšŠπš πšœπš‘πšŽ'𝚍 πšπš˜πš›πšπš˜πšπšπšŽπš—, πš‘πšŽπš› πš‹πš˜πšπš’ πš‘πšŠπš πšπš›πšŠπšŸπšŽπš•πšŽπš πš’πš— πšπš‘πšŽ πš™πšŠπšœπš π™°πš•πšŠπšœ ! π™Έπš 𝚠𝚊𝚜 𝚊 πšπš’πšπšπšŽπš›πšŽπš—πš πšπš’πš–πšŽ πš£πš˜πš—πšŽ.


Confusion was the only thing i felt when i realized that my whole schedule will change i took a deep breath feeling the cold air go into my lungs making my body shiver it was a cold day but looking up you could see the sun smiling

Feeling a bit of warmth from it as i was walking i soon realized that i was almost at my university taking a deep breath i started to walk faster wanting to go inside and feel more warmth

I looked at the university the trees surrounding it that it seems as a magical place with the beautiful old castle like structure it was breathtaking

As i went inside i was surrounded by the smell of books and coffee and of course the students who were walking to go inside their classes

It's a new semester and you could recognize the fresh students as to why well a senior would never run to catch a class and we don't have the energy to do anything anymore

As i was walking i recognized some old faces as they greeted me with a smile and a nod and me repeating the gesture

Well i had friends but at the same time no we talk and knew each other and sometimes hung out so that made us only acquaintances

I soon find myself in front of the director's office i took a deep breath calming myself before i knocked

I was angry the fact that i had to change courses didn't seem right to me soon after i knocked i heard a come in and went inside

I looked at the old man who was sitting and writing something his office was beautiful the whole room was filled with registers and shelves full of books in different languages and genres i brought my eyes back and looked at the old man

He was smiling as if expecting me to come

Bang Si-Hyuk:Welcome please take a seat Y/N right

I smiled at him he creeps me out a bit the fact that he knows almost every name of every person inside this campus terrifies me

Y/N:Sir i came here..

Bang Si-Hyuk:I know but before you begin lashing out to me i must tell you the reason why i did that

Y/N:Lets hope its a good one

Bang Si-Hyuk:You are one of my best students Y/N and i want only the best for you so i saw you were bored in your courses as your drawings were forced first i assumed it was because of some home problems but you didn't have a sing of having that so i presumed its about the way you learned everything and now you want more

Y/N:That is ... im sorry but you are scaring me as to why give me so much attention sir im sorry but i decide about what courses i take and if i should leave one

Bang Si-Hyuk:Please don't misunderstand i am trying to not lose something precious

Y/N:First im not an object secondly i don't recall you helping other students so tell me sir who brought you to do this

Bang Si-Hyuk:Noone i am simply trying to help you

Y/N:Cut the cameras it was Jeon wasn't it

Bang Si-Hyuk:You are a smart girl but yes he called me and told me to change your classes as you were compiling about some so i did that and you must understand Y/N that i can't defy someone who is higher then me

Y/N:Well at least you could have told me

I stood up and started walking towards the exit swearing at that Shithead i will skin Jungkook alive

Before i left i looked back and said

Y/N:Oh and you could have deify him but you didn't have the balls to do so

And slammed the door shut i was angry and i don't care to any consequences how dare Jungkook do this without my promotion

Ohh i will literally kill him






I was now sitting at a new class and its filled with freshmen looking at them i kinda felt underdressed

I was wearing comfy clothes meanwhile the freshman looked like they were going for a catwalk

How can someone do make up at 8 Am meanwhile me who just runs without it

I would have do some to but i don't even know how to put it on irony right

An artist who can't make up yeah its me

I looked at my clothes and sighed


You can imagine something you like

Well at least i think i look awesome

After what seemed like hours of waiting a teacher came inside

Well a hot teacher to be exact

He smiled brightly and for a second i seemed to enjoy this change because if he is my teacher i will never miss a class

Seokjin:Hello Class im Kim Seokjin the new history of art teacher and ill be teaching you guys for this semester

I smiled i was going to have a good view well this change of class doesn't seem a bad thing right now

Seokjin:Well if you all are ready please open up your notebooks and write the important details about this lesson then from those details you will make a drawing which of course would be graded at the end of this month so lets begin

He stood up and switched on the projector

Seokjin:Today we will learn about a King a ruthless one

He sat down and opend a picture only to be shown a beautiful man

That man was terribly handsome his face was so smooth yet so manly his eyes deadly like a see full of mystery his lips were plump and too much to bw kissable his hair seemed soft as if we touched it would have felt like candy yet his hands attacked me

They were absolutely hot a perfect necklace for women

I was woken up from my trance to the teachers clap and looking up

I saw everyone looking at him the same as i were with intense

That man was to handsome even when he is dead

A/n:hyhy thats what you thought😝


Seokjin:Well what you all feelt right now was the V

Student:The V?

