Fall of Ouroboros

Chapter 4: Verite

The heat ate their feet through their shoes, the dry wind robbed them of water and food, sand replaced the blood their hearts pumped. Scorpions found refuge in their long discarded jackets, the cawing crows pulled on the last of their sanity. Before long, a blanket of soft golden sand covered them.

Like waves greeting the beach, soft murmuring swept over the exhausted sleeping boys, the soothing voices sent them into a dreamless slumber, the first they had in days.

“They made it. Take them to the city, they have earned their rest”.

The light swaying bobbing motion woke Edward, though his vision was blurred, he could make out that he was being carried, to be more precise, someone was carrying him on their shoulder! He turned to find Alphonse subjected to the same fate. Gulping in air, Edward was determined to put up a fight when a thunderous voice boomed above him, “If you squirm, I will throw you to the desert beasts. We have been expecting you Fullmetal.”

In the next moment, both Edward and Alphonse found themselves on their feet and before them stood pillars in the midst of the lonely vacant desert, titivated with statues of smooth stone and metal.

It should have been night, maybe it was a trick of the eyes but the morning sun glistened off the contours of the statues, their faces showed no warmth. In contrast to the ruins they guarded, the statues reflected a life anew. A marriage of stone and metal, polished hands held decorated swords; it was far too mesmerizing for the young men to take in.

“Fullmetal!” spoke one of the ‘statues’, the startled boys watched as one of the living ‘statues’ unfurled metal wings and swooped down. Slowly, the other statues followed, they were alive.

“Welcome to Verité”
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