Fall of Ouroboros

Chapter 5: The Familiars of the Seers

Time had swept away the footprints of those who had once graced the city. Age slowly broke the resolves of those left behind and death eagerly gnawed on their bones.

The healed were now ashes; the regal buildings shed away their beauty and cower in the shadows. Much has changed save them.

Armed with pebbles, Amber skipped them across the river of sand. Silverheart, Thunderblade and herself, Amberwing kept a sentient eye across the desert. They were the last of the guides for the lost.

“I see the Elric brothers, they are on their way here, prepare for their arrival, we will have much to discuss”, known simply as the Vessel, a young girl appeared at Amber’s elbow, “I see you have tried contacting them.” Amber asked as she shielded her eyes. The Vessel nodded in reply and Amber went back to skipping pebbles. From the faint chiming of anklets, she knew that the Vessel had left her in her own company.

At some distance, Silver sharpened his sword. Snow-white hair fell over his tanned shoulders as ice blue eyes followed the movements of the whetstone as it ran over his blade. Knowing Thunder, he was probably off catching lizards and scorpions. His hulking body hid the soul of a child. Easy to laugh, and easy enough to anger, Thunder was a prize during war, blessed with the agility of a hound and the strength of a bear, he was known to break ranks with a single blow of his hammer axe which stood at least a foot taller than him and as heavy as a tree log.

As true as the air we breathe, the brothers arrived, deprived of every sense of hope and smiles, the depth of their anguish summoned the Familiars from their slumber. “It is time, fetch them.” Amber instructed Thunder.

“Welcome to Verité”

The three Familiars stood in their glory in front of the awestruck boys. The drawings were true! Each of them had a red halo, upon closer inspection; one realizes that they are in fact transmutation circles, at least half a transmutation circle. The crescent shaped transmutation circles lay suspended atop their heads.

“I am Amberwing”, Amber spread her golden metal tipped wings and bowed. She wore no weapons unlike her counterparts. A simple full-sleeved tunic and pants draped her slender figure. “Thunderblade was kind enough to bring you here”, grinning from ear to ear, crowned with the horns of a ram, he slapped the boys on their backs and hugged their heads into his biceps. “Yo!” Thunderblade foolishly continued to smile as the boys grabbed their throbbing heads. A black sleeveless bodysuit did little to cover the bulging muscles, samurai style pants fell over laced boots. “And this is Silverheart”, his long hair tied in a simple plait rested on his chest. A sheathed sword with a golden hilt hung on his hips. Edward and Alphonse could not help but notice that he dressed like the people of Ishval.

“We do not understand, what is happening?”, “We have been waiting for you for over a decade, we have much to discuss.”

They were guided to the central building and were met by a pair of hooded figures and the Vessel. Shock hit the brothers like a train when they grasped the fact that the young girl was naked. Out of respect, they averted their eyes when an all too familiar voice caught their attention, “Am glad you made it. Don’t be shy, am as I was intended to be.” Her body was no different from that of an undressed child’s doll. Paper-thin metal wings, mimicking those of a dragonfly, rested against her back. Big violet eyes unblinkingly stared back at them. A full halo rested on her head, each wrist was decorated with alchemic symbols interwoven with vines. She wore only one anklet on her right foot.

The hooded figures spoke in unison, “Welcome Elric brothers. We are two of the remaining four Seers and the last descendants of the father of Blood Alchemy. We shall bestow this gift on you.”

The Vessel went to the brothers and whispered in their ears, “The sky will weep soon, tears of fire will rain and the mirage will break.”

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