Seokjin:Yes the V effect he is absolutely beautiful that it makes everyone stunned it wasn't the first time this happened so the scientist's called it the V effect

Student:Whats his name

Seokjin:Kim Taehyung

My whole body shivered and i felt sadness overcoming me the students kept asking questions but my mind went to the man in that picture i felt as if his eyes were screaming for me as if he ...



I was looking at the teacher dumbstruck as i looked at him i found him smiling as if he knew

Seokjin:Well you seem to be interested into the picture any questions

Y/N:Why is it a picture i don't think people at that time had phones

Seokjin:Good question . Well we took it originally it was a drawing made from his lover but then it vanished

Y/N:Vanished as some stole it

Seokjin:No it just disappeared many of gis things did including his life and rumor says that he is still living and his story doesn't have an end

Student:The past has ended how can someone live in the past

Seokjin:Well there are different time lines so maybe he is living and maybe right now he is in a war as to his nickname The Artist of war

Y/N:Professor Why the Artist

Seokjin:King Taehyung was known for his drawings and inventions but he was a ruthless king and who dared to make someone of his kingdom suffer he killed them with no mercy but the most scariest thing was that he painted with the blood of his enemies

Student:Blood of his enemies how?

Seokjin:Yes he took the corpses and drained them with those paintings he decorated all of his kingdoms and the drawings were mostly the faces of the enemy

Student:Thats terrible

Seokjin:Well it was said that his uncle was jealous that the mother of Taehyung married Taehyungs father and killed her in front of Taehyung and took her blood and paint Taehyung with it he was 10 at that time so some say it's a trauma

Y/N:If the books about him are vanished how do you know this

Seokjin:Because every month there is a new notebook about his life thats why i said its like the past is still ongoing because the books are never finished always telling something but now the whole story

Y/N:Why do you assume that he is on thw war

Seokjin:Because the last chapter was about him starting one



Sweet was dripping down from my body adrenaline was making my heart jump from his place the screaming of death was a beautiful sound into my ears

The felling of killing satisfying my hunger for revenge

They will die their blood will flow and i will smile to their soul

Soldier:My king


Taehyung:What is it

Soldier:He is there they are losing my king

I looked at him and took my sword


Taehyung:Well Lets show them who we are the power we hold we are the best of all we are victory so victory we will bring now let's show them how to play

I shouted out and took my house to ride into the battlefield

Greeted by a pair of guards, they fail to react to our intrusion in time. Placing precise cuts into their unarmored bodies, spilling their organs and blood upon the crude stone floor.


More come to join their fallen comrades.

The sound of swords colliding through the air and scar the walls of the cavern in the narrow passageway leading deeper into the much lager areas of the complex.

I continue to cut them down like a farmer in harvest season. Each strike felling, and dismembering, hungrily gnawing into their soft tissues and shattering bone. Boots making the familiar sick slapping as I tread through blood, organs, and other bodily fluids.

The last enemy unit falls to the floor with a dull wet thud from my blade, his eyes wide as his last breath hisses from his lungs and the lights leave his eyes.Tributaries of their blood slowly wind across the gray stone underfoot, making sticky tracks to a drain in the floor.

I looked around and saw boodies victory has accrued again another kingdom to rule and another king to die

Taehyung:We will take the boodies of our army and bring them home they will get the ceremony they deserve and give money to the family . we lost good people we lost friends we lost lovers but we will remember and the same goes to the our new kingdom this shall bring peace and a new future. TO V

Soliders:TO V







The sound of water was calming my senses the ride back was exhausting i looked up and saw my kingdom


My beautiful kingdom so many people died for protecting it and i will die by doing the same thing

???:My king

I looked at my right and saw my commander she was one of the most fearless women and she was an amazing fighter

Taehyung:Yes Hwasa


Hwasa:After the ceremony for the fallen soldiers we shall celebrate

Taehyung:A suare?

