Fall of Ouroboros

Chapter 7: Fall of Ouroboros

Edward’s head throbbed trying to make sense of all that was told to them, was it a joke? It could not be…“What of the Seers?”, “In very simple terms, they are power users living in the delusion of grandeur ever since one of the returning travelers called them Seers because a fluke blessing came true.” Disdain dripped from every word uttered from Amber’s mouth. Edward glanced over to his brother who was visibly uncomfortable and stopping himself from puking.

As coolly and as collected could be Alphonse asked whether the Vessel too was a Familiar and what had happened to the beautiful city. Slapping his knee, Thunder exclaimed, “The Over-Seer happened! That’s what happened!” They went on to explain that the Over-Seer was nothing more than a grubby merchant who through unscrupulous means found a shard of the Philosopher’s Stone. He used it to wreak havoc and siphoned off the lives and energies of some of the Familiars and one of the Seers. This drove away all the people and the remaining Familiars were forced to close the doors of the city forever, until the brothers.

It was hard to figure who should be believed, they may be non-believers but both Edward and Alphonse could not deny what their eyes saw, they were dealing with supernatural forces, “How did we come here to be? Why are we here?” Alphonse asked.

“The Vessel is a fragment of Truth, she is the purest energy there is. But we are all running out of time, you have come witness the last arc of this story. You were brought here to experience the true power of knowledge.”

“Edward, Alphonse, my children, where are you?” the Over-Seer peered over at the group. Patting the boys on their backs, “Enjoying the stories I see…that is good. Come, come, tell me all that you have heard, I will be able to help separate fact from fiction.” In a sweeping motion, the Over-Seer tried to usher them into the hall when Alphonse caught a glimpse of the shard of Philosopher’s Stone fastened onto the old man’s waist.

“They must have painted me as an awful man, but I am just an old man trying to make the world a better place. Imagine a world where we could cure each other without losing those important to us or without losing ourselves. It is a lonely perilous journey, and all this power, what use is it if you cannot use it the way it was intended for?” The Over-Seer looked distraught as he stroked his chin and with a very heavy sigh got up.

As he looked about the room, Edward came across the recognizable drawing of the transmutation circle to make the Philosopher’s Stone, it had been tweaked so the ultimate goal of the transmutation was unknown but Edward knew enough that it spelt disaster. Excusing themselves, the brothers went out in the garden to discuss what all they had learnt. The story told by the Familiars and the Vessel was too fantastic to be concocted, and the stone was enough to tell the brothers that the Over-Seer was up to no good.

Dinner was another jolly affair; all the worries of the day were forgotten, everyone ate and drank merrily as though there was no tomorrow. If only the brothers knew how true it was.

The Last Arc

A long bang followed by a cacophony of screams and howls disrupted the merrymaking, grabbing their weapons, the Familiars made a run for the great hall. The Over-Seer stood with a spear pierced through one of the Seers, “You shall not stop me, I am the all powerful Over-Seer! You are all beneath me, all of you! My dream of an ideal world shall come true, you shall either join in the wondrous afterlife or perish where you stand, I do not care. I can no longer wait, the last of the puzzle are here, Edward, Alphonse, lend me your blood, body and soul. Help me usher in a new world order!” Like a rabid dog, spit flew the Over-Seer’s mouth as flayed his head, eyes lusting for more blood and death.

The Familiars formed a protective barricade around the brothers as they stood their ground, “Farewell Fullmetal and little one.” Thunder goofily smiled at them for the last time. Using the Stone, the Over-Seer killed off the remaining Seers and in a smooth stroke, separated Thunder’s smiling head from his body. Lathering at his mouth, the deranged old man gulped down a cocktail of liquid Philosopher’s Stone and the essence of Homunculi. He laughed as his body contorted and began to mutate beyond recognition.

There was no time left to mourn. The brothers found themselves pounding against a protective shield as Silver and Amber shared their last smiles before heading to fight the unleashed monster.

Soaked in blood and injured, the Vessel emerged from within the great hall and staggered over to the brothers. “Forgive me”, she smiled weakly as she borrowed some the boys’ energy. Her human skin turned translucent, her eyes completely white and radiating from her centre, spreading throughout her body was just pure energy. With each pulse it got stronger, spreading till her fingertips. With the last ounce of strength, she attacked the Over-Seer, crippling him with a punch to the jaw and neck. Before he could rear back and attack, the Vessel fused herself with him and pulsated energy beyond what he could take.

The boys’ sunk to their knees, their hands sore as they saw the Vessel and the Over-Seer burst with the Vessel completely consuming him. All that was left was the ghost of her. They were in a defeated battlefield, the only survivors with a tale so grand that they could not tell others.

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