Fall of Ouroboros

Chapter 2: Waking Nightmare: Part 2

‘Welcome to Amasqe’ read the notice at the local tavern aptly named The Dingy Pot. One had to bend to enter burrow shaped place and still manage to hit their head on the door beam. Once you did triumph in squeezing your body through the rabbit door, better to suck in your gut if you wish to have enough space to move without having to belly-rub a fellow patron.

Despite the crowd, the brothers were able to find a room for the night, safely tucked away in the deceptively comfortable attic.

“Which town were you heading to?” Edward asked as he flopped on the not so soft bed but a definite change from the hard train seats. “I don’t know the name of the town yet, I read and re-read books, notes, journals but in all of them, the name of the town has been blotted out or ripped out! Only the word Truth seems to be repeated and something known as Blood Alchemy.” “You too?” Edward sat up, “I read about this art too. I thought it was a hoax until I met one person who on his deathbed showed me that he too could transmutate without a circle but before I could ask anything more, he begged me to give the last of the flowers to his wife and he passed away with a satisfactory smile”. Trying to stifle a yawn Alphonse told his brother that it was time they slept and leave all the unanswered queries for the morrow.

Before the strike of the hour, sleep had sewn their eyes shut. The softness of the bed enveloped Alphonse, drawing him into the world of familiar comfort. The smell of baking apples tickled his nose and his now human hands could feel the giggling blades of grass. The blue sky was specked with white dancing clouds. As he smiled with joy, he felt something wet touch his fingertips. His eyes widened in horror as he saw Nina, trapped in her chimera form, sitting next to him, her hollow eyes staring into his. “Let’s... play” it muttered before mutating into a monstrous form, eyes rolled back into its head and hot lava like saliva dribbled from its open mouth. One heavy paw crushed Alphonse’s throat, pushing him further into the ground. While he was struggling to remove the paw, he felt pincers twisting his heart. The guffawing chimera disappeared as his whole body crushed inwards; the mocking sky was tickled red. To make it worse, something was trying to escape his collapsing body; Alphonse could feel and see the lump growing in his chest, panicked, the body tried clawing his chest open while the wind howled. “Alphonse…find me” a gentle voice whispered in his ears, at that very moment, his chest burst open and a tree-like entity took root, the branches carrying the remnants of his armour, shamelessly raised their heads while the roots made their way up his chest and proudly sprouted from his mouth.

Hearing the suffocated breathing of his brother, Edward bolted right out of bed and shook his brother awake. Feebly Alphonse rolled onto the floor, coughing out saliva and gasping for air. The brothers managed to sleep in the early morning hours, Alphonse rested his head on his brother’s lap while Edward, protectively looked over his little brother.

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