Hwasa:Yes my king we should invite the new kingdom too as you are the new ruler

Taehyung:I agree but not now we Lost many good people children lost their fathers or mothers and mothers lost their children Lovers lost each other so we need calmness

Hwasa:Yes my king

She dismissed herself and i looked ahead my people where looking at me with pride and admiration i saw pain in some as to losing their loved ones but i saw pride in those eyes because they knew they will be remembered as heroes of the war

After a while i was soon inside my castle servants immediately running to help the injured ones

I got down my horse and went inside already seeing my administrator waiting for me


Hoseok: Welcome back Taehyung

Taehyung:Its good to be here


We soon began walking towards my throne


Taehyung:I missed being here

Hoseok:Well im happy you are back it was boring and stressful doing your job

I smiled and looked at him


Taehyung:Well to be a king isn't easy is it now

Hoseok:Well a modern one isn't

Taehyung:I need Jimin to go to the new kingdom

Hoseok:He is already gone

Taehyung:Good lets hope they will be omay with the new king

Hoseok:Taehyung there is something i need to tell you

I sat down into my throne feeling even more powerful i missed the feeling of home and warmth i looked at hoseok nodding for him to continue

Hoseok:A bride

Taehyung: A bride they want a bride?

Hoseok:Yes and the teller was saying that she is coming soon

Taehyung:Hoseok tell them i don't have time for fooling around a relationship means attention love and of course presence and you know i don't have either one of that so no tell them to go and mind their own business

Hoseok:And some of the council members are bot liking the fact that you are a feminist my king

Taehyung:Well the woman are more smarter then we and the pain they bear is too much so they deserve equality as because of them we are alive so you can say to them to go and vanish before i do it

Hoseok:Yes my king

He smiled at me anf began walking towards the exit

A wife huh

But i don't see the one i want the one my heart will scream how will i know her how do i choose

Oh mother how i wish you were here







Jungkook:Hey you

I looked at him smiling widely

Jungkook:Why are you....owwww aww stop you are owwww

I keep on hitting him pulling his hair nad ears

Jungkook:Im sorry stop it

Y/N:I will skin you alive who are you to decide about my life

I hit him again till he took my hands and forced me to stop

Jungkook:Okay im sorry i know but i wanted to help you i don't want you sad and lose your passion i don't want that

I looked at him he was looking at me with cute eyes

Y/N:I love you too much to hate you

He smiled brightly before hugging me


Jungkook:I love you too

He said while hugging me and inhaling my scent

Jungkook:Now come lets go eat okay i have to leave tomorrow so i want to spend time with you

I looked at him and smiled brightly taking his hand and walking with him

I knew about his feelings im not stupid but i was to selfish to let him go and ill wait for him to speak for himself

I don't know my feelings for him i love him but i don't think i love him in the sense of lover maybe i do but i don't understand my own feelings

But i don't see jungkook as a lover or do i?

I was in deep thoughts until jungkook called me

Jungkook:You seem deep in thoughts

Y/N:Do you know anything about Kim Taehyung

I looked at him and too my surprise he looked angry

Jungkook:Why do you know that name

Y/N:I learned about him

Jungkook:Well i will talk to Bang Si-Hyuk to change the course you need future not past

Y/N:What no i like the course i will stay

Jungkook:No you won't

Y/N:You don't decide for me even if you were my father i won't let you command me so if you like it or not i will stay in that course remember it was you who put me up with it so you will take the consequences too

Jungkook:I know Y/N but i don't like that king

Y/N:He isn't alive jungkook

Jungkook:Still just forget about it okay please

Y/N:You're weird today J

Jungkook sighs and drives faster i was confused to why was he so angry about this i don't understand him sometimes

Time skip


After i was done with jungkook i went home changed my clothes and now im trying to make my Taehyung assignment

Y/N:Who are you Taehyung?

I took a deep breath and took my bag only to hear something fall

Y/N:Huh this is not mine maybe its jungkooks

I looked at it and out it into the table it was beautiful it looked like it was from a different time

Y/N:Well ill give it to him when he comes back

I played with it i couldn't stop it as if it was calling me


I was getting sleepy and before i realized everything was black

I thought i was sleeping




Taehyung:What in the name of God's


Who is she

To be continued

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