Fall of Ouroboros

Epilogue: A Parting Gift

It was surreal. In a minute the hard ground they were standing on, turned to soft sand, the blue sky shed rare tears. All that was left was the blood on their clothes.

“Wait, we have something for you” came the kind voice of the Vessel. Like a mirage that slowly comes into focus before tired travelers, the three Familiars and the Vessel dressed in pure white, stood in front of the young men.

“We have unfinished business with you. It was necessary for you to go through every agony you lived through, only when you faced your demons, could you find peace. You have to let go of the past; you have to forgive yourself. We ask your forgiveness that the only way we could contact you was through your dreams, we could not show ourselves to you but only show you the path that despite all the troubles you have faced, the sun rises. Edward, you made the selfless act of giving up your alchemy to save your brother, we give it back to you.” The door Edward happily and willingly traded for his brother appeared before him, “Alchemy is a blessing in the hands of the gifted and both you brothers have time and again proved your worth. One last thing, we have to seal your memories save this.”

“My sons…” the laughing voice of their mother floated to them and next to her stood everyone they lost-their father, Nina, Hughes, all their friends stood there. Neither Edward nor Alphonse would make out whether they were crying or laughing, all they could remember was the warmth of everyone they loved.

For the years to come the brothers could not remember the adventure of the city of Amasqe or Verité but they were left with a profound sense of peace and just like Mustang partially got his vision back, the return of Edward’s alchemy remained another unsolved mystery but was a very welcomed gift.

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